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3 Things You Need to Land an Online SAT Tutoring Job

The interest with online SAT tutoring jobs aren’t sudden.

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It has been an in-demand position for quite a while now.

And there’s a major reason why: parents are shelling out thousands of dollars for 1 on 1 SAT tutoring for their kids.

The SAT (originally named: “Scholastic Aptitude Test”) is a standardized test developed by College Board in 1926.

Many colleges and universities in the United States use it for college admissions. Over 2.22 million high school graduates (in the class of 2019 alone) took the SATs this year.

As of 2019, there are two basic types of SATs:

  • Multiple-choice without essay – This takes about 3 hours to complete with four sections in reading, writing & language, math without calculator, and math with calculator allowed. It costs $47.5.
  • Multiple-choice with essay – It is similar to the other type of SAT, but it takes 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete because of the added essay. It costs $62.50.

There is some proposal to remove SATs on college admissions (some schools have already dropped the SAT).

But renowned universities like Princeton cannot drop SAT or ACT (another type of standardized test competing with SAT) since they reportedly use these tests to award student aid.

This is also the reason why studying for SATs aren’t exclusive to the rich – even middle-class parents are raising money for SAT tutoring so their kids could get a higher chance of getting educational aid.

If you’re an educator, or want to become an educator working from home, online SAT tutoring jobs are one of the most lucrative and challenging opportunities for teachers today.

3 Unique Skills to Land any Online SAT Tutoring Jobs You Want

Many parents prefer 1-on-1, face-to-face tutors to be able to meet in person and gauge the progress of their kids.

But there are instances where parents would go for online tutors.

For example, not all cities have tutors specializing in improving SAT scores and the next best thing is to find a tutor who could work with their kids remotely.

If you’ve been tutoring kids in math, or English, or any other subject for years, this doesn’t mean you’re going to be as efficient tutoring for the SATs.

Here are 3 things you should have to knock down the competition for online tutoring jobs.

1. SAT Specialization

Most parents just hire tutors for their kids as a general preparation for college admissions.

However, this shouldn’t be the case. Some students are actually quite good in math, but not so in writing essays…or vice versa.

A good SAT tutor must able to:

  • Assess a student’s strengths and weak areas. Tutors will focus on all sections of the SAT (even the essay-writing part), but understanding a student’s strengths and weaknesses can before creating a study plan can save both of them time and effort.
  • Help a student define his/her goals. For example: Get into a particular school, reach a specific SAT score, and so on. In the same vein, tutors should also guide students in setting “reasonable” expectations. Aiming for a perfect SAT score is well and good, but not everyone can do it.
  • Explain answers to students. Sometimes, the approach or computation can be confusing. Learning how to arrive at the answers, especially in math problems, can be beneficial to a student. Most students already understand concepts of biology, chemistry, statistics and so on, but once applied to a real-world question, all the stored knowledge disappears.
  • Teach students how to answer an SAT exam. The SAT is a marathon – it takes over 3 hours to answer hundreds of questions. Sometimes, students simply fail at managing their time, or prioritizing one section over another section.
  • Adjust study plan according to student progress. An efficient SAT tutor should determine when a student is improving in a particular area and move on to another.

2. Good Reputation

For tutors who are members of an online tutoring company, the website often maintains testimonials of past students under their profiles.

These reviews would give parents enough information to determine if a tutor is a good fit or not.

If you’re going to be offering online SAT tutoring by yourself, you’d have to prove your worth.

Know that many parents and students aren’t as impressed by “Ivy League tutors” as they did in the past, so the go-to step is to dig deeper into the tutor’s reputation and hopefully find testimonials from real, former students.

Unfortunately, since you’re a freelance tutor, you’d have to be the one requesting for reviews and showcasing them on your Facebook page, LinkedIn account, or tutor-for-hire website.

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3. A Record to Back it Up

Most online tutoring jobs require tutors to have a bachelor’s degree and teaching license.

Master’s degree is optional, but experience in SAT tutoring is a requirement. In some cases, you can be hired by a review center simply if you came from Ivy League schools.

SAT tutor certification does not exist, even from Khan Academy (the official “school” College Board assigned to give free SAT test preparation).

Aside from the testimonials of former students, you’d likely have more success if you’re up-to-date with how well they actually did during the real SATs.

If possible, ask your past clients if it’s OK to publish their SAT scores.

If your student (or his/her parents) do not like their names published, write them as case studies: list the problem (student weakness), list the steps taken to solve the problem (what techniques did you use as a tutor to help improve the student’s weak areas), and share the conclusion (how much improvement the student made, or what scores he/she actually got).

How Much Do Online SAT Tutoring Jobs Pay?

Online SAT tutors make an average of $40 to $100 per hour.

The amount tutors can make on an hourly basis depends on whether the tutor is working alone (or as a contractor within a known tutor company), reputation of the tutor, and subject specialization.

Some tutors who specialize in helping students get into Princeton, Harvard or other specific schools are often sought out by rich parents.

They also earn higher (from $200 up to $1000 per hour).

Where Do You Find SAT Tutor Jobs?

Are you ready to get started?

You’d be surprised at how many websites are looking for competent SAT tutors.

Those looking for the best online tutoring jobs with focus on SAT test prep, check out the available positions from these sites:

  • – One of the oldest SAT tutoring job site from this list, you’ll also find other tutor jobs aside from SAT preps.
  • Princeton – Specializes in getting into Princeton, but also just tackles SAT testing.
  • Prep – Known for having some of the youngest online SAT tutors around, which means they’re likely relatable to students.
  • – It’s been around since 2003. Pays tutors about $20/hour via PayPayl, which is low for experienced tutors, but will probably be good enough for those just starting out.
  • – You have input about how much you’d like to charge, but StudyPool takes a 20-30% cut.

Tutoring is the go-to online jobs for teachers, right after teaching English to people from all over the world.

But tutoring kids to improve their SAT scores isn’t for everybody.

If you’re a teacher and you’re looking for something to do during your spare time or once you’ve retired, you can always sell lesson plans online and make a killer six-figure income, or check my BIG list of work-from-home jobs.

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