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Online Income Now: Link Posting at its Worst

When you’re starting out trying to earn money online it can seem like there’s a new scam every day trying to empty your wallet.

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One of the more prominent types of scams doing the rounds at the moment is link posting scams.

Just today I stumbled across another one of these that I want to talk to you about, and hopefully convince you that it’s something to avoid.

What are Link Posting Scams?

The way link posting scams are sold to you is that it’s a very easy to do system: you get a link, post the link online and when someone clicks it you make money.

In theory, that is simply affiliate marketing, and that is a very real and legitimate method of making money online.

Affiliate marketing though is actually not that easy, it requires time, energy, training and a variety of skills to succeed in.

The way Online Income Now and other link posting systems tell it, is that all you need to do is post a link and you’ll be rolling in cash and that lie is the biggest problem I have with these systems.

It’s not my only concern though…

Online Income Now by Rory Ricord

The 24 minute sales video for Online Income now opens with several news reports talking about working from home.

These snippets, most likely taken without permission, are fairly old and talk generally about working from home.

They have been used singly or together on numerous other scam sites out there, so while I’m quite familiar with them you might see them as promoting Online Income Now.

That’s precisely the aim for them, it’s to try and legitimize this system, when the truth is they really have nothing to do with it.

Online Income Now news

From there you’re shown a couple of testimonials talking generally about the system. You may notice they never mention the system name, this is so that Rory can reuse the testimonials elsewhere.

In fact, the testimonials are fake:

Online Income Now fiverr

A few dollars would pay for a testimonial on whatever you want from that lady.

What Guarantee?

As well as the fake testimonials, there are two guarantees mentioned in the video that should concern you.

Firstly is the $500 guarantee. This is where Rory will apparently give you $500 if you don’t make any money.

Online Income Now 500

I wonder if using an image of money rather than writing out $500 nullifies a verbal guarantee?

Supposedly he will give you this guarantee in writing once you buy the system, and there’s nothing in the visible terms about this. Why isn’t the guarantee upfront and visible? What loopholes are there? You won’t know until you put money on the line and that means this is not a valid guarantee!

The other thing is the 60 day refund policy. This is in the terms, but it’s worded so loosely that they can break this guarantee incredibly easily.

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Online Income Now refund terms

Who is Rory Ricord?

Rory Ricord is apparently the guy behind this system, and a quick internet search suggests he is also behind numerous other online scams.

With his wife he runs Brunette Marketing which scored an F on the BBB website (not that you should trust the BBB scores but that’s another story).

The BBB site has 7 comments, all positive, but tellingly they were all added on the same day in 2017. One would think that a business that has been around for 18 years at the time of writing would garner more reviews than that.

Not only that, but he may even be the true person behind Kelly Scott/Simmons/Richards: a persona that fronts numerous link posting scams we’ve reviewed previously.

Back to the Video

The remainder of the video covers a variety of points and at the same time very little.

There’s a long spiel that eventually gets to Rick discussing adverts and how he has profited (100% profit apparently) by posting ads (links) online.

He says it’s so easy; all you need to do is copy and paste.

Online Income Now copy and paste

There is no copy and paste system to make money online, not one that works anyway.

Just think about this logically for one second. If all you had to do was copy and paste something and you could be making hundreds of dollars overnight, why wouldn’t everyone be doing this? Poverty as we know it would cease to exist! Rory Ricord would be hailed as a hero the world over.

Let’s face it, you can’t make money without working and posting links online is not work. No one will pay you to post those links, and even if you got paid when people clicked them and bought something on the other site (as with affiliate marketing) you’d still need a framework to support it: a website, relevant content, a group of people following you to click those links, skills to drive traffic and convert it and more.

Simply slapping links on Facebook and in blog comments is not enough and will just get you labeled as a spammer!

Mentors or Sales Staff?

Online Income Now consultation

The sales video for Online Income Now also mentions how you will get access to your personal “internet expert” to help guide you on your journey.

I have no idea what an internet expert is, it’s a bit like saying a business expert: it means nothing in reality without context.

What it means to me though is that they will be getting sales people to call you, to guide you into buying yet more products and services at inflated prices that you just don’t need.

The Bottom Line

Online Income Now by Rory Ricord is just another link posting scam. He is trying to dress up affiliate marketing as an easy guarantee to make a ton of money overnight. He’s full of shit and looking to take you for as much money as possible. “Link posting” is not a viable way to make money online and as such my advice to you is to avoid this and all other systems promising you can can make money by posting links.

Your wallet and sanity will both thank you for it!

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8 thoughts on “Online Income Now: Link Posting at its Worst”

  1. Thanks for this review! To be honest, I have never heard of ‘Link Posting’ before, where all you need is to copy paste. This just cannot be true. Like you said, if it is possible to earn money that way, then everyone would be using this system. What is your favorite way of making money online? 

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for the heads up on online income now. The first thing that rings a bell for me, is you have to buy into the program to get a guarantee.
    It sounds to me like all other scams online, you need to put money up front first.
    I have joined your number 1 recommendation and am so glad that I did. There is no other place like it.
    Thanks for the information and all me best to your success,

    • Thanks Doug. We have no problem here with having to invest in an education, but Online Income Now is promoting absolute garbage and hyping it up to get you to stop thinking rationally and make a blind purchase. 

  3. Wow, the guarantee of 500.00 sounds pretty intriguing if I don’t make any money. I highly doubt they would honour that. I honestly can’t see making money online …copying and pasting. If it was that easy we would have a lot of people making a fortune. I also don’t want a bunch of ads on my sight. I’ll definitely been warning my online friends to stay away from Online Income Now. Thanks

    • There is not a chance that guarantee will be honored. They will weasel their way out of ever paying that out. 

  4. Your review is very detailed on the ins and outs of Online Income Now from the sales video to testimonials to the creator. I found out everything I needed to know and more! Thanks for reviewing this company and sharing with others what you found out. I just had a question. When was this company created?

    • This domain name was registered in May 2017. These scams pop up every few weeks, each with a slightly different name but they have the same old story attached. 

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