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Giant List of 25 Jobs that Pay $25 an Hour or More

Are you looking for jobs that pay 25 an hour?

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As of 2022 Q4, only Washington DC has the highest minimum wage at $16.10 an hour, but while there are efforts to increase salaries across a dozen other states to $15/hour, the reality remains that many people still land jobs paid less than $12 an hour.

So is $25/hour even possible?

If you decide on a specific career path, YES! This post should help you in the right direction.

25 Jobs that Pay 25 an Hour

I intentionally didn’t include managers and supervisors from this list.

You can land jobs that pay 25 an hour even without a degree, but many jobs need certification.

Check out the list below:

1. Physical Therapist

  • Average salary: $44 an hour

The goal of physical therapists is to restore the movement of patients who suffered from injuries or degenerative diseases. They guide patients through physical movements and exercise as part of a treatment, rehabilitation, or preventative program.

2. Exercise physiologists

  • Average salary: $26 per hour

This job is similar to physical therapists, but exercise physiologists focus on relieving the symptoms of patients who suffered from injuries or degenerative diseases. They tailor a fitness program based on a patient’s potential risks, medical history, and unique case.

3. Culinary Chefs

  • Average salary: $26.80 per hour

Becoming a chef requires years of passion for preparing and presenting a wide range of culinary creations. You also need to supervise the entire kitchen operation, including your crew.

The job of a chef requires skills developed by experience and specific training, but a degree isn’t always necessary to land the position.

4. Education or Childcare Administrator

  • Average salary: $25.85 per hour

Administrators in the education industry design and oversee the learning and recreational activities of younger kids.

Whether you want a career in a childcare center or any other educational institution, you have to complete a bachelor’s degree in early childhood and have previous work experience in a similar field in order to land this position.

5. Corporate trainer

  • Average salary: $26 per hour

Corporate trainers are the teachers within a corporate work environment. They train employees and managers with their professional development, create training programs, find appropriate educational resources for the team, and more.

Qualifications for corporate trainers may vary, but a bachelor’s degree is often necessary along with an in-depth knowledge of their industry.

6. Researcher

  • Average salary: $28 an hour

Researchers collect, organize, examine and interpret information from a range of sources, and then assemble their researched data and present it to their employer.

The pathway to becoming a researcher varies. Some take up a degree in sociology or psychology to become social science researchers, while others complete a bachelor’s degree in economics or business administration to become a researcher for a corporate setting.

7. Industrial machinery mechanics

  • Average salary: $26 an hour

This type of mechanic operates and maintains industry machinery. He/she detects and corrects errors to prevent permanent damage to the machine or cause damage to the products processed by the machine.

Many mechanics complete a type of Industrial Maintenance Technology program, then land jobs at equipment manufacturers. Bachelor’s degree isn’t required, but certification may be needed.

8. Commercial Pilot

  • Average salary: $41 an hour

Commercial pilots are not licensed to fly a plane for airlines. Instead, they fly air ambulances, charter planes, agricultural flights, jump planes, and more.

Commercial pilots do not require a bachelor’s degree, but they require licensure via the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

9. Sheet Metal Fabricators

  • Average salary: $26 per hour

Sheet metal fabricators create products made from thinly manufactured sheets of metal. They utilize tools or work with their hands in order to manufacture products like air ducts for ventilation systems.

Aside from a high school diploma, those interested in this job often undergo apprenticeships for 3 to 5 years before becoming sheet metal fabricators themselves. An alternative is a program from a technical or vocational school.

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10. Medical Repair Technicians

  • Average salary: $27 per hour

Also known as biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs), medical equipment repair technicians are responsible for repairing various hydraulic, electronic, or electromechanical equipment used by health practitioners in hospitals or other medical settings.

Learning how to repair medical equipment such as ventilators, EKG machines, electroencephalogram machines, x-ray machines, etc. requires an associate’s degree in biomedical technology or engineering. Sometimes, a bachelor’s degree may be required.

11. HVAC Technicians

  • Average salary: $25.75 per hour

HVAC technicians install or repair the climate control systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) of homes, offices, factories, and other indoor settings.

While it is possible to start a career in this field without an HVAC degree, you have to complete an HVAC training program either at a vocational school, or take up an associate in science degree in RACH (refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating).

12. Mortgage broker

  • Average salary: $38 an hour

The job of a mortgage broker is to match home borrowers with potential lenders in hopes of getting the best possible mortgage terms for the borrower.

Mortgage brokers need to have a high school diploma and an individual license from the Nationwide Multi-State Licensing System and Registry (NMLS).

13. Real estate appraiser

  • Average salary: $41 an hour

Real estate appraisers are trained at providing an objective opinion and market value of a real estate property and other assets such as jewelry, art, or family heirlooms.

You’ll need to complete a 75-hour Trainee Appraiser course, and pass the required exams, which would lead to a trainee license from your state. It would take a year or two of work experience under a supervisor for one to become a real estate appraiser.

14. Computer programmer

  • Average salary: $38 an hour

Computer programmers write and test code so that computer applications and software programs function properly.

There are many pathways one could take to become a computer programmer. Formal training isn’t even required, but if you want, you can complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science or any similar course. Specialization in programming languages also helps.

15. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

  • Average salary: $38.75 an hour

Network and computer systems administrators organize, install, and support an organization’s computer systems. This includes the day-to-day operations and maintenance of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments, intranets, and other data communication systems.

Aside from a bachelor’s in IT, computer science, or computer engineering, someone interested in becoming a network and computer systems administrator should focus on working with computer hardware.

16. Database Administrators and Architects

  • Average salary: $47 an hour

Database administrators and architects ensure that an organization’s database is secured, updated, and organized. Databases are used in storing and securing data, such as customer information, financial information, product description and more.

A Bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology or a related field is often the pathway to this career.

17. Software developer

  • Average salary: $42 an hour

Software developers are responsible for developing, designing, and building computer programs.

Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science. This role requires continuous learning as software updates at a fast pace.

18. Mobile App Developer

  • Average salary: $48 an hour

The demand for mobile app development is expected to grow up to 26% in the next few years.

As a mobile app developer, you get to create apps for Android, iOS, or other kinds of mobile devices.

You can study traditionally and earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science (or a similar field), or self-study all programming languages you can find and practice building apps constantly.

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19. Firefighters

  • Average salary: $25.24 an hour

Essential first responders like firefighters are always in demand. They have a hazardous, but fulfilling profession.

Aside from having the physical stamina and mental capacity to be one, firefighters must also hold a high school diploma, a valid driver’s license, pass drug screening, and criminal background checks, then earn an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license and other appropriate certifications.

20. Traffic technician

  • Average salary: $25.60 an hour

Traffic technicians assist civil engineers in the maintenance of roads and traffic control equipment like stoplights.

To become a traffic technician, one needs to earn a high school diploma or pursue a degree in city planning or a vocational course with CAD mastery.

21. Bailiff

  • Average salary: $25 an hour

The bailiff or court security officer oversees the security in the courtroom and all participants, handles evidence, escorts inmates, and generally maintains order inside the courtroom.

You’ll need a high school diploma, a clean criminal record, and a law enforcement certification to become a bailiff.

22. Legal Secretary

  • Average salary: $27 an hour

Legal secretaries provide assistance to lawyers, from administrative duties to research and any other tasks necessary to support litigation or just the day-to-day operations of a law office/department, courts, banks, large corporations and other settings.

To become a legal secretary, one only needs a high school diploma, but applicants can get an edge if they have a legal secretary associate degree or certification.

23. Economist

  • Average salary: $41 per hour

Economists are responsible for studying and reviewing the economy, predicting consumer trends, and looking for new opportunities on behalf of a bank, or corporation.

Unlike other jobs that pay 25 an hour (or more) I listed here, economists require a Master’s degree in statistics, mathematics, finance, accounting, or other business courses.

24. Technical Writer

  • Average salary: $35 per hour

Technical writers are writers skilled in a specific field. They write informative documents, such as instruction manuals, technology reviews, or how-to guides.

Anyone with a flair for writing can be a technical writer, as long as written samples are available to gauge their skills. Traditional writing courses are also available if you wish to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

25. Voiceover artist

  • Average salary: $30 per hour

Voiceover artists provide narration for different types of media, such as audiobooks, YouTube videos, animation, tutorials, and more.

Formal training isn’t necessary to become a voiceover artist, but you need to have the skills (“the voice”) to do the job and work experience.

How to Land Jobs that Pay 25 an Hour (or More)

$25 an hour jobs: how much is that in yearly salary?

The answer depends on whether you work part-time (30 hours a week) or full-time (40 hours a week). $25 an hour equals around $39,000 part-time to $52,000 full-time annually.

Note that the salaries of the jobs I listed above could still vary, depending on where you live.

As you can see, only a few jobs that pay 25 an hour are aimed at fresh graduates or entry-level positions.

In fact, manager or supervisor-level jobs paying 25 an hour are widely available. If you don’t have enough experience or the credentials to apply to a managerial position, your best bet is to find certificates you can add to your skillset to make your resume much more appealing.

Go here if you’re looking for high-paying entry-level jobs, or the best jobs for the future.