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  • Tay McKinney
    Tay McKinney

    Yesterday I had received a text message from this number 903-646-1942:

    An Opportunity to earn $500 weekly by putting a small sticker on your car/truck/bike for Bud Light Drink..Click [website removed] for more info and apply

    Didn’t think too much of it. $500 weekly just to have a small sticker placed on my car. So I clicked the link and read the details and instructions. Seemed like easy money, $500 per week for 7 to 12 weeks. That’s an easy $6000, which I could use for nursing school. Only difference: the text said small sticker while on the site it’s saying car wrap. I applied anyway and woke up this morning to an email that was sent at 4:23 this morning -_-. Unless this individual is a night owl or early bird, why send an email at an ungodly time? I’m reading it and thinking, this has scam written all over it. I still gave my info, however I sent another email asking, how come the the technician isn’t paid directly by the company. Why is the responsibility of the individual getting their car wrapped? Anyway, this was the context of the email:


    Congratulations, I am happy to inform you that you have successfully qualified for this advert program. An expert, who will come to your place to fix the ad on your car has been allocated to install the decals on your car. You will therefore receive your payment alongside the money that will be paid to the national car detail-er (Technician) in the mail. So, when you receive the payment, you will take out your first week payment of $500 and send the rest to the expert for them to buy tools and materials that will be brought to your house for your car paintings. These materials are liquid and they get dried up, that is why they are not bought until the right time, more so different cars use different ones so they cannot be bought and kept until you are set . A check payment of of $1520.99 will be mailed to you to cover your money and the technician money. In view of this, please confirm the following details;

    How long do you intend to carry the advertisement on your car?

    Do you use your car everyday?

    Also reconfirm your name and address to avoid any mistake as Follows;



    Suite Number (Very Compulsory)



    Zip code

    Phone Number (Mobile)

    Just as it should be on the check, where your payment should be mailed to. You are to be checking your email daily for updates and the arrival of your check in the mail.

    John Chris
    Hiring Manager
    Bud Light Lime Drink

    Btw if you click the link, you will see that the page created via Wix was deleted. Lmao!!!

    • Paige

      Another one. Jacksonville, Florida. Even in printed newspaper

      Email back from the guy/ email :

      Hello Paige,

      Media-392, a growing third-party company helping drivers connect with various businesses that will pay to advertise their goods and services on personal vehicles using semi-permanent decals.
      Wrap advertising is the marketing practice of completely or partially covering (wrapping) a vehicle in an advertisement or livery, thus turning it into a mobile billboard. This can be achieved by simply painting the vehicle surface, but it is becoming more common today to use large vinyl sheets as decals. These can be removed with relative ease, making it much less expensive to change from one advertisement to another. Vehicles with large, flat surfaces, such as buses and light-rail carriages, are fairly easy to work with, though smaller cars with curved surfaces can also be wrapped in this manner.
      Wrap advertising is available to anybody irrespective of the vehicle you drive. We are currently seeking to employ individuals with their own car. How would you like to make money by simply driving your car or banner wrapped for RED BULL ENERGY DRINK
      How it works?
      Here’s the basic premise of the “paid to drive” concept: RED BULL ENERGY DRINK seek people who are drivers of their own car to go about their normal routine as they usually do, only with a big advert for “RED BULL ENERGY DRINK” plastered on your car. The ads are typically vinyl decals, also known as “auto wraps,”that almost seem to be painted on the vehicle, and which will cover any portion of your car’s exterior surface.
      What does the company get out of this type of ad strategy?
      Lots of exposure and awareness. The auto wraps tend to be colorful, eye-catching and attract lots of attention. Plus, it’s a form of advertising with a captive audience,meaning people who are stuck in traffic can’t avoid seeing the wrapped car alongside them. This program will last for 3 months and the minimum you can participate is a month.
      What is the Contract Duration?
      Once the wrap has been installed, minimum term is 4 weeks and maximum is 12 weeks.
      Would the wrap/decal damage the paint of my car?
      The decal doesn’t damage the paint of car and will be removed by our representative once the contract expire. We will be responsible for installation and removal of the wrap.
      You will be compensated with $250.00 per week which is essentially a “rental payment” for letting our client use the space and no fee is required from you. RED BULL ENERGY DRINK shall provide expert decal artist that would handle the advert placing on your car.
      It is very easy and simple no application fees required. Get back with the following details if you are interested in this offer.
      Applicant information:
      Full Name :
      Full Street Address(not PO BOX) :
      City,State,Zip Code:
      Cell Phone Number:
      Home Phone Number:
      We shall be contacting you as soon as we receive this information.

      Best Regards
      Ed Nelson

      Good thing a google search brought up this website.

  • Matt


    I drank the kool aid, I am out several grand, is there ANYTHING I can do to get my money back. I was texting with the guy “Mark Donald”. I sent Edison Odoko money via wells fargo, is there anything I can do?

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Unfortunately, no. If you mailed a money order, it’s the same as mailing cash. That’s not going to be traceable. Your best bet would be to go into your bank and try and talk to a manager and explain the situation and see what the best course of action is. Odds are, you are on the hook for having to pay back all of that money.

  • V. Golden
    V. Golden

    Received this last week. I have been emailing and had gotten an email saying a check would be delivered soon and to deposit into my account. They wanted me to send money to FL. I looked up the address they wanted me to send it to, and it didn’t even exist! So I decided to do a little more research, and I’m sure glad I did. It came from this email address,


    We are currently employing individual nationwide.TOSHIBA seeks people-individual,professional drivers to go about regular activities, only with a small advert for “TOSHIBA” plastered on your Car. The advert are typically 3M vinyl and laminate, also known as “auto wraps,”that almost seem to be painted on the vehicle which will covers the two front doors and the back window. The auto wrap is colorful, eye-catching and gets attention.For instance, people who are stuck intraffic can’t avoid seeing the wrapped car as you drive by.This program last for 6 months while minimum duration for participation is 1 month.You will be compensated with $450 weekly which is essentially the”rental”payment the space used on your vehicle.TOSHIBA shall provide experts that would handle

    the instalation.Your weekly pay of $450 is going to be paid via check which will be mailed to your address,please note that No fee is required from you. If interested kindly complete these info

    Full Name:




    Zip code:


    Cell # :


    Make and year of car :

    Once your email is received,you will be contacted

    Best regards,

    Hugh Wardlaw

    Hiring Manager

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      These guys need to do a better job at picking companies. There is no reason why Toshiba would ever pay to advertise via a car wrap.

  • Cristy

    Just received a text with this scam offer from a supposed VPX Bang energy drink company…it was verbatim the same scam…$500/mth for min of 1 mth and Max 3 mths. I knew it was a scam and just deleted the text without playing around by replying or saving the number it came from. This was also the first time a scam text msg came to me in a group text of 15+ other people they had sent it to. I live in South East GA, but I still have a NY cell number which confuses a lot of scammers, calling or texting me, thinking they are reaching a NYer lol. The grammar wasn’t great either..certain words would be missing within some sentences which is also an indicator of scams. I really hope people don’t keep falling for this. I myself am always skeptical, not to mention I have a brand new 2018 mustang that was a wedding gift from my husband a few wks ago, and wouldn’t ever place a wrap over my paint job lol. I just wish these people had something better to do with their lives…like getting a damn job and not stealing from unsuspecting individuals!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      This article was originally written 5 years ago. This scam is incredibly prolific and must still be quite profitable as it has been running longer than any other scam I’ve ever seen.

  • G Bonner
    G Bonner

    Got one – Said Honeywell ad
    Same stuff – I did not answer.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Just about the best thing you can do G. Good work.

  • Scott Drucker
    Scott Drucker

    Got the offer from Bud- Lime division. Dr.Patrick Hans. Then a text
    All the same rhetoric. When I started asking questions I realized the grammar didn’t look like it came from anyone educated. So I researched the internet and found this page. Glad I listened to my gut feelings.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Good call doing your research Scott! You just saved yourself about $3,000 and some serious headaches.

  • Jerry Adams
    Jerry Adams

    I’m in a bad way. I am another stupid one who actually cashed a check for $2,550. I was to send the 2 grand to 2 separate people, so i had to drive 90 miles to go to a Wells Fargo bank to send to 1 guy and sent the other half by way of Wal-Mart. So, this morning the guy tells me that because he owes the installers money they refuse to come wrap my truck. They have mailed another $2,450 and for me to send it to the guys again. He wanted me to send them $1,000 of MY money to them today. I told him I don’t have that much money in my account so he said we can wait until tomorrow or Monday. Well, after that I wised up and googled about car wrap scams. I feel so stupid!! So now….WHAT DO I DO?? The only thing i know to do is to be honest with my bank and tell them that I honestly did not know about this type of thing. Please help

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Any money that you have mailed away is unfortunately long gone. You will be on the hook for any money you sent. You should talk with the bank about repayment options and get in contact with a bank manager.

      As for the scammers, cease all communications with them. They will get hostile and start threatening you. I would review any personal information you may have sent to them and try and setup safe guards for your identity or bank account information.


      Mine is for amp energy drink

  • Laurie Hines
    Laurie Hines

    my fiancé got the car wrap scam in his email, and so far has gotten the email requesting more information, picture of car, how long he plans to advertise, etc. My question or comment is on what I think is a different scam, run by the same people. He also received an email for a payroll worker. This is what the email looked like:

    aser fhsade
    5:53 PM (20 hours ago)

    to karlsbabyboo, anthony.5523, Ellarod711, bill1959gr, williamsjohnny., ditto1258, clmcqueary, mobleyjordan97, rhavyn90, luvbbr, inventorylady53, ashley319, richmoney4141, stkarwoski, ashlowe83, lynncoates, rob93442, chasinghawk1979, richard_5544, flowersbymy, amanda.eidem, tinkmom5, angelawilliams., melissayorks, latanyasims

    Am looking for someone that can work at home as a Payroll Worker,if
    interested click on this link for full details of the job

    Email to if there is a problem with the link

    So we clicked on the link, and they say they are going to pay by way of Western Union, $800 a month. All we have to do is print and mail out checks from a list that will be emailed to us everyday. My main problem is that the email came from the same address as the car wrap email. I don’t know if you have heard anything about this, or even if it is a scam, but it is strange the email address is the same.

  • Kay Olubowale
    Kay Olubowale

    Hello, thank you for putting out this information to save and help people out not to fall as a victim of Scam. A friend of mine informed about the mobile advert, and said it was forwarded to him through staff email. He told me about it, and email the contact on the information received. Thereafter, I received a response email back from the so called regional HR Logistic to send my address, car make model year and phone number. I then received the below letter back having a Logo of mountain Dew on the left upper corner of the letter. Here is the letter received:

    Dear Olukayode,
    ID:2GEXG7H (All Participants information saved with each ID)
    This is to confirm that you have been selected by the above Organization to participate
    in the “MOUNTAIN DEW” car wrap advertisement.We shall take responsibility of placing
    the sticker on your car and the removal after the program or when you decide not to
    participate anymore.
    Wages: $250 Weekly
    Gas: $50 Gas
    Minimum Participation: 2 months
    End of Programme: 31st September 2018
    Coordinator in Charge: Larry Martinez
    EEO Statement
    Pepsico is an equal employment opportunity and follow all laid down rules &
    regulations laid down by the federal government as we recruit individuals regardless of
    race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity,
    disability, veteran status, or other categories protected by law.
    Indra Nooyi
    PepsiCo Inc.

    I did not confirm that I received the email with my Google mail.

    I have read all the comments and I think is a scam. i waiting on there next move. Just want to put the information out for people to know. “It mountain Dew strategy way of scam”

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Hi Kay-

      This is 100% absolutely a scam. I suggest cutting all contact with the scammers.

    • Emily

      I received the 5 hour energy drink advertising scam. I thought it was a scam but still was curious so I responded. Below, the scammer is now threatening me because I have not sent the money.

      ” To issue you out the certisfied cheque and Make of car/ year. We will contact you immediately we receive this information
      >> Note:5-hour ENERGY® Drink company will take full responsibility for placing and remove decal on your car and it will not resort to any damage so kindly get us back Asap. Manufacturer: Living Essentials
      Introduced: 2001
      Inventor: Manoj Bhargava
      Regards, Mark J. Trinidad”


      “On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 11:25 AM, Mark J. Trinidad wrote:
      Hello , This now seems to me that you want to run away with my hard
      earned money..I will have to involve the FBI and the local CIA on this
      cos it seems you want to screw me.and you have refused to reply my
      mails concerning the money i sent to you..all our conversation chain
      is been watched by the federal bureau..and besides,i have a cousin
      that works as a fraud investigator for FBI..i will be giving you 24hrs
      to get back to me with the money transfer details or else…by This is
      his contact office case you want to verify.

      Federal Bureau of Investigation – St. Louis Attn: Internet Fraud
      Division 2222 Market Street St. Louis, Missouri 63103-2516 FBI Newark
      11 Centre Place Newark, New Jersey 07102-9889”

  • macs

    I agree with all above and had this cat send me an email ( his email), we sent you a check to deposit. In return, he requested a copy of the deposit slip, because check will clear within 24hour. So going back and fourth with Jeffhero knew this was a scam. When they send a check for an amount 2150.32 or any amount consider it a scam. Scammers are out there looking for the next catch. Do the research don’t send any money or accept offer unless it is reputable.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Some people like to make this into a game and try and collect as many checks from one scammer as possible. It costs them time, resources, and money each time they have to mail out a new check.

  • David

    The scam is now in NY, sent out to mercy college and other college students for $250 per week for Hype energy drink car wrap. Person name: Mark Donald.

  • Matthew Kauffman
    Matthew Kauffman

    Hello all. I’m a newspaper reporter in Connecticut and back in February I posted a comment here seeking input for a story I was writing on the car-wrap scam. Thanks to those of who contacted me, and thanks to Steve for maintaining this site. My story has just posted. It’s a pretty comprehensive look at how the scam operates. You can read it here:
    Be careful online everyone, and if you have more information you want to share, feel free to contact me at

    Matt Kauffman

  • Jason

    I’ve gotten an email just like these as well. Now it’s Cricket Wireless.


    This is details of the our proposed auto wrap promotion. I am John West, a recruitment agent for cricket wireless. Currently, we are recruiting a reasonable numbers of car or motorcycle owners for advert purpose. You stands the chance to make four hundred bucks weekly for being a participant. You can click on APPLY NOW to know more about the program,the payment process and how to participate if interested. Do feel free to write me here for any questions you may have and I will be sure to answer them all. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
    Thank you”

    The grammatical errors alone should be enough to set off some red flags! lol

  • Tim Goodman
    Tim Goodman

    This scam is now in Louisville KY. Thanks for the heads up.
    Dr. Pepper car wrap, $500 A WEEK
    Just got check for $2390, keep $500 and send to rest to Decal Specialist
    Here is their email

    • Louie

      Just got this one from Rockstar!! Congratulations, I am happy to inform you that you have successfully been entered into the program. An expert, who will meet you has been allocated to install the decals on your vehicle. You will therefore receive your payment alongside with the money that will be paid to the national car detailer (expert) in the mail. So when you get the payment, you will take out your first week pay of $500 and give the rest to the detailer. This is to afford mutual relationship between you and the detailer. A check of $2,560.87 would be mailed to you to cover your money and the detailer’s funds. In view of this, please confirm the following details;

      * Hope the above name and address you sent is correct?
      * How long do you intend to carry the advertisement on your car? One(1) month, two(2) months or three(3) months?
      * Do you use your car everyday?
      * How often do you check your email daily for updates


    • Cierra West
      Cierra West

      I have the exact same letter and check

    • Clyde Rice
      Clyde Rice

      Exactly the same here in MO!
      Dr Pepper wrap.

  • Mase

    What if I go to the cashier in my local area will they still cash it besides just depositing the check In My account ???

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Check cashing places collect all of your personal information. You don’t just hand them a piece of paper and they hand back a stack of cash. If you do manage to cash a fake check there, they will track you down and if they can’t get a hold of you, they will forward your information to the authorities. Knowingly trying to cash a fake check is fraud.

  • Sarah

    I just recently was involved in something like this. I texted back that I’d decided to opt out and haven’t heard back, but yeah. If it’s too good to be true, don’t bother.

    (801) 823-1253 is a car wrap scan #, jsyk, and the person can’t type properly to save their life.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks Sarah! Do you have any more information on the scammers name or what type of product they wanted you to advertise on your car?

  • Ray K.
    Ray K.

    > On 2/10/18, KiiVA Energy Drinks wrote:
    >> Welcome to the KiiVA Organic Drink vehicle advertisement program, it is
    >> very
    >> easy and simple, no application fees required. This is the basic premise
    >> of
    >> the paid to drive concept, we seek people, regular citizens,
    >> professional
    >> drivers, and all vehicle owners above eighteen(18) years old, to go about
    >> their normal routine, ONLY with an advertisement for KiiVA Organic Drink
    >> plastered on their vehicles.
    >> The sum of Three Hundred and Fifty($350) has been allocated, being weekly
    >> payments for carrying our advertisement on your vehicle. A installer who
    >> will install the decals on your vehicle will be
    >> allocated and your payment will be scheduled. You will therefore receive
    >> your payment alongside the money that will be paid to the national car
    >> installer. When you get the payment, you will take out
    >> your first week pay of $350 and give the rest to the installer, this is
    >> to
    >> afford mutual relationship between you and the installer.
    >> You will therefore receive the check in the mail which will include your
    >> $350 for the first week and the installer’s payment for the installation
    >> and
    >> removal of the magnetic decals.
    >> Please email the following so that the account department can issue
    >> out your payment;
    >> Full Name:
    >> Make of car/year:
    >> Address:
    >> City:
    >> State:
    >> Zip code:
    >> Mobile Phone Number
    >> Email Address:
    >> How long do you intend to carry the advertisement on your car?
    >> One(1) month, two(2) months or three(3) months? Do you use your car
    >> everyday?
    >> Also re confirm your name it should be on the check, your complete
    >> mailing
    >> address and mobile phone number for your payments.
    >> We look forward to a great exposure of our products from you.
    >> Best Regards.
    >> —
    >> James Williams
    >> Coordinator
    >> KiiVA Vehicle Advertisements

    They sent me a check from Texas Bank from a Texas Title Loan LLC account mailed from Genesis Concepts Riverside CA. LOL I’m gonna have fun with them and string them along for awhile and tell them I went to a local shop and had it installed that I trust! LOL knew it would not clear since when I called Texas Bank they said that account didn’t exist.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Wasting their time is an effective strategy. Expect them to become increasingly belligerent and make threats, but they are entirely empty and they can’t do anything to hurt you.

  • Matthew Kauffman
    Matthew Kauffman

    Hello all. I’m an investigative reporter with The Hartford Courant newspaper in Connecticut. I’m writing a story about car-wrap scams and would like to speak with people who have been victimized. (Just Google my name to see that this posting isn’t a scam!) If you have been cheated by a car-wrap scam and would be willing to speak with me about it, please email me at or call at 860-241-6741. (And again, feel free to Google my email address and/or phone number to see that this is legitimate.) Thanks, Matthew Kauffman.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      I have reached out to speak with Matthew Kauffman and can confirm that he is an investigative reporter with The Hartford Courant.

      Please contact Matthew if you have been a victim of this scam.

  • Tracy Houston
    Tracy Houston

    How are you doing today and your family,I am sending you this message to officially inform you that you’ll be receiving your 1st week rental paycheck including the cost of decal installation on your car for the Auto Wraps Promotional Advertisement via USPS Courier Service. we got a message from USPS now that the check will be deliver to you tomorrow (Thursday), here is Confirmation Tracking#( 9405501699320149725027), you can track the package online . I want you to proceed to your bank and deposit the check you can use ATM or Online Mobile Banking to deposit, it will cleared within 24hrs of making deposit. Deduct $500 for the first week advance payment and then the remaining funds will be sending to the specialist/ expert carrying the advert on your car/truck. Make sure you get back to me with the deposit slip so i can send it to our payment clearing department await your response.


    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks for posting this Tracy. This is absolutely a scammer at work and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Chris

    I received a request from Tropicana Orange Juice to wrap my car & the check came from a Lawyers office on the 31st floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago…
    I asked all the ‘stupid questions’ I could think of as I thought it was too good to be true. I ended up saying to them that I would pay the “wrapper” directly when he came to do the job…
    I love the idea of the money being snapped up by the tax dept. and will use that next time..!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      In this particular case, it pays to ask stupid questions. The more of the scammer’s time and resources you waste, the better!

  • Ron

    Glad I found this article. I have received 4 separate emails just in the past four days about these vehicle wraps and advertising. Based on the grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction, to me, that was a dead give-a-way. The other thing that struck me odd was how the email was sent and none of them had a link to the mentioned energy drink web-site and absolutely no disclosures or any other link to an advertising web-site.

    I was seriously considering trying this to make a few extra bucks. Who wouldn’t right! I actually did it before and it was legit !

    I actually did a vehicle advertisement wrap back in 2007-2008-2009 and it was legit and I made a few extra bucks but not what these scams are advertising.

    You do see vehicle wrap advertisements all the time, however, now-a-days, most, if not all the vehicles you see are owned/leased by the company that’s doing the advertisement, a subsidiary or distributor. You will rarely see a privately owned vehicle advertising anymore.

    When I did it, I was working for a construction company and they would pay their Senior Managers to have their privately owned cars and trucks wrapped to advertise the company while we were travelling and on the road. They paid me 150.00 per week and all other costs associated with the installation and removal of the wraps plus a few other perks. I also got a subsidy for my auto insurance. However, here is the kicker, we had to stop the program after 3 years due to insurance problems. Two of our managers auto insurance companies found out they were advertising for the company with vehicle wraps and now considered the vehicles “For Commercial Use” and told the other managers they either had to remove the wraps or upgrade their Auto Insurance to “Commercial”. If you have ever had to carry Commercial Auto Insurance you know how outrageously expensive it is, especially in Southern California!!!

    So, the company dropped the program (Bummer). We did keep the company owned vehicles wrapped but no more privately owned vehicles. The other thing to consider, and this applies to you if you live in California, and probably many other states, most insurance companies in California “WILL-NOT” insure a private vehicle that has advertisement wraps.

    It must be registered to a Sole Proprietor, DBA, LLC, INC or some other type of company and you WILL have to carry Commercial Auto Insurance that will cost you, especially if you have never had Commercial Auto before, 3 to 5 times the amount of your regular insurance.

    In California, driving any type of vehicle with Commercial Advertising makes you a “huge target” for Auto Accident Scammers. It happens everyday. If I remember correctly, driving a vehicle with commercial advertisement on it, based on AAA, increases your chance of becoming involved in an accident by over 200%, OUCH !!!….

    • Carolyn

      So happy I found this site. Almost fell for the car wrap scam! You know the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” Thank you so much for yolur article.

  • Syed

    I am that stupid person who recently has been the victim of this scam. I actually sent through moneygram $ 1400.00 to the so called graphic designer and found out two days later that the check for $ 1950.00 that I received and deposited in my account has bounced. It was from a blocked bank account. Is there any way to recover my money.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news Syed, but unfortunately once you sent the money away, there is absolutely no way to recover it. You basically mailed an envelope of cash overseas to a scam artist and there is no tracking that down.

  • brandon

    they tried to get me the same way i seen on this page it sounded good until i started to do bit more investigating on the matter and sure enough it was a scam for sure sucks cz that would have been very nice to do it an i could have used the extra money for few things

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      The scammers use the right amount of money where it’s not too outlandish to start questioning it, but it’s enough to make you want to do the work. These guys are pros unfortunately and putting their information out there publicly is really the only way to stop them.

  • M. D. Sebrenski
    M. D. Sebrenski

    Update on Jared Rivers scam…
    The installer is Entry Level Graphic Sign Installer (your town/your state)…the “office Mgr.” is Thomas Smith (one of the good ole Smith boys) Shoreline WA. 91833
    The original check was $2945…Their cut was $1730 (expensive wrap, but it also included the fee to send cash from your local Wal Mart to another WM…bless you Jared. With the $1215 left, I deduct the first week from it, and await further instruction….(I’m waiting)…
    I’ll get a pay check every week thru the mail. (goody!!) . They are using this program to help people and promote their company (again, what’s the name of your company??) BTW, Thomas Smith lives at 920 Linden Avenue in Shoreline WA…They want you to text a copy of the receipt showing the money transfer before you leave Walmart. You hand over the $$ to them, they hand you the transfer receipt slip…Jared was very anxious to get a copy of the receipt…instead I just sent him a copy of a Sheriff’ s badge from King County, Washington (thank u Google images)…his response was “what do you mean?”.. I told him no $$ for him or Mr. Smith today…that I knew is was a scam and he was blocked/deleted from my phone…I also instructed daughter to block/delete from her phone also.
    I hope this story helps….I’ve tried to interject some humor here (will work for late night comedy show as writer…cheap!)….but it is not a laughing matter..
    Jerks like Jared Rivers (no relation to Jordan Rivers of the Soggy Bottom Boys) and “Thomas Smith, Office Manager”, prey on unsuspecting individuals needing to make money…get off your a$$ Jared and Thomas and get a real job working 8 to 5v likes the people you are scamming…Keep in mind, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…..
    Until next time,…..bye

  • M. D. Sebrenski
    M. D. Sebrenski

    Halina—Loved the article. My daughter received an “official” email from a reputable Mortgage company representative in VA. It appeared she was doing the Car wrap business part time. Of course the individual’s email had been hacked, but in the body of the email, it listed her contact person as “Jared”..Jared’s email address… . His number is 410-429-0487.
    “Jared” sent the $2945 check from St. Louis Motor Company, 2 day priority mail. The “check” was written on Iberia Bank. We are currently playing along with the game, and will string him/them along as long as we can. The daughter had enough presence of mind to have the “check” sent to my address, so I could look it over before we took it to the bank. I knew when she phoned with the “I can make $600 a week ‘ by doing this, that it was a scam. I better go now. I have to get to the “bank” so I can cash this “check” …LOL

  • Kristine

    I got same email from harry lewis. I got the check of $2600 from a teachers college and the bank is citibank. I check the addresses and both valid add. Tho it doesnt have a phone numbers and the check doesnt even have my address on it. Theres so many questions i have in my mind about the people i have to send the money to for the graphic designs and why they live in GA?? And why walmart and money if they have their own business?? Whats their graphics name business?? No email add or phone number. I didnt deposit the check yet but i am going to a citibank branch here where i live to report that someone has been usinh their bank to scam people. Hope they catch this people

  • Lisa

    I too got one of these scammer e-mails but to advertise for Cape Cod Chips through Frito-lay. I did start to fall for it though by giving them my info and doing the agreement. Good thing I looked into it further. So I emailed them back and said do not send me the check or anything and I will not be wiring any money to anyone. And If I did receive the check that I would send it back or rip it up. I am not going to risk my bank account funds or anything for any scam. I told them thanks but no thanks. I can still report the one guy named David Copland though since I do still have his emails and phone number.

  • Jessica

    So I actually failed for this and deposited the check but have not withdraw any money what should I do?

  • Kell E. Anderson
    Kell E. Anderson

    Unfortunately, such check scams have become rampant in all fields. Here’s one, indicated by the article. An innocent job seeker seeking extra cash by working from home responds to an ad to post such a decal for hire ad which looks great. They’ve seen some cars with it, and they figure the reason they are being asked to post for another is because Craigslist has a limit on how many places you can post the same ad. It happened to me but I quickly checked so I deleted the ad before it was published. Don’t fall for the posting mule scams! You can end up banned from any posting and investigated.

    Sadly, you get these types of scams in many fields now. A while ago it was for job seekers and an administrative assistant position. The scammer is from out of state and lies that he is out of town on business and will send you a check. He or she says you keep the first $500 salary and distribute the rest to pay business bills or transfer it to a prepaid card to do it and pow–a month later the scammed have serious banking problems. I got a check and went to my bank and explained it and they said it was a scam so luckily I avoided it. The police took the information but were no encouraging on catching anyone.

    I’ve deleted so many texts from scammers like this it is pathetic. I am looking for a roommate and now I am getting emails and text on scammers saying they are from out of state and moving here and will send a check, or they are disabled and their sponsor will. I just tell them only via PayPal, no checks from strangers, and they go away. I am not sure how there scam would go but I read an article saying that one goes they call you up and say they paid too much or cannot make it and they want a refund.

  • Arthur Anderson
    Arthur Anderson

    I as well received the same Information. The drink was Lucozade. The check has arrived and I will be forwarding this information to the FBI!

    • Steve

      I received a check for 1950.594 with a legitimate business name in Indiana. I informed them of this and played along with the 2 text per day for a few weeks until they finally stopped messaging me. LOL. the check now hangs as a reminder that nothing is FREE!

  • Joel

    I just received a message about Rockstar Energy wrapping my car. Almost girl for it until I read this blog post and did a quick Google search… Thanks you guys saved me a hell of a lot.

    Just out of curiosity what would happen if you took the check to a check cashing place like amscot?

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      I would imagine most places can recognize these scams. Plus, they aren’t handing out money to anonymous people. You need to supply them with your contact information and they will come calling with the authorities in tow when they find out the check you gave them is fake.

  • Deborah

    Honestly I first responded to my Budweiser car wrap ad about a month or two ago and then realized it was a scam so didn’t proceed further. Well yesterday I got this check in the mail, and I didn’t connect the two, and thought it might be a settlement from a class action suit that had to do with home insurance. Anyway, long story short it is a scam and now I have already deposited the the check this morning! I am beside myself what should I do now?? I have alerted my bank. The check had the name Ed Edwards on the bottom and was for almost $3,000. The worst thing is we’re in a horrible Financial State and this was going to help us pay off some bills so we got pretty excited about it. It’s emotionally taking its toll. I wish somebody could catch these guys I am so angry I want to start a lawsuit but I’ve Been Told it’s not worth it. That they won’t get caught or something like that but I’m just so angry I don’t want this to happen to others!

  • Paul Barker
    Paul Barker

    I got email for a Bud Light wrap after responding to a text message, and decided to look it up on the internet, so I haven’t responded, but I did call Anheuser-Busch, and they informed me it was indeed a scam, and said I could report it at which is the FBI Internet Crimes Complaint Center.

  • Karen

    Right after giving this guy my information I went on the web and put in Rock Star energy drink car wrap and saw where it is a scam. This guy texted back saying he sent the check and I could track it if I wanted to. I texted him back saying I called my Lawyer and he said it was a scam and I didnt want any communication with them. I received a priority envelope today with the sender saying Costco inside was a check for$2,850. The business on the check says River Oaks Brothers,Inc from Prosperity Bank.I know it is a scam but what should I do with it? I am in the process of buying a house and if I had deposited it and it bounced I would have lost my loan. What assholes. Isnt there anyway to jail these thefts

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Unfortunately, no. Just hang the check on your fridge as a reminder of how you saved yourself from losing thousands of dollars and your house. The scammers will get belligerent and threaten or harass you, but there is absolutely nothing they can do.

      You could try and waste their time and ask them to send another check as it never arrived. That will suck up more of their resources, but really the best thing to do is just walk away.

    • Felicia Afifi
      Felicia Afifi

      I have the check and found your blog here and thank you so much for confirming our suspicions!! I had looked it up and could not find clear information regarding a scam but we seriously thought it was. When they sent me a text last week I told them to stop and not send the check or I would contact my lawyer but they sent it anyway! So now I have this check from Affinity Title Services Inc. in Boynton FL for a Rockstar Energy Drink Car wrap. I guess I will put it on my fridge!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Glad I could help Felicia! Remember, ignore any threats they may send your way. There is absolutely nothing they can do to you.

  • Sarah A Divilbiss
    Sarah A Divilbiss

    You’re to deduct $400 for your first week advert and locate any walmart around you to send the added $1350 via Walmart to the installer
    r info below so that he can come to your location with a contract and for the wrap .. Here is the installer info to send the added $1350 via walmart ..Henry Smith…540 Garland Road , Dallas, TX 75218

  • Lisa

    Hi. I am truly grateful that so many people have shared their experience with this, however I havent been able to find one that explained what I can do about this matter. Could someone help me stop this fron happening to someone else? Right now these people are waiting for my payment. There’s got to be somewhere or someone I can report this to.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can really do. These criminals operate overseas and there is little/nothing government agencies can do. Do not cash any checks, forward any money, or do anything for that matter. Stop responding to them. The scammers will get pushy and likely threaten you, but they are completely powerless and are best ignored.

  • Yolanda

    I’ve been getting text everyday from a 5 digit code number everyday I figured it was a scam

  • Yolanda

    1 of 5
    FRM:Thomas Arms
    SUBJ:Re: Re: Re: Re:
    MSG:Hello, I’m glad to confirm to you that your first week payment that
    included with detailer
    (Con’t) 2 of 5
    funds has being mailed out to you through (USPS) and
    it will be delivered today for $2950.Once you received the check,have the
    (Con’t) 3 of 5
    deposited,then deduct $500 for your 1st week payment plus extra $50
    for your running’s around and Withdraw out the $2400 for the
    (Con’t) 4 of 5
    detailer and
    get back to me for instructions on how to send the fund to the detailer.
    Once the detailer confirmed the funds received
    (Con’t) 5 of 5
    today,The wrap will be
    schedule for tomorrow.What time is best for you tomorrow ?(End) been getting text everyday from different number but it’s not a phone number it’s like a 5 digit number

  • TJ

    FBI Internet Crime Reporting

  • John

    Bring your check to a “Cash Checks” place . After they tell you its no good, call back your ‘Tom’ guy and tell him that the FBI is hot on your trail !

  • Carol Jones
    Carol Jones

    I too received an email ans almost fell for it! So I sent my info and then looked those up so I decided to inform this bogus company that we are selling our car and will no longer require this wrap program!! I am awaiting a response as I am typing this out!
    Thanks for the heads up!!

  • J

    What should I do if I already cashed the check? Should I wait until the check bounces ?

  • Julie Medine
    Julie Medine

    My husband got a check for $2,350 and emails and text messages from what we thought was a real person with full throttle. We deposited the check and only a small part of the check went through which was good with our luck it came at the right time when we were low on food and cash. After 4 days the check bounced and now we are lefted with our bank in the negative. Should we notify the cops about the bad check

  • Sami

    So if you receive the check could you just cash it? Or what happens when you try to cash it?

  • Craigger

    Here’s a new one:

    “Runa®_Energy_Drink” (Add as Preferred Sender)
    Date: Wed, Aug 30, 2017 6:11 pm
    Are you in USA ? Would You Wrap Your Car, truck , or bike totally free and earn $400 every week. Reply If Interested for more details.


    Robert Johnson,

    Hiring Manager

    Runa Energy Drink®

  • Miguel

    I recieved this by text from Propel company.i talk to this guy edwin by txt and gave my Andress and name.He txt me every day. The check was supposed to get to me, but never did, so they told me they were sending a new one or i could do a Walmart credit car and to give them my user name and pasword to get it deposit right away . Then i said this is not right so i never aswer back. Should i Go to the police or can they do something back with my name,addres or phone number?

  • Kendalyn

    I received a text from someone offering me $400 a week for plastered advertising on my vehicle. I am a single mother of 3 and thought wow this would help so much. I recently fractured my patella and have been out of work because of it. I replied back and this is what i received.

    Congratulations, it is my pleasure to inform you that your vehicle has been chosen for the Rhodius Power Point Energy Drinks advertisement. It is very easy and simple, no application fees required.

    This is the basic premise of the paid to drive concept, we seek people, regular citizens, professional drivers, and all vehicle owners above eighteen(18) years old, to go about their normal routine, ONLY with an advertisement for Rhodius Power Point Energy Drinks plastered on their vehicles.

    The advertisements are typically vinyl decals, also known as auto wraps that almost seem to be painted on the vehicle, and which will cover the two front doors of your vehicle exterior surface.

    The sum of Four Hundred($400) has been allocated, being weekly payments for carrying our advertisement on your vehicle.
    A detailer who will install the decals on your vehicle will be allocated and your payment will be scheduled. You will therefore receive your payment alongside the money that will be paid to the national car detailer.

    When you get the payment, you will take out your first week pay of $400 and give the rest to the detailer, this is to afford mutual
    relationship between you and the detailer and also to get both of the ready at the same time for the installation.

    You will therefore receive your check in the mail which will include your $400 for the first week and the detailer’s payment for the
    installation and removal of the magnetic decals.

    Please provide the following details so I can enroll you in the program and schedule your payments. The program is scheduled to start
    this week and so provide the details as accurate as possible.

    Full Name: Make of car/year: Mailing Address: City: State: Zip code: Mobile Phone Number: Email Address:

    How long do you intend to carry the advertisement on your car? One(1) month, two(2) months or three(3) months

    Also re confirm your name it should be on the check, your complete mailing address and mobile phone number for your payments.
    We look forward to a great exposure of our products from you.

    Once again, welcome to the Rhodius Power Point Energy Drinks vehicle advertisement program.

    On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 12:10 PM, Kendalyn sent

    Received a text saying I can earn money for advertising on my vehicle. I would like to know the details. Thanks
    Sent from my iPhone

    Justin Neiswenter
    Rhodius Vehicle Advertisements

    Now I am concerned that I sent the information they requested. What should I do to protect myself in this situation. These people are horrible excuses of a human being and I hope that their karma comes back around 10 fold. Luckily, although after sending my information, i googled the company. If I hadn’t I would have cashed the check.

  • Jannett Bidwell
    Jannett Bidwell

    This is a fake add I received and almost fell for


    Stetson Moore
    Aug 4 (2 days ago)

    to me
    We are please to inform you that you meet our laid out plans for this advertisement as your information has been received. Below are some questions you need to answer before we can proceed.

    How long do you intend to carry the advert on your car 1 month or 2 months?
    Do you use your car everyday?
    Your upfront payment would made after you have sent a reply with answer to the questions above and a confirmation email saying we should go ahead and mail out funds.

    Note: NOS ENERGY DRINK will take full responsibility for placing and remove decal on your car and it will not resort to any damage. Also we have OUT-SOURCED the payment of funds to you to

    another Agency, so please do not be alarmed by the payment not coming directly from NOS ENERGY DRINK .

    Acknowledge receipt of this email immediately.

    Kind Regards!
    ®NOS ENERGY DRINK Motor Corporation, USA. All rights reserved.

  • Nancy

    oops……Hiring Manager is Scott Kong

  • Nancy

    I got my email last week for the BUDWEISER ADVERT PROGRAM….. unfortunately I responded and now there should be a check on its way…. same scenario as all the rest a certain amt for me and send the rest to a third party, but I haven’t been told who they are yet…. I figured I was caught up in a scam when Mr. Kong didn’t give me a contact number for someone in their marketing group at Budweiser….I’m assuming I should notify the authorities and USPS after this check arrives….and shouldn’t respond to anymore emails or phone calls….I’ve already blocked his number from my phones….if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know….thanks
    My hiring manager is Scott King 318-302-0834,

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