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  • Gnrao

    I wish they mention in advance that music is restricted to USA and Canada and no other National is supposed to listen review get paid Is that so? I wish they mention that no other world citizen gets a right even to listen to the music and songs. Why allow them to proceed with all details and decline later. You have done a wonderful job. You only can save the face of other world citizens Any way Our Hearty greetings to all no exception on the Merry ChristmAs and Happy New Year

  • A. D.
    A. D.

    Oh, there is definitely a catch, all right, not that you are likely to get any trouble from it. These sites are only actually sound gigs for those whose taste is kept largely mainstream. I fail that criterium, and miserably. With a taste and passion for some of the most unusual genres and artists, non-canonical classical composers, Slavonic opera, eastern and northern European folk music. I would mention some of my favourites but for the fact nobody understands what I am talking about anyway.

  • Cassia

    This can be a delightful way to earn on the side. I sometimes find myself looking for new and interesting music to listen to whenever I want to relax. I’d definitely welcome any worthwhile opportunity to earn extra while doing something I enjoy. It’s also a good opportunity to help aspiring music artists. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Michel

    Interesting review.

    I didn’t know that you could make money by listening to music, and if you are a lover of listening to new music, then why not get paid to do what you enjoy.

    As you say, one couldn’t do this full time and give up your day job, and I think you should only do this if you really love music, or you will be disappointed in the small change you get for doing this.

    In your opinion, which of these music sites is the best experience?

  • Shirley

    Perfect, this sounds like an excellent option for someone who loves to listen to music while doing just about everything else. A little bit of extra cash for doing something you were doing anyway is always a good deal. Are these programs available worldwide, or just for residents of the USA or UK?

  • Daniel

    Wow I didn’t realize you could actually get paid to listen to music, that’s crazy! However, it sounds like you may get stuck listening to music you have no interest in. I wonder if you can at least pick out a specific genre to listen to? Personally, the amount you would get paid doesn’t seem like it would be worth it unless you could enjoy it. What do you think?

  • ChazzBrown

    That’s a good point about leveraging your time by reviewing the same song on several sites.

    Listening to music is probably a more enjoyable repetitive activity than most of these type “jobs.”

    But I think I would rather buy bottled water and sell it on street corners to pick up “beer money.”

    There are actually a large number of people doing just that in Baltimore.

  • Denis

    Like wow, I didn’t know that a person could make money by listening to music. There has to be some kind of catch here, or maybe the money is not that great :)
    All in all it’s a cool way to earn extra cash. Thanks for the insight, I really had no clue. I might take it up.

  • jeffrey16201


    Interesting article on earning extra cash online by listening to music, so what is the catch?

    I have seen a few of the programs around online, some are new to me.

    I tried a few of these but it is time consuming and you do not earn much at all with these programs, maybe if you are doing them all you can make it out better?

    How long have you been using these programs, has it really been worth your time?

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      There isn’t a catch really. You’ll make money doing so but it’s not going to be the “quit your job” kind of money, but instead it’s a nice way to earn some extra cash in your spare time.

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