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Work at Home Nursing Jobs: 30 Companies Currently Hiring

As a nurse, working remotely may sound like a pipe dream, but because technology is constantly improving and working virtually is increasingly being accepted in the healthcare field, more and more work at home nursing jobs are now available.

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Nursing is a particularly stressful career. From pre-nursing courses to nursing school to taking the national exams, the beginning of a nursing career is already a hard road.

When they do get to work, they’re exposed to stressful work environments. Their workloads are heavier because of more patients coming in and not enough nurses being hired to handle all of them.

Another factor that adds to their stress is the risk of patient-handling injuries, such as neck or back strain from lifting and moving a patient.

Yet another important factor is the emotional strain of connecting to patients and their families. Resources need to be provided to give them the tools they need to cope with this mental and emotional burden, but because of understaffing, these resources may come up short.

Given all of these, it’s challenging to perform their role as a care provider to enhance a patient’s quality of life, partner with doctors and other healthcare professionals to carry out the best plan of care, and advocate for patients’ rights, health, and overall wellness.

The availability of work at home nursing jobs may be the key to solving the problem of stressful work environments and allow nurses to do their best work.

Today, I’ve rounded up X different types of nursing jobs you can do from home and XX different companies that are hiring to fill these positions.

7 Types of Work at Home Nursing Jobs

Luckily, there are now several types of nursing jobs you can do remotely where you can put your nursing degree and your spirit of caregiving to good use while avoiding a stressful work environment.

Compared to traditional hospital work, these jobs are physically less demanding and can be performed at home or anywhere in the world.

Here are some of them.

1. Case Manager

This is one of the most popular options for nurses who want to work from home.

Case managers provide personalized evaluation and treatment plans to patients. They coordinate with multiple specialists to identify resources and services best suited to patients.

They mostly work with patients who have chronic health conditions and require constant monitoring and follow-up. Thus, traditionally, hospice and home care centers employ nurse case managers.

However, most of the coordination part of the job can be done through phone calls, video calls, and email, allowing nurse case managers to do this remotely.

  • REQUIREMENTS: Case managers should have an RN license and at least 3 years of nursing experience in a clinical setting and disability management.
  • SALARY: The average starting salary of RN case managers is around $66,300 a year as of April 2021 (Source). Many of these work from home nursing jobs also have benefits added to their compensation packages.

2. Telehealth Triage Registered Nurse

Telehealth is increasingly becoming popular. This is when healthcare professionals use remote video teleconferencing or audio software over the internet to provide medical care virtually.

As a telehealth triage RN, your role is to take inbound video or audio calls from patients, assess their symptoms and the urgency of those symptoms, and direct them to the right place for them to get treatment; whether they need to go to the emergency room now or schedule a non-urgent telemedicine consult with a specialist.

  • REQUIREMENTS: At least an associate’s degree in nursing is required, plus real-life nursing experience and clinical documentation.
  • SALARY: As you’ll soon discover with the jobs below, telehealth careers offer competitive rates. And unlike other online jobs, nursing jobs from home even include benefits.

3. Legal Nurse Consultant

As a consultant for attorneys, paralegals, police, and other people working in the legal profession, these nurses lend their medical expertise in relation to common legal issues, such as medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, personal injury, and so on.

Legal nurse consultants are usually hired by insurance companies, law firms, or as in-house expert at a hospital.

You’ll need certifications for both your nursing and legal experience to be considered for the job.

  • REQUIREMENTS: You’d need to be an RN with a solid clinical nursing background.
  • SALARY: The average starting salary of legal nurse consultants is around $73,700 a year as of September 2020 (Source)

4. Utilization Review Nurse

Utilization review is one of the least understood yet one of the most essential departments in managing the cost of health care.

Utilization review nurses ensure that health care services and procedures are being used appropriately.

Their responsibilities include performing frequent case reviews, checking medical records, and coordinating with patients and health care providers to plan treatment. They make recommendations regarding the appropriateness of care for a patient’s diagnosis.

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Further, they assist in determining whether a treatment meets the criteria for reimbursement by their insurance plan.

  • REQUIREMENTS: You’d need to be an RN with at least 2 years of general nursing experience in medical-surgical nursing.
  • SALARY: The average starting salary of utilization review nurses is around $65,400 a year as of August 2020 (Source)

5. Medical Transcriptionist

medical transcription jobs

The job of medical transcriptionists involve transcribing medical reports, documents and other materials of doctors and other healthcare professionals.

This field is expected to grow in the coming years due to an aging population, so the future of medical transcription looks promising especially for those with certifications.

  • REQUIREMENTS: Experience in a traditional healthcare facility with physicians makes this job particularly easier, but it isn’t a requirement. If you’re familiar with medical terms, transcribing in this industry is possible.
  • SALARY: Payment for home-based medical transcriptionists vary, depending on the company you work for, your skill level, and how much work is available. Expect somewhere between $15 and $25 an hour if paid by the hour. Sometimes, transcription work is paid by the number of lines transcribed.

Read my full guide on medical transcription jobs if this is an avenue you are interested in pursuing.

6. Medical Writer

Medical writing is a work at home nursing job that requires extensive knowledge of medical terminology and procedures as well as excellent writing skills.

Medical writers are usually tasked with writing print or digital materials that are used by everyone from medical professionals to the general public. Examples include promotional materials, journal articles, press releases, blog posts, medical product inserts, and other similar documents.

  • REQUIREMENTS: At least a bachelor’s degree in nursing is required. Writing experience is highly desired but usually not required.
  • SALARY: The average starting salary of medical writers is around $70,100 a year as of April 2021 (Source)

7. Medical Billing

Medical billers manage the billing of patients and insurance companies for services provided by a physician.

You’ll be responsible for sending in claims to insurance companies, filing appeals, handling denials, and much more. The job does involve financial and medical terminologies. A medical biller must be familiar with medical coding and the intricacies of health insurance.

  • REQUIREMENTS: At least an associate’s degree in nursing is required. Proficiency in financial writing and terms is highly desired.
  • SALARY: The average starting salary of medical billers is around $34,600 a year as of April 2021 (Source)

Be sure to check out my full guide on how to become a medical biller.

30 Companies Hiring for Work from Home Nursing Jobs

If you’re looking for a nursing job you can do from home, one of the following companies should be able to help.

They all offer different opportunities. Be sure to click through and see what’s available and what best suits your skills and interests.

1. FlexJobs

Anytime you search for work from home jobs, I recommend starting at FlexJobs.

FlexJobs is a huge job database with high-quality remote and flexible jobs, with every employer carefully vetted to help searchers find only the best jobs.

2. 83Bar

This Austin, Texas-based company hires RNs and other medical specialists to match people with their healthcare needs and set them up with appointments to appropriate specialists.

You’d have to have a PC and landline so you can call people.

3. Aetna (now part of CVS Health)

Providing work from home RN jobs, this healthcare and life insurance company has regular, telecommute positions available for residents of the US.

Search for home-based work by click “Yes” on the telecommute filter on the CVS Health job board.

4. Abbott

This company sells medical diagnostic products, medical devices, nutritionals, and medicine. They’re currently hiring registered nurses for a variety of remote positions. Filter the jobs by location and the phrase “remote” on the job search page.

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5. Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare provides comprehensive software and services for healthcare payers and providers. There are currently vacancies for case managers, utilization reviewers, and other work at home nursing jobs.

6. Anthem

Anthem is a health benefits company serving more than 107 million people. The current remote positions available for RNs include clinical review nurses, nurse reviewers, nurse case managers, and many other positions.

7. CCC Information Services

CCC Information Services is a software solutions provider for auto insurers, manufacturers, collision repairers, and other automotive-related industries.

They’re continually looking for RN case managers who will review and analyze the medical necessity of treatment and testing of injuries resulting from automobile accidents.

8. Aviacode

Aviacode is one of the largest medical coding companies in the US, working with some of the largest health systems in the country.

They do prefer Certified Professional Coders (CPCs), whose certifications are issued by the AAPC, so aside from your nursing degree and nursing license, you have to invest a bit. In exchange, though, medical coders working full time for Aviacode are eligible for benefits.

9. BroadPath Healthcare Solutions

There are plenty of nursing jobs from home available at this company.

If you’re a registered nurse in your home state with solid nursing experience in a clinical setting and a valid license, you can work as a customer service representative or as a claims processor, handling health insurance claims.

Plus points if you’re bilingual (they’re looking for Mandarin and Spanish-speaking agents all the time).

10. Conifer Health Solutions

This healthcare management service company hires nurses for remote case management, patient care coordinator, and medical coding from time to time.

The RNs must be licensed in various states, but are allowed to telecommute or work remotely.

Check the job board with keywords “remote” and “telecommuting.”

11. eQHealth Solutions

Those with extensive experience with community nursing or acute care may have a chance to land the remote Case Manager position at eQHealth Solutions. Other positions available include utilization review nurse, care coordinator, and intake coordinator.

12. FoneMed

This telecommunications health and wellness provider hires US and Canada-based nurses to provide telephone triage and health advice.

13. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

The work from home nursing jobs offered by this company isn’t posted on their career pages.

However, you’ll find the Surgical Clinical Reviewer position always listed on Indeed or FlexJobs.

14. Healthfirst

This New York-based health insurance company hires home-based case managers regularly.

15. HealthHelp

If you’re a nurse with RN, LVN, or LPN license and at least 2 years of clinical care experience, you can land a work-from-home position as a clinical review nurse or care coordinator with HealthHelp.

16. iMedX

Become a part-time or full-time medical coder or transcriptionist at iMedX.

You have to be a licensed RN who is willing to work at least one weekend day or night on top of your weekday schedule.

Plus, full-timers are given complete benefits packages.

17. Inland Empire Health Plan

This California-based health insurance company hires nurses for case management.

18. Johnson & Johnson

Look for openings like Insulin Pump Trainer and Blood Glucose Manager when checking out the J&J job board.

These work from home nursing jobs rarely open up, but bookmark this in case they do.

19. McKesson

Another big company in the healthcare industry, McKesson offers work from home RN jobs to support its telehealth services.

You have to do a little digging in their job board and use “work from home” under location, but you’ll easily discover if they’re hiring home-based nurses or not.

20. Mercy

RNs with at least 5 years of clinical experience can try their luck at one of Mercy’s work-from-home positions.

The job mostly involves answering healthcare-related concerns of Mercy clients.

21. Nemours

Nemours is a pediatric healthcare network that offers remote patient services representatives from time to time.

22. AdhereHealth

This company connects healthcare providers with patients through their Adhere platform.

Check out their medication adherence technician and medication case manager positions.

23. Remote Medical International

This Seattle-based company occasionally hires nurses and physicians for telemedicine services.

24. Assistance Services Group

Check out the Telehealth division of this company if you’re looking for work-from-home nursing jobs.

25. Amedisys

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button on their careers page to pull up their search portal.

Type “work from home” in the keyword box to pull up a list of open positions.

Some do require you to travel and visit locations on-site, but there are quite a few strictly remote opportunities in there as well.

26. Amalgamated Medical Care Management

This is a care management company offering jobs to registered nurses and physicians who deliver high-quality compassionate care to their patients.

They currently have openings for work at home nursing jobs like nurse counselors and claims analysts.

27. Centene

Centene provides access to high-quality healthcare solutions to families and individuals.

Case manager, quality practice advisor, and long-term support services are just some of the remote jobs available for registered nurses.

28. HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare is a network of hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities.

They offer various positions in their various locations, but several of them are home-based positions, such as customer support representatives (to schedule appointments), nurse recruiters, clinical research associates, and care managers.

29. Cortex Health

They’re currently hiring registered nurses who can work from home as At-Home Agents and make follow-up calls to recently discharged patients to ask how they’re feeling, document calls, and send them to the patients’ healthcare providers.

30. Total Triage

Total Triage, as their name suggests, provides telephone triage and patient care to various home care and hospice organizations worldwide.

They’re looking for registered nurses that have at least one year of clinical experience, preferably in-home care and hospice nursing, to provide telehealth triage services from home.

Final Thoughts on RN Work From Home Jobs

Nursing is traditionally a high-stress job with erratic work schedule.

Traditionally, the only options for a hospital nurse who wanted a career change are limited to school nurse jobs and home care positions.

Fortunately, the demand for licensed registered nurses operating in healthcare sales, customer service, telehealth, insurance, and other similar fields has increased significantly through the years.

The most striking advantage of working from home is that senior registered nurses can continue using their skills while removing the stress commonly attributed to a clinical setting, such as long hours, high stress, or standing for long hours.

Hopefully, you can find a work-from-home nursing job from one of the companies on our list that is the right fit for you and your skills.

If you want to make a total career change, though, start by checking out this list of legitimate work from home jobs for opportunities that may interest you.

Have you tried to apply to a work-at-home nursing job from one of the companies above or elsewhere that’s not on this list? Share your experiences with us and fellow nurses in the comments!