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17 Companies Hiring Medical Billing Jobs from Home

Many people looking for medical billing jobs from home and are often left disappointed, after finding out that this is the modern ‘data entry’ scam-filled opportunity of our time.

But like the old days wherein legitimate data entry jobs coexist with a ton of scam data entry “work,” landing a genuine medical biller position can be a lucrative work-from-home job.

This post will help you separate the scams from the legit medical billing jobs from home, plus give you all information you need to become a medical biller.

Medical Billing Job Details

Before you learn all about medical billing and get your hopes up about landing a work-from-home position that could earn you $30k annually, here’s what you need to know:

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Most medical billing jobs from home that you see on Craigslist, Facebook ads and other online nooks and crannies often have misleading information. Instead of becoming an employer of a physician, these “companies” sweet-talk you into buying a medical billing business model.

The business model usually includes a list of physicians that the scammers claim to be looking to outsource their medical billing tasks, information on “how to run your medical billing business from home” and some kind of training.

The scam here is that these companies make it sound like you’ll be landing a home-based job after you sign up. However, you’ll actually be left with a business that you’d have to run from the ground up.

Here are 2 facts you should know about medical billing and the work-at-home industry:

1. The only way to get medical billing jobs from home is if you actually worked in the office first.

Those who are qualified for a medical billing job usually work in an office-based setting. A typical 8 to 5 job that requires you complete medical billing tasks.

If his/her boss or company is flexible enough to allow a remote program, then you have a chance of working from home.

However, note that you’d have to prove trustworthy enough to handle delicate information. As such, only medical billers who have worked at least 6 months can switch to home-based work.

In cases where the employer allows remote work from the start, it’s likely that the qualifications and certifications needed are higher.

2. There are companies that sell medical billing business models, but are not scams.

If you find a company that is offering a medical billing business model, don’t deem it a scam just yet.

These companies actually help you build a business focused on medical billing, and support you all the way through. They also do not claim to give you a medical biller position and mislead you with useless information.

The FTC has even written a guide on how to avoid being scammed with at-home medical billing businesses and where to report scammers.

How to Find Medical Billing Job Openings

Before Googling medical billing job openings, you should first visit FlexJobs for the latest, most-detailed opportunities that you’re looking for. And since the job board caters to “flexible” jobs. it can filter jobs that are available for working remotely 100% of the time, 50%, or open for future telecommute.

FlexJobs is a paid service, but a membership there will save you dozens of hours of work and help you avoid the frustrations of running into outdated job postings or scams masquerading as legitimate jobs.

At the time of this posting, there were 235 medical billing job postings currently active.

17 Medical Billing Jobs from Home

Medical billers who have experience in the healthcare industry have better chances of landing this role.

Having solid networking with people in the medical field can lead to opportunities. This is also the case of medical coders who completed medical coding courses, since the school often connects its graduates with physicians and other medical professionals for employment leads.

1. R1

R1 Careers

Chicago, Illinois-based provider of revenue cycle services and physician advisory services. Has openings for medical billing and coding jobs regularly. Go to the job board and filter the “location” section by clicking “remote.”

Jobs come with full benefits, 401k matching, and paid & vacation days off.

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2. Change Healthcare

Change Careers

Formerly known as Altegra Health, this healthcare IT company is involved in the development of medical software, analytics and other tech-enabled services.

Medical coders hired here often specialize in a certain field, such as radiology.

3. Aviacode

Aviacode Careers

This company provides medical billing and auditing services to medical professionals like dentists, physicians, and hospitals.

It has a comprehensive application process, but Aviacode always has openings for both part-time and full-time.

4. M*Modal

Mmodal Jobs

With over 40 years of transcription and coding services, M*Modal is a company that has 10,000 coders across five countries. Joining as a medical biller or coder means you get a competitive salary, 7 annual paid holidays, 3 weeks of paid time off, and career growth opportunities.

5.Himagine Solutions

Himagine Careers

The medical billing jobs from home offered by this healthcare information management company are called “coding specialists” but have the exact job description of medical billing.

Applicants must live in Los Angeles, San Diego, Charlotte, San Francisco, Detroit, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston or Dallas, but the job can be performed remotely.

6. Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer Careers

As a patient account representative, you get to perform medical billing tasks at Conifer Health Solutions.

While the company does offer work-from-home positions with 401(k), paid holidays and time off, and allowance, you’d have to have three (or more) years of medical coding experience to land the job.

7. CSI Companies

CSI Companies

The CSI Companies has been staffing highly-skilled people to clients since 1994.

Medical billing is one of their mainstay job openings and made available in several locations (including remote positions).

8. The Coding Network

If there’s one company you should be aiming for as a medical biller, The Coding Network should be it.

Established in 1995, the company has been providing medical coding and QA services to healthcare providers across various medical specialties.

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You’d need 3 to 5 years of medical billing experience to qualify with any of the available positions.

9. iMedX

imedx jobs

For part-time and full-time medical billing employment opportunities, you can check the iMedX portal for available slots for its transcription department.

Applicants with at least 3 years medical coding experience and certification.

10. Mayo Clinic

This is another gold standard, if you’re looking for medical billing jobs from home.

Mayo Clinic only hires experienced coders, but they can work home-based full-time after a year of training within one of Mayo Clinic’s locations.

11. GeBBS

This Health Information Management (HIM) company regularly looks for certified medical billers from the U.S., India and the Philippines.

Most positions are office-based.

12. Maxim Healthcare Services

Maxim Healthcare Services provides its clients medical coding, auditing and documentation.

General requirements include at least 3 years of medical billing experience and certification. To search for work-from-home jobs, enter “remote medical billing” on the keyword slot.

13. nThrive

This healthcare outsourcing company hires work-from-home healthcare professionals, including medical billers, transcriptionists, and auditors (among others).

Must have at least 2 years of relevant experience and active certification to apply.

14. Optum (UnitedHealth Group)

This massive healthcare group provides telecommuting medical billing opportunities to the right person with medical coding experience and certification.

15. Humana

Humana Careers

As a health insurance company, the company is always on the lookout for medical billers, coders and educators.

There are office-based and remote positions.

16. Fast Chart

Fast Chart is regularly looking to fill remote positions.

You will be hired as an independent contractor (read: no benefits) but you do get to set your own hours, and have the chance to work for higher pay on the weekends and holidays.

Pay is issued every 2 weeks with chances to improve your earnings.

17. Codebusters

Codebusters allows you to join their network of medical billing jobs from home and accept jobs as often as they come up.

Head over to their ‘Apply Now’ page and fill out an application.

They offer a wide variety of benefits as well.

Medical Billing Jobs from Home Requirements

As a medical biller, you handle billing of patients and billing insurance companies for the healthcare services provided by your boss (usually a physician). You also send claims to insurance companies, appeal claim denials (if necessary), and many more.

Because the job involves financial and medical terminologies, a medical biller should be familiar with medical coding, health insurance, and so on.

Basic computer skills, advanced typing, customer service and communication skills are all equally important in this job, since you’ll be making calls to physicians, hospitals, insurance companies regularly.

Employs usually look for certification from the AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders). Medical billing courses are available in some local schools and can last only about 9 months. If you prefer to learn medical coding online, CareerStep is a reputable training provider and known to the medical industry.

How Much Do Medical Billers Make?

Medical billing jobs at entry level positions make between $15 to $17 per hour. That’s around $39,000 per year (as of 2017) in the United States.

Medical coding jobs from home may not be as common as we’d hope right now.

However, employment as a medical biller or coder is expected to grow at 13% through 2026 due to the aging population, so there’s a possibility that this job can eventually break through the work-at-home industry.

The Bottom Line

Yes, it’s true.

The internet is filled with medical billing scams.

But this doesn’t mean you’d find no luck getting a medical billing job from home, or even start your own medical billing company.

What you don’t hear often is that medical biller positions require training, certification and experience.

These medical coding or billing are not for everyone. You need to understand insurance, healthcare and medical terminologies like it’s your second language.

If you’re interested in other home-based opportunities for someone with experience in the medical industry, check out work-at-home nursing jobs or medical transcription jobs.

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