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10 Online Jobs for Doctors Looking for Extra Income

Online jobs for doctors seem unbelievable, since traditionally-performed professions such as physicians wouldn’t really fit the work-at-home industry.

How can you treat a person, if you’re not able to diagnose them face-to-face, right?

Well, you’d be surprised at the online medical jobs available for physicians, students still studying to be physicians, or other people working in the medical field.

In fact, here are 10 remote physician jobs that can be performed completely from home, on the beach, or wherever part of the world you’re currently in.

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10 Online Jobs for Doctors Wroth Exploring

I’ve never met a doctor who didn’t already have a completely exhausting schedule.

Online jobs for doctors could help alleviate some of the stress and allow you to have a little more control over your time.

1. Teledoctor

More and more health plans are adding an option of video-calling with a doctor (instead of coming into an office).

Note that virtual medicine only tackles minor ailments and illnesses that have already been diagnosed.

Telemedicine doctors or psychiatrists are the ones who assess patients remotely and prescribe treatment.

Online jobs for doctors are available at Doctor On Demand, MeMD and other similar websites. Each position will include specialization (such as pediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry, etc.) and other specific requirements for the role.

Other companies you can check out include:

  • Virta Health – Clinical telemedicine positions are available here regularly. Bookmark the site if no slots are open.
  • American Well – This Boston-based company pays nurses and doctors per “visit,” or in this case, video call. Receive your earnings directly into your bank account.
  • Virtual Medical Group – Hires therapists, clinical workers, nurses, and other medical practitioners. Payment is weekly. You can work part-time (4 hours a week) or full-time.

2. Medical Director

Medical directors are the “managers” in the medical field.

As such, the job involves a plethora of tasks, such as managing a team of physicians, overseeing medical trials, and assisting in recruitment or training of new staff members, among others.

If you’re in search of online jobs for doctors, but prefer some kind of management role, check out opportunities offered by companies like Humana, PAREXEL, Aetna, and eviCore.

3. Research and Development Consultant

If you love the R&D of medical science, you can have work-from-home employment opportunities from pharmaceutical companies, labs and other similar employers.

For example, Jazz Pharmaceuticals hire pharmacists, physicians or other medical practitioners to serve as medical science liaisons and oversee clinical studies, analyze data and treatment, present programs, conduct testing, and perform other tasks.

4. Bring Your Consultation Online

If you don’t want to commit to other online jobs for doctors yet, you can simply bring your consultation online.

Third-party companies create a platform for doctors (and their patients) can use.

  • Lybrate – This is a healthcare mobile app, where doctors are given this platform to create a schedule and accept as many patients as you can handle. Patients can ask you questions directly, but it’s up to you if you want to answer for free (or charge them a consultation fee).
  • MDLive – The company provides 24/7 online medical counseling services to patients and keep doctors and other medical professionals in-house. If you’re hired, you’ll have access to an iOS or ANdroid app, where you’ll provide your consultation when needed. Payment is sent on a monthly basis.
  • SERMO – This social network of doctors (with 800,000+ verified physicians as members) allow doctors their own space, where they are paid to answer health surveys.

5. Teleradiologists

Radiologists are medical doctors that specialize in diagnosing and treating patients with injuries or illnesses using medical imaging procedures such as x-rays, CT scans (computed tomography scans), MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound, nuclear medicine, or PETs (positron emission tomography).

With companies like vRad, Inc., even radiologists can work from home and use their medical knowledge and experience to provide teleradiology services.

Aside from having high-speed internet and a computer to work on, radiologists must also hold at least one state license, BR or ABOR certification, and is eligible for hospital credentialing.

6. Medical Transcribers

Medical transcription isn’t for everybody.

You’d need to knowledgeable with medical terms to be able to do the job as error-free and efficiently as possible. As a doctor who has studied medical books for years and have hands-on medical practice, transcribing audio into text will be much easier for you.

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Depending on where you’d apply for a job, medical transcription certification may be needed. In some companies, knowing that you’re a licensed doctor may be enough to get the job.

Click here for a comprehensive list of medical transcription companies.

7. Get Hired by Insurance Providers

As a doctor, you can understand diagnosis, patient charts, medications prescribed, treatment recommended, and other details of a patient’s medical records.

Insurance companies (or third-party companies like Concentra or Professional Dynamics Inc. (PDI)) hire doctors like you to review patient records and assess if the meds or treatment prescribed were medically necessary.

You also have to check if these are covered under the patient’s insurance plan.

8. Medical Billing Jobs

Like in medical transcription, doctors are the perfect fit for medical billing jobs since they already have a grasp of medical terminologies.

Their accounting/finance skills are the only thing that will be put to test when applying for medical billing jobs.

Medical billing jobs pay somewhere between $15 to $17 per hour, but higher if you specialize in a particular field.

Certification is often required, but you can check with these companies hiring people to fulfill medical billing jobs if your credentials are enough for the job.

9. Teaching Online Jobs for Doctors

If you have a passion for teaching and have some time on your calendar, you can teach what you know and earn from it as well.

There are plenty of teaching opportunities today and income will vary widely (from monthly fee, to passive income).

  • Get hired as an educator – Companies like Hippo look for physicians who want to teach urgent care and pediatrics
  • Write a course – Use your medical knowledge and your specialty by writing an online course. If well written and promoted properly, you can earn passive income from this course and enjoy commissions for years to come. Here’s a guide how to do this.
  • Write a book – It doesn’t have to be a clinical guide about what you do. It can be anything you want – from talking about personal cases you’ve handled, to stories of patients on their deathbeds. The topic is totally up to you, and you can self-publish it with modern tools readily-accessible today.

10. Blog

Blogging can be therapeutic for most people.

It can be a journal of sorts, where you’d share your thoughts, emotions about a stressful day.

It can be educational, where you’d share topics you’ve recently learned and wanted to share to the world.

It can be inspirational, where you share stories of patient’s lives as they battle different kinds of illnesses.

Or it can be anything you want. A mix of all these things, into one blog.

And as cherry on top, you can monetize a blog in various ways too!

How Much Can You Earn with these Online Jobs for Doctors?

Sky’s the limit for your earning potential.

It is only limited by how much time you can commit to a specific job or project and which money-making side jobs you choose.

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Whether you’re planning a leave from work or have a need for supplemental income, it’s nice to know that more and more work-from-home job options are becoming available for doctors.

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