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  • T

    I applied to Wonder three times and never got hired. This company asked you to answer a “rabbit hole” question! I researched, and researched, and got reliable sources. It took a very long time (about 24 hours spread over weeks) to find an answer-and it couldn’t be accurate because the answer probably changed every day-or at least every week! I hope the other companies you have posted are not like this. Because I love to research and it would be my dream job to get paid to do so. I suspect that Wonder used my well-researched answer. So, needless to say, I will not apply with them again.

  • Norman

    This is the way that so many people are going in this day and time and that is getting involved in the online world. This is the first time that I have heard about research jobs but it seems to be a field that is worth the investment. I am sure that your readers will love what you are sharing.

  • Riaz Shah
    Riaz Shah

    Hey Steve,

    I’ve been in Yahoo Answers for quite some time now since i first have my yahoo email during those yahoo messenger times and I didn’t even know that you could earn from there, wow! How do you earn from the page views though, do you mean the pageviews from the thread you create everytime we post a question?

  • Nigel Robinson
    Nigel Robinson

    This sounds like it could be a lucrative opportunity for the right people. I suppose the great thing about this sort of job is the fact it can be done globally. For many of us, this is the ideal solution to freeing up our precious time. If this paid slightly more than what you suggest here, I’d image many more people would take up researching jobs. Having said that, it could be the perfect balance for someone that loves researching. By the way Steve, who’d have thought there would be an Association of Internet Researchers!

  • Michael

    This is actually the first time I’ve of an online research job, and honestly is sounds very boring lol.

    I mean I get that companies will need people like this to help consolidate information for them — but personally I think I would fall asleep if I had to do this to make money.

    Have you ever done this kind of work yourself? And if so how did it go?

  • Igor

    Hi Steve!

    Great article! The tips are valuable! Great information about making money online!

    The right info at the right time can help a lot. Sometimes it is essential for having success, especially in a such a rapidly changing environment as the internet.

    Knowing what is working and what not, finding the right program, becoming an affiliate with the right product to service, all this can help to gain success! There are literally thousands, millions of jobs available online today! Choosing the right now is not easy!

    You will definitely help anyone to take the proper decision and to choose the right program, product or service!

    Thanks for sharing such valuable info!

    Best regards!

  • R.J.

    Hey Steve, nice post. I have to hand it to you, your post really does give people an opportunity to look into other avenues that will make them money.
    An online researcher isn’t a bad idea and here’s something I didn’t know, there were more companies hiring online researchers than I previously though.
    Are you an online researcher and if so, how long have you been doing it? I can tell you this, I think I might’ve found another monetary source of income. Thanks buddy.

  • Bob

    Thanks Halina. First of all this is just great article. I just landed on this it and I am seriously thinking about to be internet researcher. I also have database querying skills. I can also read research paper along with blogs to read bloggers’ mind to produce some results. I want to start it today, any advice what would be the first step.

  • deryl

    great article. i’ve been seriously considering beginning a internet researching service since i do a lot of surfing the internet just as a hobby because i love to learn new stuff, and i also had a job for several years that required me to perform research constantly. only difference was that it was a huge organization that had access to all the information free-of-charge to me. so i have determine which one-stop-shop subcription service to begin with that isn’t too pricey. thanks very much for this article

  • Munira

    Really nice article and the information is realistic. Me being a web researcher I can attest to that.

  • Max

    Very well written article with the precise information I was looking for on how to get started as an Internet Researcher.

  • Yasin Rishad
    Yasin Rishad

    This is a great guide to making money as an online internet researcher. I have never really thought of this kind of work, but I am glad to be informed on it. If I can get big enough, I will definitely look into getting an internet researcher who can prove beneficial to my cause.

    This post shows just how to start a career or even a freelance business as an internet researcher. Great work.

  • Basem

    Is the internet research just to make online surveys and sell data to journals or corporates, or there another meaning is to search for information on the web and sell these information to a client who needs it? What is the name of this kind of work?

    • Teresha

      Yes and no. It could simply be online surveys or literature review for a research problem. Can be simple or complex, basic as well as detailed.

  • carrie

    i love this article its very informative and i have learned a lot it will help me improve my job , thanks….

  • wheets

    Imshopping does not offer any money for answering q’s. I was just on the site for half an hour and did not see anything claiming that.

  • Sam

    Very well explained article. This was very helpful for me while I was writing job description for a researcher in my company. Thanks Regina

  • Regina

    Love the article — just what I was looking for. Other articles I’ve read on becoming an internet researcher make it appear too simple or a get rich opportunity, however, your article gives me food for thought. Mentioning the use of subscription based websites and journals is lacking in a lot of the articles I have read on the subject. Thanks for your Insight – Regina

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