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  • Bob Engleman
    Bob Engleman

    I entered the business of Mystery Shopping in 2003 and have completed, to date, 3377 assignments for 87 companies. I disagree with a few points of information in the above article. To begin, one company, KSS, is a scheduler, not a mystery shopping firm; as such, they have nothing to do with fees. Moving on, seven of the remaining nine, Quest For Best and Perception Strategies being the exceptions, are recognized in the industry as low paying. A good starting point for a newbie, but very difficult to actually profit, unless one is not cash oriented. By that I mean one favors reimbursement, such as a $100 dinner for a three hour report; they are known as life style shoppers. As for me, I paraphrase Clara Peller of the 1980’s Burger King commercial, “Where’s the money?”

    My next point of disagreement is that being MSPA certified is an advantage for the shopper. I fell for that story in 2005 and it is accepted on the that such is a complete waste of money.

    Only you can decide if shopping will be profitable, in either money and/or reimbursements.

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