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Roy Tribble of Scam Watchdog: The #1 Most UNtrusted Binary Options Review Site

The Good / It's a Pro-fessional scam.

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The Bad / "Roy" comes off as a retired "private investigator and cyber-crime expert" who's been a successful binary options trader for years and now, out of the goodness of his heart, wants to help others achieve success. Roy looks like the ideal grandpa, or even a trusted fishing buddy- but don't be fooled by his soft character and start investing your money in any of his "tried and true" binary options recommendations.

My Recommendation / If you truly want to engage in binary options trading, use a trading platform that is registered with the SEC; you can check which platforms are registered at its Exchanges page. You should also check the registration backgrounds of trading firms and broker-dealers at the FINRA BrokerCheck website. Don't send money to any unregulated or overseas firms, where the rules differ and where you'll have difficulty filing a legal claim (or even reaching anyone).

Scam Watchdog Review

Question: What’s the easiest way you can make your latest binary options get-rich-quick scheme seem legit, especially when there are websites like RealScam exposing it for the scam that it is?

Answer: You generate the persona of a trusted retiree who now tests binary options trading platforms and can tell the scams from the legitimate ones. Furthermore, this “expert” is so outraged by other online scammers that he calls them out by name and attempts to debunk their “scams.”

Case in point: “Roy Tribble” of Scam Watchdog. Here’s Roy decrying how affiliate marketers (you know, scammers) push their wares on unsuspecting online consumers and use nefarious means to capture emails. By the way, please note the photo placed next to the name of Roy Tribble- you’ll see this same photo later on in my review.  tribble4

This character claims that he is testing binary options trading platforms and setting aside the ones that pay out at least 51% of the time. Furthermore, this financial expert not only reviews the platforms for you, he also integrates the “winners” with his own free trading software, so that the chances of you making money on your binary options are even better.

Roy claims that he is making no money whatsoever from promoting the decent binary options platforms. He also wags his finger at sites like One More Cup of Coffee for posting affiliate links and trying to capture reader emails. However, if you click on one of the binary options platforms that Roy recommends (where the text says ‘Click here to sign up’), such as the Artificial Intelligence App, you’ll see something intriguing about that link:


The entire link, when clicked, appears as follows: id= 102d4d2404177637faffba77ff8963 &offer_id=138&affiliate_id=1&affiliate_sub=490227940 &affiliate_sub2=cubd1& affiliate_sub3=&affiliate_sub4=&affiliate_sub5=

Gee, this looks like an affiliate link to me!

On the above page, Roy claims that he is making good money using the AI App. I’ve Tried That recently published an AI App review and found it to be a complete scam full of fake testimonials and an imaginary Dr. John Clark, PhD.

Here’s another link that Roy posted to his other recommendation, Binary Matrix Pro:

Yet another affiliate link. Just like with AI App, I’ve Tried That also published a Binary Matrix Pro review and found it to be a scam.

As for not capturing emails, Roy’s site eventually asks you to sign up for his newsletter through several different means, including this pop-up.


What really drives Scam Watchdog?

If you listen to Roy’s Welcome Message to New Visitors, you’ll hear a supposedly 62-year old retiree tell you how he created his amazing binary options software after talking to a binary options expert. Of course, Roy “can’t name who he is yet” but “I may do that in the future.” This trading expert told Roy a big secret about binary options trading that then led Roy to create his own super signal software.

That’s the flowery introduction to Scam Watchdog. But what really drives the site is this: Roy reviews and recommends binary options trading platforms to his readers. The recommended trading platforms are all affiliate linked to Roy. He also recommends that his readers accumulate and open a minimum of 20 (or even 40) of his “Master List” of recommended platforms.

After his readers have opened up all these platforms, Roy promises to give them his free Super Signals software to link to those 20 or even 40 platforms. Supposedly, this free software will improve the readers’ odds of making the correct call on a binary option, resulting in them “winning” their yes/no calls more than 51% of the time.

Naturally, no binary options platform is going to operate without a cash infusion. Typical binary options platforms require at least a $250 minimum investment. Thus, a person who opens and funds even 20 of Roy’s recommended platforms needs to invest at least 20 x $250 = $5,000.

What Roy never states is that, when people open and fund those recommended trading platforms listed on his Master List, good ol’ Roy gets a big fat commission from every new account. Many binary options platforms pay as much as a 50% commission per subscriber. Thus, even if a person provides his trading software for free, he still earns money.

Then there is the matter of the recommended trading platforms. One such platform that Roy recommends is CTOption. This platform pays out only 50% of your initially placed sum if your option expires in the money (i.e., you make the correct call on an option). If your option expires out of the money (i.e., you make an incorrect call on an option), you lose your entire payout or 100%.  So, on average, your calls will result in a net loss for you.

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Of course, Roy’s software is intended to improve your odds of having your options expire in the money. However, he doesn’t talk much about the software or how much it improves your odds. Roy mostly talks about the other binary options platforms you need to download and fund.

Who is Roy really?

Even if you’re willing to take the risk and use the binary options trading platforms that Roy recommends, consider the following troubling indicators about the individual who goes by the name of Roy Tribble. Here is a picture of the guy you are supposedly getting trading advice from:


Roy looks fairly trustworthy, at least according to his photo (which also appears on his LinkedIn and Google+ accounts). However, a simple Google image search reveals the following truth about Roy:


It looks like Roy is available for the low resolution price of $50.

Another troubling indicator with Roy is, when you go to his Google+ account, the following URL is displayed:


Scam Watchdog also uses the URL of after you click on any of its internal links.

Who is this Dr. Bill H. Weld? Luckily, the WayBack Machine provides a possible answer. If you use WaybackMachine and go to June 25, 2014, you find the following information displayed on the website:


Who is Justin Tribble?

If you search on his name via Google, you will eventually find several websites and YouTube videos that link Justin to a “Nano Domestic Quell” hoax involving a man named Dr. Bill H. Weld. The story behind Nano Domestic Quell is that the U.S. government is conspiring to infect all citizens with a deadly flu virus that can be triggered at a moment’s notice through cell phone towers.

On the Scam Watchdog website, there is a page where Roy Tribble explains the entire conspiracy that his “nephew,” Justin Tribble, had become involved in. Roy emphatically denies that Dr. Bill H. Weld is not a real person or a hoax. There’s just one problem with Roy’s denial- there is a YouTube video in which Justin is documented as confessing to the Bill H. Weld hoax. How is this explained away?

On Roy’s page, it’s noted that the U.S. government forced Justin to confess that the Dr. Bill H. Weld flu virus conspiracy was a hoax:

So, to recap, I had “admitted” the “hoax”.

However, just a year prior, that same Justin Tribble was the perpetrator of an actual hoax, which he did admit to on ABC news. This earlier hoax involved Justin tweeting that a well-known pastor (Joel Osteen) was going to resign from his ministry. The minister graciously chose to turn the other cheek (i.e., not sue Justin) regarding this prank.

The ABC news segment showed Justin’s Nevada driver’s license at one point. On that screen shot, the license shows the name of Justin Roy Tribble.


So, according to these data, it appears that Roy is Justin. And if Roy is Justin, and Justin has pulled off at least one officially documented prank, then how believable is the entire Scam Watchdog site anyway?

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The Bottom Line with Scam Watchdog

Would you entrust your investment decisions to someone who generates online hoaxes and posts stock photos of himself? I know I wouldn’t. Likewise, would you use software that is created by someone who can’t even name his secret source/expert and who provides no evidence of how this software looks or functions?

If you want to start engaging in binary options trading, there are plenty of registered platforms out there that have been examined by the SEC. Otherwise, you stand to lose your invested funds very easily.

16 thoughts on “Roy Tribble of Scam Watchdog: The #1 Most UNtrusted Binary Options Review Site”

  1. Roy you need to slither away under a rock. To use God’s name in vain.Then to take advantage of unsuspecting souls who believe your a Christian hoping that you can help there financial situation for there family’s. You certainly are not a man or a gentleman. Your EVIL. God have mercy on your soul. You have now been caught out for who you really are.

  2. When I first got into Binary Options, that was about a year ago, I thought I had hit the motherload. I thought finally, a place where I can become a millionaire. Guy talks about God, about doing good, the system made sense…

    That was until I actually opened a few accounts. I opened 3 or 4 brokers and tried their systems, none of them worked and the customer service was terrible. One tried double charging my credit card without my permission. I tried a live trade with a real broker and he gave me two trades in which the first one would’ve blown my account.

    Suffice to say the software didn’t do anything, I ended up losing about a month’s salary and then some by following the random signals it gave.

    Like the review says, he doesn’t care if you make money or not, he’s making commission off you. If you open 20 or so accounts or what you need to use his signals thats roughly 4000$ you need to invest in.

    Also the brokers he suggests are as bad as he is, they still call me to invest with them and I haven’t even touched my account in a year. It seems like there’s a new account manager every week.

  3. Have been one who dropped 250 on one of his posted “BEST NEW SYSTEM” =”MyFIRSTONLINEOAYDAY”. Roy has communicated to me that he was not able to get this system to work. I have found Patrick Jones in the UK has done some hard work on many of the scam developers with so far for me has been correct data in many of the cases as I search for truth in trading. I to say there should be a way to bring Mr. Roy to stand in front of his “GOD” and pay the price.

  4. BinaryOptionsWatchdog is a scumbag scammer too – he actually says in his endorsement of the latest scam – Tauribot – that he likes the fact that they don’t use paid actors. Guess he didn’t check with the University of Chicago to see there is no Dr. Archer on the faculty and didn’t bother to click on the disclaimer in the Tauribot marketing video, which states it uses paid actors. What scum!

    • Yes you have got that spot on ,every one of these review sites are all scammers cheats and liars they should all be put in prison for fraud.

  5. After emailing Roy to tell him how the latest bot he endorses is a scam and providing EVIDENCE that it is, he at first ignores it. Then, when pressed by a subsequent email, he says that what I said “concerns him” and proceeds to not inform his readers about it and to continue to give a high rating to the scam bot. Damn right it concerns him – it outs him as a fake Christian scammer.

  6. Roy Tribble is completely exposed on many websites. He is a true con-man and deserves to be locked up. We conducted our own investigation on this individual, his new website NoFeeoptions and everything associated with him. We welcome you to read this article. We are a non commercial website aimed to expose binary options scams and Roy Tribble is the master of all scam artists.

  7. I would also watch out for Nathan Buckle and John Kane they will suck you in get your money and then run like cowards, they really are scum of the earth operators be warned and stay away

  8. Thanks Disapointed, for that great report about your brother-in-law. It’s too bad, though, that he wasted all that time and money on useless software. I was wondering if “Roy” ever did send out his Super Signal software- it looks like he does, but only after a lot of pleading. Ugh. Thank you again for your in-depth comment.

    ————– " HONESTY " ? ———————-

  10. Thanks for the RealScam mention. An April 1st post – too bad this isn’t an April Fools Day Joke – this guy is about as relentlessly vicious in his scamming as you’ll find.

  11. That is sum AMAZING RESEARCH you’ve done there pal. There is no way out of this one ROY… or who ever you are. WELL DONE MY FRIEND!

  12. LOL.

    I remember coming across the scam watch dog website in the past and everything didn’t seem to add up right. Thanks for doing the research, what a con artist!

    • My brother in-law wound not listen to me when I told him this man was FRAUD. I could fell the lies he never say who God really was even although he had Jesus on his site, he says “I am not the person to judge” who worship who, that was the turning point. I f I am a Christian I would have to be straight up with my faith regardless of what people think, I’m not just going to say I will served whom so ever participate.Yes. each individual belief are different but with Roy or what he might name he denied even his own faith, “if he have one” Let me get back to what my brother in=-law does. He sign up for 30+ of Roy Tribble so call verified system (that thief) and this started from 2014 July, before Christmas 2015,
      I told him this is a SCAM it just did not add up, he waited and waited to get SUPER SIGNAL SOFTWARE in the meantime he was loosing money in the system (30+) because he had to activate and deactivate I said to him send Roy Tribble a message asking why the soft was not ready, he wait and wait, my brother inlaw
      exercise a lot of patient it wasn’t until 2015 March he realize I was seeing through Roy Tribble SCAMS. I think this guy should pay back all these people he lied to in court, take him to court he is evil…My brother in law, this is the best part..he finally got the software in March or late February some where around these times in 2015 8 months after he initially started the sign up. OK! Now is the serious part he got the SUPER SIGNAL SOFTWARE (so called rubbish) load up the 30+ system into the SUPER SIGNAL SOFTWARE (according to Roy Tribble his software is well tuned) but I believed its a piece a shit he need to be taken to court.
      After he finally get the 30+ system into Roy Tribble super software.
      The only signal he get was to watch the software fiddle around on his desk top, would you believed upon-til (April 7 2015) now he never ever get a single signal it doesn’t work and will never work, it weren’t intended to work it was a SCAM from the beginning as I read on this site his intention is to create money for him self through his affiliate links.

      There are to be some law to stop people like these so cunning, so greedy very manipulate very bold liar, uses fictitious videos with actor to make claims his software works, it cannot work like that, there isn’t enough proximity for the algorithm to bring the signal like that, he claims he paid 30000 thousand to build it another lie.
      I have seen this SCAM work on my brother in law loosing thousand of dollars through Roy Tribble new letter and master list sign up. People I can advice you find professional help to do these type of trading I knew nothing about these stuff but there should be ways to get his money back and Roy Tribble should be responsible. He is a CON MAN.

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