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5 Types of Apple Work-from-Home Jobs

If you’re a huge fan of Apple and you want to or have to find remote work, Apple work-from-home jobs would probably sound like a dream.

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Like most tech companies, Apple provides warranty and tech support for every product they sell.

The chat and phone technical support for all Apple products is provided by AppleCare.

Whether you’ve gone through all the iconic Apple gadgets (anyone remember the iMac? Or iPods?) or you’re a recent convert, Apple fans make the best Apple employees.

After all, who better to assist with Apple products than someone who’s knowledgeable and passionate about these products, right?

Today, we’ll look at Apple work-from-home jobs you can apply to, what’s required from you, and tips for getting the job.

Everything You Need to Know about Becoming an Apple Support At-Home Advisor

Those looking for Apple work-from-home jobs should definitely look into becoming an Apple Support At-Home Advisor.

Apple at home advisor
What is an Apple Support At-Home Advisor?

As an Apple Support Advisor, your main duty is to provide answers and resolutions to customer issues within a single live chat or phone call to AppleCare. There are different positions based on your experience.

Apple Support At-Home Advisor Job Requirements

Here are some of the general job requirements for at-home advisor roles:

  • Experience with at least using iOS, Macs, iPhones, and iPads is a must.
  • Non-students should have at least 2 years of technical troubleshooting, whether with Apple products and operating systems or other tech companies like Microsoft or Dell.
  • Chat-based advisors must be able to type at least 40 words per minute.
  • All phone-based advisors need to have a quiet home office with a door to block outside noise, a desk, an ergonomic chair, and a high-speed Ethernet internet connection with a minimum of 10 MBps download speed and 3 MBps upload speed. The iMac and headset to be used for work will be provided by Apple.
  • All applicants must pass a criminal background check.

Aside from the knowledge and technical requirements, Support Advisors need to have a passion for technology and helping people. Also, advisors need to be able to motivate themselves, work independently, and multitask between different applications and systems effortlessly.

What Does an Apple Support Advisor Do?
work from home jobs at Apple

As mentioned above, an Support Advisor is responsible for answering customers’ questions and resolving their concerns about Apple products, services, and accessories, as well as their software and hardware.

Products that Support Advisors normally support include the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and MacBooks, AirPort, Apple TV, Apple Books, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts. You’ll also get to know about new products before they are launched so that you’re ready to answer questions about them when they go on sale.

Full-timers are required to work 40 hours a week, part-timers 20 hours, and students commit to 16 hours a week during school sessions, but go full-time during school breaks.

All advisors, whether part-time, full-time, or seasonal workers, must be available to work on holidays due to the high demand during these times.

Unlike other work-from-home jobs, the shift schedules they offer are not flexible, although there are various shifts available based on their need.

Advisors may also be required to work weekends and late nights during peak seasons.

Apple-Work-from-Home-Jobs salary

How Much Can You Earn as an Apple Support Advisor?

Work-from-home Apple employees earn between $10 and $23 per hour, depending on their position and level of experience.

Those hired in a bilingual role can expect a higher rate than English-speaking advisors.

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Apple doesn’t disclose hourly pay on the website, but based on reviews from Support Advisors, the average income is around $15 per hour.

While this amount isn’t all that impressive, the perks definitely would attract anyone looking for home-based jobs.

Apple Job Benefits

Apple Benefits

  • Awesome opportunity for growth (in-house hiring for team leaders and area managers)
  • Coaching occasionally
  • 401 (k) match
  • Stock options
  • Huge discounts on Apple products
  • Education assistance
  • Childcare assistance
  • Paid vacation, sick leaves, and other time-off options
  • Gym reimbursement
  • Bicycle cost offset

Past and current Apple Support Advisors have nothing but good things to say about their job.

How to Apply for an Apple Support Advisor Position

If you’re interested in becoming an Apple Support Advisor, check out the openings on Apple’s jobs database.

Use the keywords “Apple Support Advisor,” so you can see all the jobs available for this role.

Make sure you check the ‘Home Office’ option under the Location tab like so:

Note that Apple’s virtual positions are exclusively in the customer service and support category, which means you can also check from those categories for home-based jobs.

If you don’t know this yet, you’ll need to create an AppleID to apply to Apple jobs, whether home-based or office-based.

This wouldn’t be a problem for Apple lovers who have been using this AppleID to sign in to Apple devices as well as on iCloud and the Apple App Store.

Apple Work-from-Home Jobs: Other Types of Apple At-Home Support Advisors

Aside from the general at-home advisor I discussed extensively above, there are 4 other types of Apple work-from-home jobs that fall under this category. They include:

1) Apple Support At-Home College Advisor

College students at participating universities can apply to be an Apple Support College Advisor. This role has the same basic duties as Support Advisors, except the student’s class schedule is accommodated.

Isn’t it an awesome way to earn money on the side without leaving your room? However, students living in college dormitories are not eligible to apply.

Note that only students who are studying in partner universities can apply to this position, so interested students need to check with their campus if Apple is hiring from there. If so, only those with a 2.7 GPA or better can go through the initial screening.

  • College At-home Advisor Salary: How Much do Apple College Advisors Get Paid? – According to, college advisors earn somewhere between $28 and $48 an hour (with an average of $37/hour).
  • Unfortunately, Apple Support College Advisors aren’t guaranteed positions in Apple when they graduate, but they certainly have an advantage over other newly graduated applicants.
  • How to apply as a College At-home Advisor: Go to the search button and enter the search term “college.” This should list down all the colleges that currently Apple collaborates with for the program.

Apple Work from Home Jobs for students

Apple has a more comprehensive guide about the college program, including the hours you can choose to work, the length of the program, employee benefits, job requirements and other FAQs.

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2) Apple Support At-Home Team Manager

An Support Team Manager directly oversees Support Advisors, ensuring they troubleshoot customer’s problems with services and products in an efficient and pleasing manner.

Team managers also assess advisors’ performance and coach team members regularly via online meetings.

Apple Work-from-Home Jobs for managers

Apple Support At-home Advisor Team Manager Salary

How much are remote team managers paid? 

According to, managers earn between $51,000 and $83,000 per year. Managers also receive at least 25% discount on Apple products.

3) Apple Support At-Home Advisor Area Manager

An Support Area Manager supervises a bunch of team managers. This job requires a lot more reporting, performance assessments, and coaching to ensure Apple’s customer service standards are kept high at all times.

Area Managers are required to have:

  • At least 5 years of experience in a managerial role, leading a tech support team
  • Experience in mentoring executives and providing business-level consulting

Area managers at Apple earn at least $120,000 a year (according to Glassdoor).

Apple doesn’t really advertise this position a lot, since they promote in-house. If ever they do have vacancy, they list the position on their Apple LinkedIn profile instead. As such, I recommend you follow this page, or create a job alert specifically for this role so you could get first dibs.

4) Non-English Speaking Apple Support Advisor

Apple used to hire only people from specific states in the US but has since expanded globally to cater to its customers from around the world.

The cool thing about these Apple jobs from home is that they’re open for both English speakers and bilinguals.

If you check the list of Apple work from home openings available, you’d see that Apple is looking for people who can read and converse well in Cantonese, Mandarin, German, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, French, and so on. Of course, all bilinguals must also know how to converse in English.

PAID TRAINING: If you land a job as an at-home support advisor you will have to undergo training. It doesn’t matter if you’re a college-level advisor or an area manager.

All hired Support Advisors, from entry-level to area managers, are required to undergo training.

  • The training is paid. It could last from five to nine weeks.
  • The training is home-based with a live instructor.
  • The training includes Apple product training, advanced troubleshooting, training in tools and systems specific to your job, and customer support as only Apple can deliver.

Apply to Work-from-home or Remote Jobs at Apple!

Now that you know that it’s possible to work for Apple remotely, what to expect, and where to apply, make your dreams come true and send in your application today!

how to get a remote job at Apple

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting an Interview With Apple

I’m sure you aren’t the only one who wants to land a work-from-home job with Apple.

So how do you get a leg up on your competition?

Huge employers—that is, those that process millions of applications a year—use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to find the best candidates.

ATS is software for recruitment and hiring that turns your resume into a machine-readable format so that several resumes can be processed into databases and scored according to algorithms based on how closely a resume meets the requirements of the job posting.

So how can your resume be tagged as a “Hire” instead of a “Do Not Hire”?

  • First, avoid using image-heavy templates. It’s difficult for ATS to process elements like embedded images, graphics, and charts. If you use text in images, you may lose these details as the software can’t read it.

Of course, you can still use your visually engaging templates for resumes that are sure to be reviewed by humans.

  • Second, choose the right font. Use either a sans-serif font or a serif font with understated serifs. If you don’t understand what the difference is, here’s a great explanation.

Some ATS variants have difficulty processing serif fonts, and because Apple uses an in-house ATS, there’s no way for you to know if it’s going to read your font clearly. So play it safe and make sure ATS parses and classifies your resume correctly.

  • Lastly, and most importantly, use the right keywords. By having more relevant keywords in your resume, you’re essentially telling ATS that you’re qualified, experienced, and therefore a great candidate for the position.

Read the job posting carefully and winnow out the keywords that are repeated throughout the posting and the keywords that are relevant to your industry. Doing a Google search for similar job postings will also be helpful.

Remember, once ATS floats your resume, a human will also review your resume. Synonyms and related phrases are your friends, so do your best to integrate them into your resume in a natural way.

Bonus: This should be common sense, but never lie on your resume. They will test you, call your bluff, and the best-case scenario is that you’ll be embarrassed.

Other Apple Work-from-home Jobs

Aside from the Apple Support Advisor position that seems to be available all year-round, the company also posts other work from home opportunities every now and then.

Probably the easiest way to check if there are vacant Apple jobs from home is to go to FlexJobs. This job board has up-to-date listings from companies offering flexible work, remote, telecommute, and other similar scenarios.

If you’ve tried applying to Apple and was declined, or looked over the job openings and changed your mind about wanting the job, here are plenty more work from home opportunities for those of you who are leaning toward customer service or technical support jobs:

Or browse our massive list of work from home jobs to find the right fit for you.