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How to Get Paid to Answer Questions Online

Do you have a knack for helping people? Do you like solving problems? Would you like to get paid to answer questions?

Well then, you’re in the right place.

There are quite a few companies online that pay people to answer questions for their users and I’ve rounded up 9 businesses that are accepting new members right now.

How to Get Paid to Answer Questions

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I’ve even thrown together a few tips and suggestions to make sure you make as much as you can answering questions.

Ready? Let’s go!

4 Things You Need to Get Paid to Answer Questions

If you’re looking for ways to make money online, answering questions can be a fun and legitimate experience that you can either do part-time or full-time.

You don’t need any formal training or a specific educational background to do this, but most websites require that you’re at least 18 years old to participate.

Other important things you need include:

  • The right location – Some companies have restrictions on location, so double-check before signing up.
  • The right tools – You’ll need a working computer and smartphone, both with high-speed internet connection.
  • The right knowledge – You can’t just answer questions without some knowledge of the topic. In fact, some websites may even require experts to verify their credentials, pass a test, or prove their expertise.
  • Excellent writing skills – Because your job relies on how well you answer questions, you should be able to explain the answers clearly in perfect English (or whichever language the website uses) and proper spelling, grammar, and structure.

If you’re a good fit for this job, read along and see the many ways to get started earning money from answering questions.

9 Ways to Answer Questions for Money

The following 9 companies are regularly hiring people to answer questions and get paid.

Find one that best suits your specialty and you can make some extra cash in your spare time.

1. Just Answer 

Just Answer

Founded in 2003, JustAnswer (also known as ExpertAsk and is an online question and answer website, which connects real-life experts (vets, lawyers, etc.) with people in need of answers quickly.

APPLICATION PROCESS: To become a Just Answer expert, you’ll need to send an application, along with any diploma or certifications that prove your expertise in the chosen category.

Once accepted, you get to answer questions within the assigned category and paid only if the question-sender accepts your answer.

PAYMENT: Payment starts at 20% of the “fee” (from $20 to $50), which can go up to 50% as your rating increases.

Payments are sent via PayPal. You can also earn $50 per referral.

2. Wonder

Wonder is a resource site for researchers in need of instant feedback for their studies.

Customers ask a series of questions, which the Wonder team will answer.

Each job takes around 3 hours to complete, but the company offers its clients a 24-hour turnaround time so you’d have to finish the job before the deadline.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Researchers have to pass a short quiz and trial research assignments.

Once accepted, you must work on one job at a time and accept jobs at least once a week.

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PAYMENT: Researchers earn from $15 to $25 per hour.

Payments are sent via PayPal every two weeks.

3. Ether

Ether doesn’t really advertise itself as a question-and-answer site, but it works in a similar fashion.

The main difference is that experts create their own listing, showcasing their set of skills and knowledge along with rates for their services.

Ether gives each expert an Ether phone number (1-888 plus a unique 8-digit extension).

APPLICATION PROCESS: Once you’ve set up your account and set your rate, you should indicate which hours you’re available to take calls.

PAYMENT: Ether takes 15% commission from your rate per call, per minute or per hour.

Payment is sent via Direct Deposit or as a check.

4. Maven


Maven is very similar to Ether. It serves as a platform for consultants (you) who are knowledgeable in certain topics and are willing to share what they know in exchange for cash.

What’s great about Maven is that it has an impressive roster of clients, from Intel to Boeing, Nestle and more.

APPLICATION PROCESS: You need to sign up, select your industry, indicate current rate (there’s a pricing calculator here), and you’re good to go.

Maven will contact you once a client is interested in your expertise.

PAYMENT: Rates vary depending on the industry you choose and amount of time you’re willing to commit.

5. Studypool

Studypool is a student resource, which tackles over 30 different subjects from accounting to biology, history, law, marketing, film and a whole lot more.

You’d have to bid to be awarded the job and paid only when the student’s questions are answered to his/her standards.

Studypool is like a tutoring site since you’re technically helping students with homework or projects, but instead of teaching the student via chat, e-mail, call or other means of communication, you’re going to work on the questions and submit the answer within a document.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Studypool requires its “tutors” to have a degree in higher education, or at least be a current college student.

Complete the straightforward registration process, then browse student questions on the site.

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PAYMENT: Fees depend on the questions you choose to answer (students set their price and deadlines when posting their questions).

Payment is sent via PayPal.

6. PrestoExperts

This company also serves as a platform for those in need of answers to questions in the field of medicine, business, technology, social media, law, and so on.

When invited to join, freelance experts are given a profile where their education, work experience, specialization and rates are displayed. Clients could then contact you directly (via phone, email or online chat) for a job.

APPLICATION PROCESS: You should fill-up this form and wait for a PrestoExperts representative to contact you.

PAYMENT: You are in control of your fees, so you may set it by the hour, per project, or so on.

Payment goes through PrestoExperts, which gets a cut, before sending your pay via PayPal.

7. Weegy

Weegy is a community of live experts who answer stimulating questions (such as math problems, historical trivia, and so on).

APPLICATION PROCESS: Anyone can join Weegy, which means you can participate as much or as little as you like.

PAYMENT: Weegy experts receive 20 cents for every conversation they participate in. Your earnings have to reach $20 before it automatically gets transferred to your PayPal account.

8. Answeree

Answeree is fairly new, but anyone can join and answer as many questions as they can.

According to the site, even those who ask questions could earn through Answeree, but no earning details about asking questions is stated. There are only a few rules (no ads, no hatred posts, no affiliate links, no copy-paste answers and so on).

APPLICATION PROCESS: Anyone can register and join Answeree.

PAYMENT: Answeree pays 10 cents for every answer and 4 cents extra each time someone likes your answer.

Payments are sent via PayPal whenever you meet $30 and request for pay (they don’t send automatically).

9. Keen

Keen is a little bit different since it focuses on psychic and spiritual readings. If you have psychic abilities, this is the site for you.

APPLICATION PROCESS: You have to register and create an account.

You can then fill-out your profile along with your rates, and wait for clients to contact you for tarot readings or advice on love and relationships, career, life, and so on.

PAYMENT: Advisors are sent automatic payments via Express Pay, check or direct deposit.

Other Options

You can also find other websites or apps that let users answer questions in exchange for prizes.

Some websites like HelpOwl pays with points, which are redeemable as gift cards. Others like Experts 123 have a revenue-sharing approach, so you’ll earn money only when your answered questions earn ad revenues.

Some companies only operate via SMS. AQA 63336, for example, lets US or UK-based experts answer absolutely any question, may it be “funny, serious or downright challenging.”

The company promises to send an answer within minutes, so experts most probably work 24/7.

How much money can you make answering questions online?

If you can really get paid to answer questions, can you turn this into a full-time career?

Unfortunately, some experts are making over $4,000 a month not because they’re aggressively answering questions left and right.

Instead, these experts are doctors, lawyers, and other professionals with exceptional backgrounds.

Answering questions online pays, but not that much. If you’re lucky to land a full-time position with an hourly rate, this opportunity could serve as a good alternative for office-based job.

If you really want to try your luck answering questions for money, I recommend creating profile accounts for Ether, Maven and PrestoExperts (because you are in control of your consultation fees).

While waiting for clients across these three sites, you get active with

Get Paid to Answer Questions in Other Fields

I wanted to give you a few more options here by rounding up some ideas that you can get paid to answer questions as a part of more comprehensive career.

For starters, you can always become a paid secret shopper. The questions you will be answering will mostly be evaluating how a store and it’s employees conduct their business.

The questions don’t really change over different evaluations, but it’s still a nice way to bring in some extra cash.

You can also get paid to test different products.

Companies will mail products directly to your door or invite you to watch videos or join focus groups and ask you questions about what you see and experience.

This is a rather cool option because you will get to see products before they ever hit the shelves and your feedback can directly influence and shape the future.

Share Your Experiences

Have you ever answered questions online for money? Do you have any experiences with any of the above companies? Please let me know in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “How to Get Paid to Answer Questions Online”

  1. It makes sense that someone with expertise or a professional could bring in the type of money that makes answering questions worthwhile.
    You broke with down and explained each site very clearly.
    As a real estate processional I wouldn’t mind doing this on a part time basis.
    Your images were nicely placed and your thoughts and grammer we’re good.
    Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. This is interesting. I knew these sorts of websites existed but the rates are a little more than I expected. I sort of put these types of sites into the same category of survey sites, which pay absolute rubbish. You can be filling out a survey for an hour and receive 50c in return, or worse.
    Maybe this Q & A type of income will appeal to a lot more people. Nice one.

    • It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you enjoy helping people, have some free time, and want to make a little extra money here and there, it’s perfect.

  3. After reading this I am beginning to think there is not much that you can’t do online to get paid. I have learned that most work at home jobs hard to find. It’s a secret club and very hard to get in to. That was great information you shared on the companies. Also stating you are not making anything for signing up does make one feel better.

    • There isn’t any sort of secret club. You just need to know where to look. Your expectations have to be realistic as well. Are you going to make a fortune doing tasks that anyone can do? Of course not, but if you have marketable skills and are open to being trained, you can find a real job that pays wel.

  4. Hi, Steve. Great article. I had never heard of these places but I will check them out now. Thanks for being honest about what a person can expect from these sites. So many times a program is made to look really great only to be a big disappointment. We need more honesty like yours these days.

  5. Thank you for the information. I am a blogger and I own 2 websites, My first website is to help kids with their brain development and kids with special needs and the second one is for personality development. I was searching for some more means to earn money online and I found this article. According to me, it is an excellent way to earn some extra bucks as I can help others in others queries in my field. I am definitely looking forward to step forward in this field as something related to the work I am currently doing.
    Great post.

  6. Great review of the top sites to get paid to answer questions. So glad to have read this. I’ve always been curious about these sites, but did not understand how they worked. This helped tremendously.

    As with most online opportunities apart from just hard work of creating great content, I suspected that there was not much money in it. Thanks for being honest and yet positive for those who want to give it a try.

  7. I think it’s awesome that you can get paid to answer questions, but it sounds like you won’t get rich from doing that, but it seems to be better as a side gig. About 2 months ago I applied to a site to answer questions, but it was challenging to get accepted because they gave you a test of sorts and you had to research based on their guidlines, site sources, list how you arrived to that conclusion, etc. I didn’t get accepted, but it was a learning experience. Which one do you say gave you the best experience?

  8. HI Steven,

    Getting paid to answer questions online is not something I even thought of doing – its a great idea! I love how you have listed such opportunities as well and might look into how much they are willing to pay.

    From your own list, which one would be your Top Recommendation Steven? Just so I know where to start off.

    I can imagine, if you joined all of the opportunities here, between them all, you’d nearly have a full time income to enjoy – or am I over estimating here.

    Either ways, it is always great to see honest sites like yours give out legit recommendations to trusted online companies. That is EXACTLY what so many are requesting online from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to Quora and the like.

    This article here is a real eye opener for me and you have my interest peaked and I want to thank you for showing me alt ways to make money online.

    – Philip.

    • If you have the experience, JustAnswer and Maven are your best bets. You could sign up for every site, sure, but the work probably isn’t steady enough to actually replace a full-time job. It’s a good way to earn some extra money in your spare time though.

  9. Hey Steve Razinski
    nice to see you again with this outstanding blog this time i am using quora and yahoo answer but after reading this info i will use all the websites which you mention above thanks for sharing


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