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8 Online Jobs for Musicians: How to Turn Your Talent Into Cash

The internet allows for many new ways to make money and I’ve gathered 8 lucrative online jobs for musicians that are worth pursuing.

Being a musician can be an extremely fulfilling vocation or side-hobby but hitting stardom isn’t exactly an option unless you’re either super lucky or super talented – usually both.

Regardless of your instrument of choice, you probably knew that.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make a buck or two from your favorite pastime, or even turn it into a full-time job.

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Whether you’re looking for a career in music or want to turn your love for all things audio-related into a lucrative side-business, there are plenty of options online.

Just remember:

Looking for online music jobs is as much about networking and selling your skills as it is in real life. That part won’t ever really go away.

But the hard part is finding the work.

I scoured the web (so you don’t have to) and found a wide range of opportunities that might suit your skills and needs, whether you want to build a career in music or a music-related field, or you just want to earn some extra cash from doing what you love.

8 Online Jobs for Musicians to Try in 2019

Here are some great online jobs for musicians that may be an option for you.

1. Start an Online Tutoring Program

Plenty of musicians or musically-inclined hobbyists turn their knowledge into a successful online program where they help others who are just starting to learn the basics of playing an instrument.

The best part of it is that, unlike normal tutoring, you’re not limited to the people in your area. And setting up courses online means you have to go through the process of creating it once and then people can progress through the coursework at their own pace.

It’s a win-win situation for both you and your clients, and it means you can get as many clients as you like without having to limit yourself to teaching one or two students per hour.

JustinGuitar is a great example of how you can turn your talent into a successful online musical career in the tutoring business. Justin has been running his site since 2003 and offers great additional tools and workshops that make people come back for more.

Justin Guitar website

If starting your own website doesn’t seem feasible right now, however, then you could always look at becoming an online instructor on a website like Live Music Tutor.

2. Try Freelance Composing

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it offers so much diverse content.

One major platform that all this content is being distributed through is video. And more specifically, YouTube, Vimeo, and other video content aggregation sites.

The powerful thing about this is that all of those content creators are often in need of background music or even film scoring for their videos.

So who do they turn to?

Usually, composers that can be found online.

There are some great online tools for composing music (like Flat and Noteflight) as well as selling your finished compositions to anyone who would like to use them. Platforms like LuckStock lets you sell your music royalty-free.

I’ve also found that many YouTubers and other content creators make use of Fiverr for their music needs if you want to give that a try.

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3. Become an Audio Editor

If you’re more into the technical side of producing music, then audio editing can be one of the more lucrative online jobs for musicians.

This field is a bit more competitive than most of the others on this list, but it’s still a good option if you have some music editing experience.

From what I’ve found, the best way to get started as an online audio editor is to go the freelance route and find some clients to start off with. Popular freelance sites like PeoplePerHour and Upwork seemed to have plenty of work available.

4. Become a Music Journalist

Writing about music might just come as naturally to you as playing it does. The upside here is that you have specialized knowledge and can write with insight into a popular industry.

Online publications do pay for guest posts and some also hire writers permanently.

Rolling Stone cover

In most cases, you’ll have to send some article ideas to a couple of publications and wait for them to contact you back. There’s no guarantee that any will approve your article ideas, but it’s definitely worth a shot if this sounds interesting to you.

There are plenty of music magazines and blogs that are currently accepting submissions so just find some you like and start submitting those ideas.

5. Start a Music Blog

If you love writing about music but journalism isn’t really your style then you could try setting up a music blog of your own. The positive side of this is that you can write about whatever you want, whenever you want.

There’s a lot of work that goes into making a blog work, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort then you can make a steady income from it. Here are some of my tips on making money with a blog through affiliate marketing.

There are also plenty of online tools to help you get started and set up a blog. Some great free ones include Wix and WordPress.

6. Write and Sell Jingles for Online Videos

These days, jingles are better known as “stock music” and people make a decent income from selling their creations to companies and small to medium businesses.

The difference between this and the music composing option, is that you might get requests to compose specific or lengthy pieces for people. Whereas this option is more a ‘create it and they will come’ type of experience. Stock music usually includes the type of songs you will hear in the background of an ad or during something like an explainer video.

What’s good here is that it can be a constant source of revenue as companies and other content creators are always on the lookout for new tunes to accompany their videos.

Look out for companies like Shutterstock and Productiontrax if you want to go down this route.

And check out our full guide on how to write commercial jingles here.

7. Get Paid to Listen to Music Online

Interestingly enough, this is a legit way to make money. Upcoming composers and musicians want music lovers to listen to and review the quality of their music.

There are a number of music review websites out there that will pay people to listen to the tracks on their site.

Though the key here is to make sure that you find a trustworthy site who does pay out. Here’s a list of some websites I found that do just that.

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8. Sell Your Music Through Online Channels

Getting gigs and playing in front of an audience is the dream. However, starting small can get you there.

Online platforms like TuneCore help artists upload and get their songs on popular online stores like iTunes and music streaming platforms like Spotify.

If you’re serious about making it in the music industry but don’t know where to start, then this might be a great option.

Online Jobs for Musicians Can Turn Your Music Hobby into Cash

That old-school view, that you have to work gigs and eventually get a contract at a music label to build a career in music lives in the past where it belongs, along with fanny packs and mullets.

The age of the internet has created many new ways to make money from music and ways to make money by doing what you love.

While you’re here, see how you can get paid to watch TV. It’s another fun avenue you can earn some extra money from home.

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