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  • Victor Gaston
    Victor Gaston

    Hello, today a health brand ask me am I interested in being their brand ambassador. They’re saying they’ve stumbled onto my Instagram account and said that I’m absolutely killing it! Reading your article convinced me to reply to the health brand. However, I want a large salary. I’m good at my business at reaching people I love networking, marketing, advertising, promoting, & sales strategies. I have a fluent flexible original creative mind and very intelligent in my field of branding peoples brains with the way I season their food for though. Your a genius. Thank you.

  • JD Clarizio
    JD Clarizio

    Hey Steve, I enjoyed your article on becoming a “Brand Ambassador”. I was curious if starting a conversation on this would be with you? I am very interested in expanding my career and growing my consulting business by becoming a representative for companies in the lawn care business. I would enjoy discussing this in more detail with you and kicking around ideas. Thanks, JD

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