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Get Paid to Test Products: 35 Ways to Become a Product Tester

If you’re a fan of review blogs, you’re probably amazed and maybe a bit jealous of the sheer number of products these bloggers get to use, review, and even keep. While companies automatically send out new products to big-shot bloggers, here’s good news for non-bloggers out there: this isn’t the only way to get paid to test products.

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This is a legitimate gig called paid product testing, which earns the tester either cash, gift certificates, or the actual products to test.

What is product testing for, you ask?

Companies do this as part of their market research, often before launching a product completely into the market.

With paid product testing, companies receive much-needed feedback.

Depending on whether the feedback is mostly good or bad, this helps them make a decision: to go ahead and do a full launch of the product, scale back production, or improve the product first before launch.

It really is a fascinating look into product development and provides you with the opportunity to try something new and get paid for your time.

I went ahead and rounded up some of the best options for you. I’ve broken down this list of product testing opportunities into two categories.

Click either link to jump right to the list.

  • 20 Market Research Firms: These are research companies that will pay you to work with a number of different brands to try new things

Sign up for as many of these companies as you can to maximize your earnings.

Join these 20 Product Testing Websites

Only a few companies advertise product testing opportunities. Instead, companies prefer to let market research firms handle the entire process (from finding testers to recording results) for them.

These 20 tried-and-tested product testing websites are the online counterpart of market research firms:

1. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost logo

Opinion Outpost is the best when it comes to market research groups and they are looking for people to take short surveys on upcoming products.

Payments are made via PayPal (cash), Amazon gift cards, or iTunes gift cards.

Their goal is to keep their surveys as short as possible, maximizing the amount of money you can earn per hour.

2. Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box will send you giant boxes of free stuff and all you have to do is let them know what you think!

You will be working with big companies directly to help them improve their product offerings.

Just fill out their application here, answer a few questions, and start getting tons of free stuff in the mail.

3. Toluna Influencers

Become a Toluna influencer

This Paris-based company helps brands that require buzz for their products reach influencers across the world to test products.

Anyone can register a free Toluna account, but you have to apply to test products before you can actually participate.

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If you are chosen to test the product, you’ll receive the item/s and complete the job by answering the survey included in the assignment.

Toluna regularly has cosmetics and bathroom products to test. What’s great is that every test assignment includes about 200 to 500 products, which means you have a good chance of participating with these gigs even if testers are chosen randomly.

4. Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA Homepage

Product Testing USA works a little differently than other testing sites.

They offer big-name and expensive products from different categories for free, but you enter your name into the pool to see if you will be randomly selected as a product tester.

Previous testers have been given Dyson Vacuums, Xbox Ones, and even iPad Pros.

You only need to enter your name and email address for a chance to be selected. Follow their Facebook page to see previous and upcoming product testing opportunities.

5. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

At Survey Junkie, you work with brands directly as an influencer to help them shape their products.

You can also get paid to give feedback on services.

Members earn points for every activity completed. They can then redeem these points for gift cards or straight cash via PayPal.

Survey Junkie is free to join and the points never expire, so it’s worth spending free time here.

6. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research

This market research firm is well-trusted and is one of the oldest ones on this list.

Pinecone Research is known for having the best rates for product testing.

You can get paid to test products such as food, drinks, and beauty products, among others.

Pinecone pays in points, which you can redeem for cash via PayPal or cheque.

7. PINCHme

All you need to do is answer a series of questions about your household and shopping habits, and PINCHme will offer samples that fit your lifestyle. You get to pick and choose the ones you want.

PINCHme will then ship out a box of these free samples from tons of big-name companies directly to your door.

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Review these products and get new offers the following month.

You don’t actually get paid for the surveys, but you get to keep the products.

8. UserTesting

This website doesn’t have traditional product testing.

Instead, UserTesting is focused on digital businesses, and its members get paid to test websites or apps for money.

There’s no specialization needed to become a tester here. However, you should be good at noticing small details that affect your visit to a particular website. For example, you should be able to take note if the search bar is hard to find, or if the app crashes every time you save data.

Every test takes only 20 minutes with 99% accepted by UserTesting.

Tests pay $10 via PayPal, and payment comes in 7 days after you complete a website or app test.

Unfortunately, you can’t participate in all of them since your demo background should line up with specific test requirements.


Similar to UserTesting, BetaTesting is focused on testing apps, websites, and hardware.

It’s been around since 2012 and has over 200k users to date.

While this product testing opportunity may seem hard to regular folks, since some require checking for bugs on sites, these tests do not call for too many requirements.

BetaTesting, however, rewards comprehensive assessment with more work, so those who submit higher quality feedback receive more opportunities.

FYI, you can receive 0 to 5 product tests per month.

Payment for each assessment ranges from $10 to $20 and is sent via PayPal seven days after project completion.

10. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a younger company, but it’s one of the few that focuses exclusively on product testing. Most of the tasks here include surveys, focus groups, and so on.

Anyone from the USA, Canada, or the UK can join BzzAgent by simply completing a profile and answering a questionnaire with a few surveys to determine your demo, interests, and areas of expertise.

If you are sent a paid product trial gig via e-mail, you are given 8 weeks to test the product, share your results on social media, and submit feedback to BzzAgent.

BzzAgent sends out a wide range of products, including gadgets, toiletries, cosmetics, home equipment, and more.

The company used to pay cash, but now just gives the products that members test out. Those who promote the products on Instagram, Facebook, or other online platforms tend to receive more testing invitations in the future.

11. Influenster

Simply download the Influenster app and complete your profile.

Occasionally, you’ll receive Snaps as notifications on your phone. These are very short questions that you can quickly answer to help Influenster know you better and increase your chances of getting sent monthly VoxBoxes.

Like many of the newer websites, you won’t get paid to test products with cash, but you get to keep all the products that Influenster sends you. And these aren’t your ordinary products, either; the products come from some of the biggest brands in the beauty and food industries.

12. Valued Opinions

By taking part in online surveys with Valued Opinions US, you can tell brands exactly what you think about their products and services.

Sometimes, if the company includes a product to test, you can get the opportunity to try out new products and packaging. Other companies even ask you to review their advertising campaigns before airing them.

Every time you take one of Valued Opinions paid surveys, you’re helping companies know what they need to do to improve. In exchange, you earn credit that you can redeem as gift cards .

13. American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP)

The American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP) is a market research panel that gathers opinions and feedback from consumers across the United States.

Participants in ACOP share their views on various products, services, and brands through surveys conducted by the panel.

To get paid on the American Consumer Opinion Panel, participants earn points for completing surveys. These points can later be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or other rewards.

The number of points awarded varies based on the length and complexity of each survey.

Once a participant accumulates a certain number of points, they can exchange them for the available rewards.

Members of ACOP typically receive survey invitations via email, and they can choose to participate in surveys that match their interests or demographics.

It’s important to note that while ACOP compensates participants for their time and opinions, the earnings may not be substantial (so don’t quit your day job just yet). The primary incentive for joining is often the opportunity to share feedback and influence products and services.

14. HomeScan

HomeScan, often associated with the Nielsen company, is a market research program that collects data on consumer purchasing behavior.

Participants in the HomeScan program are provided with a handheld scanner or a mobile app. They use this to scan the barcodes of the products they purchase during their regular shopping trips.

To get paid with HomeScan, participants earn points for every scanned item. These points can be accumulated and later redeemed for various rewards such as gift cards, merchandise, or entries into sweepstakes.

The amount of points awarded for each scanned item may vary. Participants typically have the flexibility to choose the rewards that best suit their preferences.

In addition to the points system, some HomeScan programs offer participants the chance to participate in sweepstakes or other contests, providing an additional opportunity to win prizes.

15. Crowdville

This UK-based company focuses exclusively on apps instead of products.

So anyone who loves checking out new apps should join, review them, and actually get paid to test digital products.

Unlike other product-testing sites that match your demo with the brand’s requirements, Crowdville members have to apply for a “mission” (or the test) to participate.

16. Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is a product testing and review platform where members have the opportunity to try out various products for free and share their feedback. The platform is designed to gather real consumer opinions on products and services.

Home Tester Club typically compensates members through free products, points/rewards (redeemable for gift cards and discounts), as well as the chance to win at in-house contests and giveaways.

17. Crowdtap

Crowdtap is a platform that connects brands with consumers to gather feedback, insights, and promote products through word-of-mouth marketing.

Members of Crowdtap, known as “Tappers,” participate in various activities to engage with brands and provide valuable feedback.

To get started, sign up and create your profile.

Brands create missions on Crowdtap, which are specific tasks or activities related to their products. Tappers perform these activities, including surveys, discussions, product reviews, and sharing content on social media.

Once Tappers complete these missions, they earn points that are redeemable for various rewards, such as gift cards, product samples, or donations to charity.

18. Ipsos iSay

Ipsos iSay is an online survey platform that allows users to participate in surveys and share their opinions on various topics, products, and services.

The platform is operated by Ipsos, a global market research company. You are paid by points, which you can redeem for gift cards, merchandise or even cash via PayPal.

19. MomSelect

Although this is kind of an exclusive club (for moms-only and influencers with a social media following), joining MomSelect is worth it if you’ve checked both qualifications.

As a MomSelect member, you’ll be asked to attend mom parties and conferences, answer surveys, and test products for cash.

MomSelect is a big deal. They’ve worked with brands like Baby Einstein, Walt Disney World Resort, Chick-Fil-A, Huggies, Beachers, Leap Frog, and Beech-Nut, among others.

20. ThePinkPanel

ThePinkPanel is one of the most sought after beauty-focused consumer panels around.

Anyone can join thePinkPanel, but each member can only test one beauty product within a 6-month-period (and earn from $25 to $100 for each testing).

Online surveys and focus groups are also available and paid up to $100 a pop.

15 Specific Companies that Offer Free Product Testing

Compared to the websites above that make testers review different brands, the following companies have their own in-house product testing programs:

21. Brooks Running

Brooks Running

“Wear testers” are given a chance to test running gear, including running shoes and apparel, from Brooks.

These “runner insights” are combined with Brooks’ biomechanics studies or “science insights” to create incredible running gear.

Testers must be 18+ years old and live in the US.

22. Nike

Nike product testers

Nike regularly mails out new products, like shoes and apparel, to their product testers.

All you need to do is apply to become a tester, and when you’re selected, you’ll start receiving free stuff in the mail. You’ll be tasked to answer a few questions regarding the products you receive after a few days of testing.

Nike requires you to return the products after you’ve finished testing so that Nike engineers can study these products for wear and tear.

Be sure to read my full guide on how to best maximize your chances at becoming a Nike product tester.

23. adidas

adidas product testing

Continuing with our athletic gear theme, up next we have adidas.

Similar to Nike and Reebok, you’ll be testing products over the course of a few weeks and then submit your answers to a survey.

After testing has ended, you’ll be required to send the products back to adidas.

24. Johnson & Johnson

Friends & Neighbors is Johnson & Johnson’s consumer perception program that gathers opinions and ideas from real people to create new products and improve existing products.

Just to show you how big J&J is, here’s a list of brands under Johnsons & Johnsons: Neutrogena, Aveeno, BeBe, Clean & Clear, Listerine, Band-Aid, and a whole lot more.

Imagine how many J&J products you can get if you become a part of its JJ Friends & Neighbors program.

Register on their website and wait for emailed invitations to participate in one of their studies. These studies can be product testing, surveys, discussion groups, and focus groups.

You may even get to test J&J products before launch. Plus, you are paid with Prepaid Visa Gift Cards after finishing the review.

25. McCormick & Company, Inc.

Apply to become a McCormick panelist and get a chance to receive emails about various product testing opportunities.

Get paid to test food products such as seasonings, spices, and other McCormick products.

Most of the home-based testing can take you around an hour to complete and pay $10 to $15 worth of Amazon gift cards. In some studies, you may even get paid up to $30 per hour.

26. Marie Claire

Love cosmetics? Join the Marie Claire Beauty Drawer and be first to try free makeup like mascara and lipstick, as well as other products like handbags.

Beauty Drawer members are also given exclusive access to special offers, insider events, sweepstakes, and more.

27. L’Oreal

Here’s another chance to receive and test cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and hair color products.

Get paid to test L’Oreal products as well as products from their other brands like Maybelline, Lancôme, IT Cosmetics, Kiehl’s, Cerave, Urban Decay, Garnier, Essie, Biolage, Kerastase, and many more.

28. Summer Infant

Summer Infant produces a wide range of products for moms-to-be and families with children aged 0-3.

You can sign up to become a product tester, participate in focus groups, take surveys, or baby photoshoots. You get to pick and choose what you want to do.

29. Philips

Philips product testers

Philips makes products for every room in your house. You no doubt have a few Philips products at home already.

Sign up to be notified of new tests. If selected, you’ll test out new and upcoming products.

When the test is done, you get to keep whatever Philips sent.

30. Red Robin

Red Robin panel

Red Robin has a specific panel for taste testers and focus groups. You’ll get to try new menu items before they hit the stores.

You are basically getting paid to eat burgers. Tests run for approximately one hour.

31. Allure

Cosmetic giant Allure is welcoming all beauty enthusiasts to join their testing program.

Their only requirements are that you’re based in the US. If you meet that, you can get new products and samples sent right to you.

32. Roku

Roku offers streaming players as well as TVs and audio equipment, consolidating popular streaming options like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+, and others into a single device.

They are looking for beta testers who will get paid to test new products, services, and software updates to give detailed feedback.

Apply on their site and if you get accepted, you’ll be asked to sign an NDA.

33. Microsoft

Microsoft and its products don’t need any introduction.

And they’re looking for product testers of all ages (of course, minors need to have their parent’s or guardian’s permission) to join their user research program to test new technology, software, and hardware.

34. InStyle Trendsetters

InStyle is an online fashion magazine that covers basically anything trending.

They are seeking “Trendsetters” to test out some of their latest products ranging from beauty to fashion to home décor.

The have a prize pool of $4,000 that is split among winners. Every time you try something new, you gain an entry into the pool.

35. TEMU

TEMU invites product testers to evaluate a diverse range, including electronics, home goods, beauty products, toys, and more.

To apply, visit their Product Tester Page, complete the application, undergo an entry assessment, and await review.

If accepted, proceed with test orders for final confirmation.

While TEMU Product Testers aren’t offered cash rewards, you’d have opportunities for product rebates, bonuses, referral commissions, contest prizes, and media bonuses.

Can You Work as a Product Tester Full-Time?

It’s cool that you get paid to test products as a side gig, or whenever you find something you’d like to dip your fingers into.

Even receiving not-yet-launched products can be exciting.

However, joining product testing panels does not guarantee that you’ll be chosen every time.

You also don’t know when new opportunities will come.

As such, make sure you don’t turn this into a full-time job because you’d surely be disappointed, not to mention broke.

The best thing to do about product-testing income is to consider it as extra cash for gifts during Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays (those Amazon gift cards can add up if you do this on the side for several months).

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