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  • Candy Caldwell
    Candy Caldwell

    I was approved to become Nike tester. I received a text message…Congratulations! You have been accepted to Nike Product Testing. Your application has been approved for Apparel – Women’s Training. Thank you again for joining our team.

    However I have not received any items or other communications from them.

    Now what?

  • Raymond Kirby
    Raymond Kirby

    I am a 41 year old man. I have a dream of creating a new style of marathon. I can Bear crawl 2 miles without stopping.I would like for Nike to sponsor this charity raising event for paraplegic and cancer victims. My grandfather has liver cancer and my little brother died paraplegic. I do all my marathons in memory of him. I run a five I everyday .I just need sponsors to help.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you Steve for sharing this helpful information. Bless you for doing what you can to help us avoid pitfalls and those who prey on young innocence. My son has been a Nike tester past 2 years. He is now 13. He has never received any freebies, however he has always been excited to test shoes and only 1 apparel so far. He always receives a coupon for merchandise. It is a great tool to teach him to collect and gather data also gives him practice at being timely, keeping good notes and being analytical as well as observant. Great life learning!

  • Ricky

    Yes , would love the opportunity to be a Nike tester

  • Frankie

    Would like to test Nike trainers

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