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7 Jobs for Pickup Trucks: Make Money with Your Ride

Pickup trucks are the workhorses of the auto industry, which opens up plenty of jobs for pickup truck owners.

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With a flat, open bed, they’re designed to haul heavy loads or tow cargo. Plus, they’re made to withstand all sorts of extreme weather conditions.

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash and you have a pickup truck sitting idle in the garage, it’s time to turn it into a money-making machine.

In this article, learn how to do side jobs for pickup trucks and what to consider when you want to turn your side gig into a business.

7 Side Jobs for Pickup Trucks

Before you go through this list, though, I need to stress that you’ll need to apply for commercial auto insurance before you can do jobs with your pickup truck, if you don’t have one yet.

Personal auto insurance won’t cover accidents that happen while you’re on a job; that is, while you’re using your pickup truck for profit.

Depending on your insurance company, you should be able to combine your personal and commercial auto insurance policies so you don’t have to pay two premiums for the same pickup truck.

Here are some of the best jobs for pickup trucks you can do on the side. These side cash opportunities are perfect for pickup truck owners who are looking for extra cash but can’t commit to full-time jobs or launch a business.

1. Offer a Hauling Service

The most popular independent contractor pickup truck jobs involve hauling stuff away.

For example, you can offer a junk hauling service where you pick up large items that customers no longer want: old furniture, mattresses, office file cabinets, outdated appliances, etc. You can then take them to recycling centers or to charity.

You can also offer a construction debris hauling service for contractors or DIYers doing renovations.

How Much Can You Earn?

You’ll be paid for each “haul” or for every hour you spend moving stuff around.

As an independent contractor, you can charge $50 to $120 per hour.

And since you’re the boss, you get to control pricing, depending on the location of items to haul, number of hauls needed to complete the job, number of crew members you hired for the job, and other factors.

2. Provide a Delivery Service

Picking up stuff from one location and delivering it to another can be a hassle to many people, especially for those who don’t have a car big enough to fit large items.

There are two ways you can go about doing this: by offering a local delivery service or by joining delivery apps and delivering on-demand.

Offer Local Delivery Services

Join local Facebook groups and check out Craigslist to find out where the current garage sales are in your area.

Talk to the garage sale hosts about you offering delivery services to buyers in need of help (ask for the host’s permission and referral). Make sure you have a poster, business cards, or fliers with you on the day of the garage sale.

This would be a big help for customers who buy couches, sofa sets, huge cabinets, and other bulky items they may not be able to haul home themselves.

Another thing you can do is to partner with appliance repair shops and advertise your service in your area.

When a customer has a large appliance, they can contact you to have it picked up in their home, brought to the repair shop, and then delivered back to the customer’s house.

Join Delivery Apps

Delivery apps allow you to work as much or as little as you want in a day or in a week, which means you get to decide how much you want to make. You can even join more than one delivery app to get more jobs.

Amazon Flex

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If you live in a city with a lot of Amazon shoppers, chances are there is an Amazon delivery station close by where you can pick up orders. You can also pick up and deliver groceries or household items for Prime Now and Amazon Fresh customers.

A pickup truck can fit so many more packages compared to car drivers, which minimizes your back-and-forth and maximizes your profit.

Most delivery partners earn from $18 to $25 an hour delivering with Amazon Flex.


Bungii is a delivery-on-demand app that works similarly to Uber or Lyft, except customers need to take a photo of the item to be moved first.

You’ll need to have a truck model not older than 2006, as well as basic equipment and knowledge to strap items securely and safely.

They pay upwards of $45 per hour.


GoShare is another delivery app that works the same way as Bungii. Download the app, get an alert whenever a load is available for moving, and accept only the jobs that you like.

You’ll need to be over 18 years old, have a pickup truck less than 15 years old, and able to pass a background check, as well as many other requirements.

Their drivers earn an average of $80 per hour.


If you need either scheduled or on-demand delivery jobs, Dolly is the app for you.

You can apply as a driver, or Helper as they call it, choose jobs that you can do, and get paid $50 per hour.

If you have a second vehicle that’s not a truck, you can make up to $35 per hour as well.

3. Turn Your Pickup Truck into a Moving Billboard

Being a moving billboard doesn’t seem like a job for a pickup truck, but if you’re willing to turn your pickup truck into one, you can earn a stable income for at least a couple of months.

This gig is similar to taxis sporting ads of a product or service on top of their vehicles while they cruise around the city.

One example of a company that offers this is Carvertise.

If you’re interested in doing this, you’ll have to register with Carvertise, send copies of your license, answer a few questions, and if you’re qualified, wait for an advertiser to choose you for a campaign. If you’re chosen, you can get $300 to $1,500 per campaign. Note that a campaign can last for months.

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Common requirements for Carvertise and similar companies include a minimum of 30 miles/day of driving (so the ads can be seen by as many people as possible), clean driver’s history, 2008 or newer pickup trucks, and factory-finish paint job.

How Much Can You Earn?

Carvertise states that its average payout is $100/month for drivers, but those driving around high-traffic areas can earn more.

In some cases, you can simply park at Carvertise-assigned spots to get an extra $30/hour.

Driver payment will be sent at the beginning of each month through direct deposit.

Make sure you double-check the company before signing any contract.

Car wrap advertising scams have exploded in the past and many people were victimized.

You can check out my post here for some tips on how to prevent getting duped. Long story short,

4. Offer a Landscaping Service

Hauling landscaping tools and materials is a job for pickup trucks. Mowing, weeding, mulching, shuttling bags of fall leaves, hauling rocks or dirt, delivering plants and flowers, and other landscaping tasks are difficult without a huge vehicle like a pickup truck.

Invest in equipment such as a good lawnmower, rakes, shovels, pruning shears, hedge and grass trimmers, leaf blower, and safety equipment.

How Much Can You Earn?

People pay good money to add landscaping to their yards and to take care of their lawns. You can charge from $50 to $100 an hour, depending on how complicated the project is.

5. Offer a Snow Plowing Service

If you live in a region that gets a lot of snow, this can be an excellent way to make money during the winter months.

The investment here is in all-terrain tires, snow plow attachments, salt spreaders, and other snow-related

You’ll need to check with your local laws as using snowplows on public roads is regulated.

The good thing about offering snow plowing is that you can offer this in the winter and landscaping during warmer months.

How Much Can You Earn?

Snowplowing can get you around $50 to $100 an hour, depending on the location and how large the area is.

If you get hired on an ongoing basis, you can probably offer a lower price in exchange for a steady paycheck throughout the winter season.

6. Become a Towing Provider

If your pickup truck is big enough and has the capability to tow other vehicles, this is a good job for pickup trucks that can pay a lot.

Towing doesn’t just involve hauling off vehicles parked in towing zones. It can also mean moving a damaged car or a vehicle that’s not yet allowed for road use.

It could also mean transporting new vehicles from one state to another.

How Much Can You Earn?

Local towing jobs can get you around $70 per tow.

Interstate jobs pay higher, of course, but it will also mean the hours will be longer, mileage considerations will be higher, and finding a vehicle to tow on your way back can be challenging to do (but very lucrative if you’re lucky to land one).

7. Rent Out Your Pickup Truck

You’re not going to be paid to drive with this one, but you’ll still be earning some cash regularly (or as much as you’re willing to “share” your pickup truck with others).

A service like Turo (where would-be renters find vehicles to rent out) can be a huge help to you because you don’t need to advertise your pickup truck anywhere else.

How Much Can You Earn?

Turo has an estimator tool that lets you play around with the possible income you can earn by renting out your pickup truck.

On average, vehicle owners earn around $600 a month if they lease their vehicles for half a month at a time.

Side Job to Business: Things to Consider

Note that everything I listed above can be scaled up and turned into a full-blown business.

The work you’ll offer is the same as the jobs for pickup trucks I listed above, but with slight differences and additional things to consider.

Here are a few.


Some pickup truck services, such as hauling or delivery, have a ton of competition.

However, the demand for them is always high, which is what makes them enticing for entrepreneurs.

To compete against more popular companies in the same field, it’s important to promote your services in a way you’ll stand out.

This is particularly important if your business is just starting out and can’t rely on word of mouth just yet.

Permits and license

Local and state laws vary.

In most cases, if you’re running a business, you’re required to obtain a business permit and commercial auto insurance.

This is important since you’re going to be shuttling people around or hauling things in your pickup truck.

You have to be protected in case you get into an accident with a client at the back seat, or with valuable items in your care.

If you’re going to be driving your own pickup truck (and not renting it out), you’d have to have a valid driver’s license and a clean record.


Depending on the type of job you choose, you might need to hire people to help your business, especially if the job requires carrying heavy items.

If you’re planning to scale up a snow plowing or landscaping business, then drivers for two or more pickup trucks may be needed, as well as extra people to complete your crew.

Of course, this will totally depend on factors like your fund availability, location, and commitment level.

Start Making Money From Your Pickup Truck Today!

Explore these money-making opportunities available for pickup truck owners. If you’re committed enough, your side cash gig can turn into a lucrative business.

Let your pickup truck work for you!