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Jobs for Pregnant Women: 25 Ideas to Try

I wanted to put together a list of jobs for pregnant women to help those looking for extra work.

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If you’re a pregnant woman, you know by now that finding and keeping a good job becomes especially challenging.

Despite the fact that this is usually true, making money while pregnant has never been as simple as it is today.

You might think that your current situation is not suitable for finding a job. After all, you’ll need something that is flexible, not stressful, and does not require any physical effort, right?

More and more workers are currently doing it remotely, with that number slowly but definitely increasing.

And it’s not that far off to assume that a huge portion of these workers is comprised of women who are taking care of their children, as well as pregnant women.

There are plenty of job opportunities for pregnant women out there, given the rise of online jobs.

It’s all about finding the job that fits you perfectly—one with enough flexibility, a decent income, and a chance for you to grow and learn.

I’ve compiled some of the best jobs for pregnant women out there, including work from home jobs for those who prefer to work online and offline jobs for those who are a bit restless and fear going stir-crazy!

18 Online Jobs for Pregnant Women

Let’s first explore some online jobs for pregnant women. These are jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home.

1. Writer

Being a freelance writer is one of the best jobs for pregnant women.

It’s the type of job that gives you the ultimate flexibility to work wherever you want, whenever you want while making a decent income.

There are several different paths you can take when pursuing a writing career.

If you’re creative and able to write well, you can write advertising copy and website content. If you’re analytical and are a skilled communicator, you can try writing technical documents and books.

Here are 153+ companies currently looking for writers – all you need are a few writing samples to get you started and you’re good to go.

2. Blogger

Being a blogger gives you a whole other level of flexibility that being a freelance writer doesn’t give you.

Yes, you can write whenever you want, as I’ve said, but you’re given specific topics to write on, plus you need to turn your work in by a certain deadline.

When you’re a blogger, you get to write about whatever you want and you get to set your own deadlines.

The only downside to blogging is that it takes a little bit of time to actually develop—you will need to build an audience, create mailing lists, and learn how to monetize your blog.

On the plus side, though, once you get everything established, you’ll be able to make a decent passive income working a few hours per week, all while writing about subjects you actually care about.

3. Online Proofreader

For every piece of content put out online, there had to have been someone who went over and edited and proofread the work before it was published.

If correcting someone else’s writing is more up your alley than actually doing the writing, then online proofreading might be a great fit for you.

Editing or proofreading is the perfect way to make some money while pregnant, and you can even pursue it as a permanent job later on.

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4. Data Processor

If you’ve got unparalleled organizational and analytical skills, then you can try being a data processor.

You’ll basically be responsible for turning source data into a database and that’s it.

It is a bit of a repetitive job, but it’s perfect if you can type quickly, have no time to learn or develop other skills, and just want to make money as soon as possible.

Here are 19 companies currently offering data entry jobs.

5. Online Stylist

If you’ve always had a flair for fashion, now is your time to shine!

This may seem like a job you need to apply for in person, but in fact, there are many online stores and companies are looking for online personal stylists.

A lot of the work involves curating outfits for buy-boxes and helping customers find new styles to try.

If you feel like you’ve got the skills for it, then read more about finding online fashion stylist jobs here.

6. Chat Agent

Traditional customer service jobs may be too stressful for you to handle, especially ones over the phone.

If you’re still interested in customer service, being a chat agent may be a better fit for you.

You’ll need to stick to a specific working schedule, but at least you won’t have to worry about actually talking to customers and potentially dealing with irate ones.

Here are 14 places to look for work at home chat jobs.

7. Social Media Manager

This is one of the best jobs for pregnant women out there.

If you know the ins and outs of social media marketing, then being a social media manager is one of the best ways to make money while pregnant.

Plus, you can make it into a career even after your pregnancy, as social media grows bigger.

8. Paid Survey Taker

Before anything else, I’d like to state that this is far from being the highest paying job you can do online.

The income isn’t the same as the income you’d make writing, for example.

However, if you’re just looking to make some side income, why not try it anyway?

Answering surveys is a great source of quick cash and generally requires little time and effort to make some side cash.

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I’ve rounded up my 5 favorite paid online survey companies here.

Survey Jobs for Pregnant Women

9. Online Tutor

Online tutoring actually pays well.

If you have something you’re good at, even if it’s as simple as teaching English, then you need to capitalize on it.

You can always create your own schedule, and you can make really good money teaching students skills and other things you’re good at!

10. Transcriptionist

If you’ve always been a freakishly fast typer, being a transcriptionist may be for you!

You will need a quiet workspace and a computer that can handle transcription software.

The thing about transcription is that the pay tends to be a bit low at the start, but you can advance rapidly and start making a lot of money on the side.

11. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a skill that is constantly sought after, and more and more graphic designers are either freelancing or working remotely.

If you’re creative and proficient in graphic design software, you’ll find someone or some company to hire you, even on a part-time or freelance basis.

This is not just a side hustle that’ll bring you extra money on the side too.

It’s a legitimate job that you can advance in and is a rapidly growing career. There are plenty of graphic design jobs for pregnant women too, as a lot of them are remote.

12. Website Tester

You’d be surprised at the number of companies that will actually pay you to test websites, apps, and UI.

It’s not a full-time gig and you won’t be making as much money as you would being a writer or a graphic designer, but it’s still good money on the side.

13. Online Moderator

If you’re the kind of person who spends the majority of their time on online forums like Reddit or maybe pregnancy-related forums, then you can take it to the next level and become a moderator!

You’ll be in charge of responding to inquiries, providing information, deleting and moving threads, and other tasks related to maintaining an orderly forum.

Online moderator jobs have few requirements, but these spots are highly coveted because of that.

14. Online Sales

Some companies will pay you to sell their products online.

This also gives you a chance to be as creative as you want – you can create videos, posts, and you can be as disruptive as you want!

15. Online Researcher

If you’re naturally curious and have excellent online research skills, why not get paid for it?

A lot of online platforms pay people to research industry-specific questions, compile the results, and use them for content, marketing, and other purposes.

Here are 7 companies currently looking for online researchers.

16. Virtual Assistant

This is definitely a “make it” or “break it” type of situation.

If you find an easy to do, part-time VA opportunity that pays well, then you’ve definitely made it.

You’ll be mainly responsible for answering calls, responding to emails, organizing schedules, and other day-to-day tasks.

Entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes are always in need of assistants. Learn how to land a job here.

17. Search Engine Evaluator

When you do a search in Google or any other search engine, algorithms and bots take over and serve you the information you were likely searching for.

Sometimes, though, a bug can cause an error in the search results that are returned by the search engine algorithms.

Search engine evaluators act as quality control analysts by doing various searches and judging the accuracy and relevancy of the results.

18. Online Test Grader

If you have a background in education, grading tests may be a good fit for you, since you already have previous knowledge and experience.

You’ll probably need to have a bachelor’s degree and previous teaching experience to qualify. You may also be asked to take some tests.

Tools to Help You as a Pregnant Woman Doing Online Work

Every little thing matters when you’re pregnant, so having the right tools ensures you can be as productive and efficient as you can be.

Here are some things that can help you get into the groove while working.

  • A desk at the perfect height — It’s better if you can have either a table that has an adjustable height or an adjustable stand where you can prop your laptop. Make sure your eyes are level or higher than the top of your screen.
  • A comfortable working chair — As your pregnancy progresses, sitting too long will become more and more uncomfortable. Exercise balls are great to sit on, plus it strengthens your core and pelvic muscles. Or you might want to invest in a donut pillow to sit on; it’ll be useful way after you give birth.
  • A water bottle and nutrition snacks within reach — You don’t want to waddle to the kitchen every single time you get thirsty or snacky. Have these essentials within reach so you only have to stand up to refill or to go to the bathroom.
  • An ideal workplace location — Speaking of the bathroom, you’ll want to work as near to the bathroom as you possibly can. Trust me and thank me later.

7 Offline Jobs for Pregnant Women

Here are a few more ideas for some offline jobs for pregnant women.

These do not require long-term commitments and you can work when you please.

1. Cook

If you’re already a good cook (or you make some incredible baked goodies!), you can always offer your cooking services.

A great way to start is to sell ready-made meals or advertise a meal-prep service.

2. Dogsitter

Who doesn’t love dogs? (Don’t answer that if you don’t love dogs, thank you).

It’s definitely worth asking around if anyone is looking for a dog sitter or a dog walker.

If you feel like you need some physical activity when you’re pregnant, then doing so with a canine companion is better than doing it alone!

It’s one of those perfect temporary jobs while pregnant.

3. Retail Salesperson

This is a tricky one.

Some stores don’t mind having pregnant salespeople, while others don’t usually prefer it.

Your job is to find companies that are pregnant-friendly – maternity stores are your best bet!

Retail work generally has a high turnover rate and you are likely to pick up extra work during holiday seasons.

4. Accountant

This is one of the best jobs for pregnant women who love math.

You can actually make an accounting career out of your love for math and there are even some jobs that you can do completely online.

5. Photographer

If you’ve already got the photography equipment (I am saying this because cameras are expensive), then why not start a page and offer your services for money?

You can work around your own schedule, it’s as flexible as you want it to be, and there is definitely a lot of room for growth.

6. Corporate Recruiter

If you have excellent communication skills (and maybe even a background in human resources), then being a corporate recruiter could be your next thing.

You will be responsible for:

  • Crafting job descriptions (so you will need great writing skills.)
  • Conducting pre-screening interviews.
  • Conducting face-to-face interviews.
  • Choosing a pool of qualified candidates.
  • Coordinating all interview schedules.

7. Crafter

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Did you find yourself sewing baby clothes or even making a crib once that pregnancy test turned positive?

You may have a lucrative hobby that can earn you plenty!

You get to have an outlet during your pregnancy while profiting from selling the finished products. Double win!

The Bottom Line

Pregnancy already has enough stress as it is.

I hope this list of jobs for pregnant women has helped you narrow down some potential work you could pick up while you wait for your little one to arrive!

Which ones of these are you most interested in? Do you have other suggestions for jobs for other pregnant women? Tell us in the comments below!

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