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  • Betty Brown
    Betty Brown

    To Whom it may concern:

    I used to do mental health transcription, primarily Crisis Intervention and psychiatric notes. I’m most comfortable with the Crisis program, including the Social History of the client, Presenting Problems, Diagnostic findings and Treatment plans. I also did Forensic Evaluations and Competency to stand trial dictation, all of which primarily followed templates. I have worked in payroll, budgeting, data entry, and statistics as well, but I’m not proficient with spreadsheets. It’s been around15 years since I was able to work and I would have to talk with someone at Disability about the return to work program they have until I turn 66. However, I am interested in seeing what’s available and would like an opportunity to try a training program if you think there would be jobs suitable for my background. I’m at home and would need access to any equipment needed, such as foot petals, etc.

    I also would find it challenging to do Closed Captioning transcription. That fascinates me, and since I’ve been disabled for so long and will be turning 65 at the end of 2019, I would like to know if I would be able to work on my own as long as I can manage it. I’m not sure how much I would be able to do, but I was typing 85-90 wpm before I was disabled in 2003. I’m losing $105/month at the end of this year and will be transferring from Disability income to Social Security retirement benefits at the end the end of 2020.

    At this point I’m just investigating my options to see if it’s even possible for me to work. If you have any suggestions about how to proceed with training and if there may be some jobs available in the area of my expertise, please advise. Thank you for your time and thoughts about the possibilities that may be there for me. Sincerely, Betty Godsey Brown

  • Sonja

    Hi Steve,
    I just found this article and noted that the date is February, 2019. I’m seriously considering going to school for MT and the two schools I’m considering are CanScribe and MT School of Canada. Are you familiar with these and do you recommend one over the other?

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