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  • steve

    I received one just today. check in the amount of 2200. So glad i did my research beforehand. That dumb son of a bitch “mr franco”. I sent him a text immediately after i stumbled across this, i told him I tried to cash the check at walmart where it was deemed fake by the cashier. I said the authorities have been contacted and i told him good luck in life and then i was like “run Mr franco run” lol and then he never responded back. Mr franco turned out to be a corndog(undercover weenie). lol

  • Louis R Bonacich
    Louis R Bonacich

    Received from on line sponsor
    I almost fell for it. The check looks real too. Of course when I wrote and asked questions there was no response. Below is a direct copy of the email I received today with the check arriving today.

    I’m happy to inform you that the start up check has been delivered to
    you today via UPS today, The check payment covers your first week pay
    and your gas bonus, kindly have the check deposited into your account
    immediately you received it. The money should be instantly available
    in your account or by mid-night.Deduct $500 + $50 for your gas for the
    week making $550 for your self as your 1st week payment then get back
    to me so that i can instruct you on how to send the Remaining Balance
    $2,175 to the decal specialist. (installer of the decal). Then As
    soon as the specialist (installer) received the payment he will be
    coming to wrap your car and also remove it when the advert period
    ends. Your XEROX CORPORATION® car advert Program ID # is
    “HADCAD/0G43657”. You should make this available to the installer on
    his arrival at your location.

  • Terry ONeil
    Terry ONeil

    I received these e-mails also. I was really interested as I was looking for a way to supplement my income. I received the check today in the amount of $2998.45. I notified them that I had received the check, I was supposed to deposit the check into my bank account, keep 300. for myself plus an extra 100. for expenses and await instructions on who to send the rest of the money too via Walmart’s money gram service, but as of 9:00 tonight I haven’t heard from them. I even messaged them that I was worried that it could be a scam, but I was really needing the money. It was to be $300.00 a week for 6 months with an option to extend it for 6 more months. I even called the bank on the check itself and asked them if it was legit, she said it sounded like it was but didn’t know about the company involved, she also told me that it was probably a scam. She couldn’t actually verify the check was good. The check only had South State Bank, of Charleston, S.C. 29406 on it. It did look real but I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I am really not that gullible, I wanted it to be true but I knew better. It was just too unbelievable to be true. So here I am writing this message on this site I found when I researched for this scam, and I do mean SCAM. So if there are any more people out there that are receiving a Vehicle Wrap by Viking Water, DON’T do it. That old adage “if it sounds fishy, and smells fishy, throw it away. I thank you for listening to me, I hope I have helped someone. It is a shame that in this technological age that we CAN’T trust anything and mostly everyone on these computers. Thanks again for listening. Beware of anything that sounds FISHY.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      You just saved yourself from a $3,000+ headache. Good thing you took time to research it before making any moves.

  • nancee

    Oct. 2019..they will never stop trying. But now its $5076.00!!! Good thing my “mama didnt faise no fool!” If it sounds too good to be true…….

    • Holly

      I recieved one claiming to be from Budweiser drink brand and talked it over with my husband and signed him up for it beings our vehicle is in his name, thanks for the heads up! When his check comes in the mail next week it’ll go straight to the authorities and they can figure it out.

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