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  • Annie Mouse
    Annie Mouse

    teleNetwork is a great place to work. The company’s owner is the best boss I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for. He is fair and kind and goes out of his way for his employees. It’s a fantastic place to learn the ropes and gain management skills. Lots of employees choose to work from home and do so successfully. Though it is a call center environment, it is not uncommon to work with employees who have been with the company more than 7 years. Which speaks highly of the culture they create throughout the company.

  • laura

    I have actually worked for Apple through Kelly connect. I was always paid on time. Never missed a payment, they had benefits and it is a very real and legitimate company. Go for it.

  • April

    Anyone tried apple with kelly connect of so do they pay to train. ….. Our do any pay to train

    • Anoni

      Yes, paid training. Pay is 10.00/hr

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith

    Customer Service Jobs with Carnival including many work from home jobs available.

  • Halina

    Thank you for your feedback, Anony Mous! So, it seems like there are different pay scales at Needle, perhaps set by the client companies.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Needle pays $10/hr for some companies and $1.05 per chat for other companies.

  • Joell

    Just an FYI for teleNetwork you have to be using windows.

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