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16+ High Paying Entry Level Jobs Both Online and Off

If you’re weighing career options after finishing high school, or deciding to switch courses, this list of high paying entry level jobs should give you an idea of which route to take.

Some of these jobs come from Glassdoor’s latest Economic Research, while others come from polls directly answered by entry-level workers.

Note that I divided this list two-ways

  • For the work-at-home crowd
  • For office-based, traditional jobs

Work-from-Home, High Paying Entry Level Jobs

1. Applications Developers

Average Starting Salary: $65,000 a year.
Degree Required: No.

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If you love everything about modern apps and have coding experience, you can be an application developer straight from the comfort of your own home.

The only downside to working from home as an app developer is the lack of colleagues helping you out, but hey, that’s where Google is for, right? You can find dozens of forums specific to app development.

2. Actuarial Analysts

Average Starting Salary: $66,000 a year.
Degree Required: Yes.

Those who are knowledgeable about the insurance industry and business can make a living quantifying risk with statistics, probabilities and financial concepts to define a monetary value on an event that may or may not occur in the future.

Actuarial analysts are actuary-in-training. And you can be a freelancer with insurance providers calculating premiums.

Having a degree in business, statistics, finance or economics can help you navigate this job.

3. Financial Analyst

Average Starting Salary: $58,000 a year.
Degree Required: Yes.

As an independent contractor financial analyst, you examine financial data to help companies and individuals make business decisions, such as investing, profit/loss, and so on.

You should complete a degree in economics, statistics or finance, before beginning career as a financial analyst. You also must have exceptional quantitative and problem-solving skills.

The profession is also expected to grow about 11% between 2016 and 2026, so if you’re just starting out now, there’s hope to bring in more money once you go past entry-level.

4. Real Estate Broker

Average Starting Salary: $57,000 a year.
Degree Required: No.

If you’re good with words and persuasive communication, and love talking to people, you can become a real estate broken even without a degree. College degrees are preferred, but definitely not required. You do need to take state license and certification, or other local permits to buy/sell property for other people, so there’s that.

Even if you’ll need to invest in your licensure, this job is definitely fulfilling to those who excel in sales. Plus, the demand for brokers are always high.

5. Bookkeeper

Average Starting Salary: $57,000 a year.
Degree Required: No.

For some people, keeping the books of their family business is how they began learning the trade. Interestingly, you don’t even need to become a CPA to become a professional bookkeeper.

You just need to learn the basics (for some structure) on online courses, or short courses at the community college.

As a work-from-home bookkeeper, you can target fellow online entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other non-traditional individuals as clients. Even freelancers need their books done each year, so it’s up to you to market and earn from $34k to $70k a year.

6. Animator

Average Starting Salary: $35,000 a year.
Degree Required: No.

The starting salary of animators depend largely on two things: the artist’s skill and the industry he/she decides to work in.

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The highest paid animators work in the movie industry, followed by advertising, and tech companies. Most animator jobs are self-employed and work on a per-project basis.

Note that your skill in 2D/3D animation, as well as how your work reflect the chosen niche will reflect your entry-level salary as well. If you create one-of-a-kind special effects for a TV show, then you’d most likely take home a higher pay.


The following work-from-home jobs can’t be considered as “high-paying” for entry level, since it would depend largely on the skill of an individual. However, if you’re at the top of your game,

  • Event Planner – You don’t need to have a degree to plan events, but if you make it big and put your name out there, you can earn big bucks. You can stick with a single specialization (like children’s parties), or go with everything from corporate events to weddings. Event planning isn’t 100% done from home, since you do have to be at the events you’ve planned, but your office could very well manage the daily operations of an event planning business.
  • Copywriting – Writing spans across various industries (check these weird, but legit writing jobs) and the need for copy is high for web development, advertising, and other creative industries. You can have no degree and still land high-paying writing jobs, even if you’re a beginner. You just have to know where to look.
  • Photography – You must have the eye and skills to succeed in photography as you enter the industry, but you can earn significantly even without formal education. Your salary would also depend on the kind of photos you prefer to focus on – events (wedding photography), magazines, advertising, and so on.
  • Consulting – Those who are extremely knowledgeable with a specific area, consulting is big business wherever you go. Guide someone make it big at affiliate marketing, or become the advisor for someone planning to invest money at the stock market. Whatever your expertise may be, there is a huge chance someone is looking exactly for what you’re offering. And they’re willing to pay to pick your brain for it.

Good Paying Entry Level Jobs Office-Based

1. Data Scientist

Average Starting Salary: $95,000 a year.
Degree Required: No.

I wrote in 2018 how being a data scientist is the hottest career (since 2012), and based on the 2019 lists I’ve checked out, it continues to rank #1.

While some companies are offering this position with flexible remote/work-from-home options, your work station at home must be fully equipped to handle sensitive information. Crunching numbers and data requires secured networks.

2. Software Engineer

Average Starting Salary: $90,000 a year.
Degree Required: Yes.

Software engineers build games, programs and operating data that you use on your computer. Armed with programming languages and engineering principles, software engineers are very in-demand talent in the tech world.

You need a ton of educational training and skills to perform the job of a software engineer. You must be an expert in software design, software testing, software debugging, software documentation, and so on.

Aside from having a high starting salary for entry-level positions, the job outlook for software engineers continue to be high, with a 22% expected increase from 2012 to 2022.

3. Investment Banking Analyst

Average Starting Salary: $85,000 a year.
Degree Required: Yes.

As an investment banking analyst, you are consulted by individuals and companies whenever they plan to invest in specific firms. Investment banking analysts can specialize in industries like tech, healthcare, finance, or manufacturing. They are up-to-date with market trends, since they study, develop and maintain investments in behalf of their clients.

While “investment banking analyst” is considered an entry-level position, the compensation doesn’t reflect it. You also don’t stay in this position longer than 3 years, especially if you’re good at your job, since you can easily go up the ladder and land senior roles in this profession.

4. UX Designer

Average Starting Salary: $73,000 a year.
Degree Required: Yes.

I talked about the importance of user experience (UX) in web design and SEO in the past, but being a UX designer is definitely a lot more complicated.

Simply put, UX involves research, A/B testing, design, mapping, and various processes to improve a user’s experience on a website, within an app, while using a computer program, or other processes.

It may sound simple, but aside from having the technical skills to understand the design of a computer program, UX designers should also have the creative eye, and strong research skills to find out what users think of the project.

This is probably the reason why UX designers have high salaries, even for entry-level positions. Plus, the addition of phone apps to this industry means that the demand for UX designers will continue for years to come.

5. Java Developer

Average Starting Salary: $72,000 a year.
Degree Required: No.

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Those who have programming backgrounds with expertise in Java, data structures, computer architecture, etc. will have a fruitful career as a Java developer.

Traditionally, you’ll need to get a degree and specialize in Java, but with all the online resources available today, you can self-study and become an expert in programming with Java.

6. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Average Starting Salary: $71,000 a year.
Degree Required: No.

This is a bit different to the tech jobs listed here, but if you’re near a nuclear power plant and is interested in working there, you may try your luck at the nuclear power reactor operator job.

You don’t need a college degree, but you do have to pass a certification test so you’re guaranteed to handle nuclear reactors, perform routine maintenance and manage nuclear power production processes.

The high entry-level salary is most likely due to the risk involved in this job.

7. Systems Engineer

Average Starting Salary: $70,000 a year.
Degree Required: Yes.

There will be a wide-ranging number of industries that could hire you as a systems engineer. From software development to civil engineering, robotics, and even newer niches like nanotechnology requires system engineers to develop and monitor system performance.

“Systems” is a very broad term and can mean anything from bridges to computer chips, spaceships, and so on.

As you guessed, you need a degree (preferably in computer science or software engineering) to land an entry-level systems engineer position.

8. Software Developer

Average Starting Salary: $68,000 a year.
Degree Required: Yes.

Software developers are the backbone of the tech world and most businesses. These programmers are responsible for designing, installing, testing, re-writing, maintaining, documenting, and troubleshooting software systems.

Software developers ensure online shops are fully functional and secure for our credit cards to process. They build POS systems, transportation systems, and many more. As such, they are employed in IT, corporations, public organizations, start-ups, and every other industry sector you can think of.

Entry-level software developers can land a job right after completing a degree. They just need to be proficient with Java, C++, Linux, .NET, Visual Basic, Oracle and PHP.

9. Physical Therapist

Average Starting Salary: $64,000 a year.
Degree Required: Yes.

You’ll need several years to complete physical therapy coursework and on-the-job training, but once you’re certified to work as a physical therapist, the salary isn’t too bad for an entry-level position.

This job can be physically taxing with most hours of the shift on your feet, so be prepared. Many physical therapists do find the job fulfilling, since they help patients recover from surgery, injuries, and illnesses.

10. Business Analyst

Average Starting Salary: $63,000 a year.
Degree Required: Yes.

Business analysts are leaders – they help businesses in researching, planning, developing and assisting in the implementation of tech solutions within the company. Specific tasks vary between jobs and the industry.

If you’re interested in this job, you can become a business analyst even with a two-year degree in any business-related course.

High Paying Entry Level Jobs Aren’t Hard to Find

Starting a career is one of the hardest things you’ll ever decide on.

Mostly because we spend most of our lives in that same profession that we’ve chosen early on. If you’re on the fence, maybe the salary can change your mind (or persuade you to follow your dream career).

If you’re still in college and just trying to figure out what highest paying profession your degree can lead you, I hope this list helps you get some clarity.

While you complete your degree, you might want to check out this list of online jobs for college students, or this compilation of jobs that pay weekly for some extra cash.

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