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Where to Sell Disney VHS Tapes for the Best Price

If you just decided that you’re ready to let go of the beloved Disney VHS collection your kids grew up with, don’t throw them out just yet – here are several places where to sell Disney VHS tapes for the best price.

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But let’s be clear up front.

Unless you have an unopened copy or one of the few rare collectible copies, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to sell your Disney VHS tapes for much, if anything at all.

Do keep reading though, because I’ll show you exactly what collectors are after and you can check your stash to see if you might have a hidden gem or two.

Even if there are very few people who still use their VHS today, Disney remains a collectible item, and there’s a market for the nostalgia it brings.

How Much Can You Get from Selling Disney VHS Tapes?

If your preloved Disney VHS tape is still in good condition, you can usually sell them for between $3 and $6.

Of course, this would still depend on several factors, such as:

  • Condition: Is it still unboxed/sealed? Some unused VHS tapes can still go for as high as $20 a pop.
  • Rarity: Is the tape you’re selling a limited edition copy? Packaged in collection-edition cases? How rare is it?
  • Other Languages: If your Disney VHS tape is in another language other than English, there’s a good chance that you can sell it for a higher price than its English counterparts.
  • Discontinued Versions: Any collectible that’s been discontinued will sell higher in the marketplace.
  • Banned Copies: Did you know that Disney released adult-only VHS tapes before? Yes, didn’t know that either, until I saw this YouTube video about The Classics Black Diamond editions that Disney banned eventually a few years after their release. These versions are so sought-after that the last sold VHS of its kind was sold for thousands of dollars. This black diamond edition released the following titles:
    • “Robin Hood” (1984, 1991)
    • “Pinocchio” (1985, 1993)
    • “Dumbo” (1985, 1991)
    • “Sword in the Stone” (1986, 1991)
    • “Alice in Wonderland” (1986, 1991)
    • “Sleeping Beauty” (1986)
    • “Lady and the Tramp” (1987)
    • “Cinderella” (1988)
    • “Bambi” (1989)
    • “The Little Mermaid” (1990)
    • “Peter Pan” (1990)
    • “The Jungle Book” (1991)
    • “The Rescuers Down Under” (1991)
    • “Fantasia” (1991)
    • “101 Dalmatians” (1992) <– this one can be sold for as high as $6,000!!
    • “The Great Mouse Detective” (1992)
    • “The Rescuers” (1992)
    • “Beauty and the Beast” (1992)
    • “Aladdin” (1993)
    • “The Fox and the Hound” (1994)

Before you list your Disney VHS tapes, make sure to double-check for pricing first.

You may be in possession of a really valuable copy without your knowledge. Once you identified its version, compare prices online to help you make an informed pricing decision.

Where to Sell Disney VHS Tapes (8 Places to Check Out)

So you have your Disney VHS tapes ready for sale. Where do you turn to?

1. Local Antique Stores & Pawn Shops

If you want to dispose of your Disney VHS tapes quickly, visit the nearest antique store or pawnshops and check for pricing.

They usually tell you how much they’re willing to buy it from you. If you agree with the price (usually given at a lower-than-market price), you simply exchange the tapes for cash. Deal done.

2. Garage Sales & Flea Markets

If you want more control over the pricing of your items, you can host your own garage sale and sell the Disney VHS tapes from the comforts of your own home.

Yes, you need a bit of planning, networking, and marketing for your mini-event, but you don’t have to pay any fee if you choose this route. You can earn a little money at the end of the day if you’re lucky.

If your community has Sunday flea markets (or monthly flea markets), you can check out the stalls and see if some of them would want to take the Disney VHS tapes off your hands. You might find a toy/gaming-themed seller or general-collectibles seller there.

3. Auction Houses

If your Disney VHS Tapes are rare or part of the coveted Classics Black Diamond edition, the game changes drastically. You’d have to connect with an auction house to sell your tape/s at the highest price possible.

Pick an auction house that has experience selling collectibles or memorabilia like yours. Some auction houses focus only on one niche – such as artworks or vintage cars. Doing this ensures you’ll be partnering with an auction house that knows how to attract your target market.

Note that auction houses will have fees or a cut of the sale – learn about this detail before signing the dotted line.

4. Mercari

This online marketplace isn’t as common as eBay, but it’s a good resource that lets you sell anything under the sun for free.

Just create an account, post an image of the Disney VHS tape/s you want to sell, add a description or condition of your item and set the price. If you successfully sold an item, Mercari only requests a 10% seller fee.

5. OfferUp App

This FREE mobile classified ads app lets people buy and sell items locally.

Anyone can download the app and immediately sell the item/s. You just have to take a decent picture of your Disney VHS tape, add a description, and set your price.

When a buyer shows interest, OfferUp will notify you so you can negotiate a price with the buyer. If both agree on the price, you then set up a place to meet and exchange your VHS tapes for cash.

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6. Craigslist

Yes, Craigslist can be old and “dark”, but it can still be useful to most people. This is because Craigslist lets you find like-minded people in the same area as yours, so if someone is looking for something you’re selling, it is easier to close the deal face-to-face.

The advantage of selling via Craigslist is that it has the best of both worlds – you can list your Disney VHS tapes online, but still meet up with the buyer at a neutral or safe location locally.

Listing on Craigslist is free except for California-based sellers and if you’re posting a job or buying real estate.

7. Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Groups

Facebook is such an awesome resource if you use it properly. When it comes to selling items, you have two options: the Marketplace and Groups.

You can also go to Facebook Groups and explore other Disney marketplace groups. Or Google “Disney items for sale Facebook groups” and check each one. Note that every FB Group will have its rules for posting. Read them first before selling your Disney VHS tapes.

8. eBay

eBay is the grand-daddy of online marketplaces selling preloved items. This is a collector’s playground, so it’s not surprising that many people go here to check for hard-to-find items.

When posting your Disney VHS tapes, list all possible details including:

  • Pictures of the VHS tapes (take close-up photos of parts with torn up jackets or other damages)
  • Description of the VHS tapes (condition, year bought, edition, and others)
  • Any special details (Research can bring the value of your VHS tapes higher, so check if yours has an original case, non-English language, and other hard-to-find features)

Read up on my eBay selling tips if you decide to go this route.

Beyond Disney VHS Tapes: Selling Old Media

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