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Easy Cash Code Does Not Equal Money²

The Good / There is nothing good here.

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The Bad / They say it's free, but it costs $49. That's just the front-end offer. Upsells will end up taking you for $686 at least.

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Easy Cash Code Review

Easy Cash Code is another one of those systems that promise you the earth with their slick video and marketing, but in essence it is yet another cash maker for the owners and a waste of money for the buyers.

Undeniable Garbage at

The promotional video starts with plenty of genuine looking testimonials, all spouting their love for the system and how they rake in thousands per day.

Antonio, the promoter of on the video, states he will provide undeniable proof that the system works. No proof is supplied of course; just the usual generic earnings reports that could be from anyone, anywhere, that could be selling something completely different. Just as likely it will be the system maker’s profits from the last rip off product they sold.

However, the testimonials are fake; it clearly says so at the bottom that they are actors. That just proves to me to be wary of this product.

I love that the video says it will be removed soon, a generic emotional fear tactic to heighten your anxiety. It’s been up at least 6 months and won’t ever get pulled down unless there are enough complaints about it.

This is perhaps a sideways way of looking at things, but I always think to myself, if they can afford an expensive mansion and an expensive super-fast car, why can’t they afford decent video production that will stop the wind blowing into the microphone? My answer is that it is probably because the house and car are rented. Fake it till you make it guys!

From Broke to Millionaire in Days

The blatant lies and half-truths keep coming with this system sales pitch.  The fake French lady who Antonio helped out of the gutter, who went from “broke to millionaire in days” is just appalling in how blatant a lie it is.

The “evidence” that the guy pushes in your face, “cannot be faked” according to him, but it looks very easily faked to me.

What’s the Cost?

The Easy Cash Code system, no matter the repeated usage of the word free, costs $49 bucks.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about how can find out a lot about a system and whether it is likely to be one that could be genuine and worthwhile or one that is there to try and suck money out of you.

At the bottom of a page if there is a link that says affiliate, click it and have a read.

Affiliate systems are great, you can genuinely make money from them, I do. However, when you get push button money making systems like this, the affiliate scheme often shows the truth behind them.

This is from Easy Cash Code’s affiliate page.

How Easy Cash Code will take your money

What do you make of that? Does it make sense? Just in case let me explain. This system is designed to squeeze as much money out of you as possible, between $396.00 and $686.00 in fact. Once you have made that initial purchase it will try to upsell more products to you which as you can see are a lot more expensive than the initial product.

Often products like these are not event necessary, pretty much like the initial product…

The makers of these systems, offer a high affiliate commission, 60% here, because to them its free money, so it doesn’t matter that they give 60% away, so long as they get visitors who equal potential buyers.

It is that information alone which make me very wary of the Easy Cash Code system.

What’s Included?

Well apart from the big upsells, the actual system is a few guides on how to set up a WordPress website and install the plugin software that you get from Easy Cash Code.

The plugin isn’t too bad but it doesn’t deserve the hype of the sales pitch, it is just a plugin to create squeeze pages, which are sales letters on the internet designed to do a sole act (get someone’s email address, credit card details, etc). The thing is with squeeze pages is that you really need to know how to word them and what to actually do with them. A squeeze page alone will not rake in money, there has to be something behind it, whether it be a product or to build a list to promote products to.

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The training isn’t so much training as 3 pdf files from other systems, which have been around for some time. Yes you could learn some stuff from them, but there will be upsells and recommendations to buy other products.

The 6 week coaching is 6 webinars, now recorded which go through the basics and upsell some more.

The Bottom Line: Is Easy Cash Code a Scam?

Is Easy Cash Code a scam? No, I cannot say it is a scam, it does offer something in return for your money. There have even been reports that money has been made with the system, though nowhere near the hyped up figures in the sales video, at most a few hundred a week.

I would advise you to be careful with this though, ideally avoid it if you can as it is certainly a borderline scam.

As a product it seems to be put together haphazardly, with poor quality and very basic information that can be found pretty much anywhere online for free.

If you do decide to put your cash on the line, make sure you don’t end up following the “funnel” or in other words being suckered into buying the additional products.

How Does Easy Cash Code Compare?

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28 thoughts on “Easy Cash Code Does Not Equal Money²”

  1. they took my money called my c.c. people and they are investagating it. all there was is a telephone number I tried calling and no answer i dont know what else to do ? I,ve sent a email and it failed to deliver.THIS SUCKS I should of known better i should of googled it first im new to a computer i did.nt realize.

    • Yes this happened to me also. I called sponsor no answer and I emailed sent back as error mail received. I contacted company support and they replied. I complained to them that my email password kept on stating invalid. I compared it with the received email with my username and password in it, same information I’m imputing in. Contacted sponsor on messenger and sponsor stated they changed links. I will keep trying to see great results cause my repretation is on the line. Love you, and we will prosper. Be bless sugar.

  2. The following disclaimer is placed at the bottom of their ad:

    These statements have not been evaluated or endorsed by Donald Trump or the Trump companies.
    The use of Fox News, and any and all trademarks belonging to or relating to Fox News are used for entertainment purposes only. This information was not written, reviewed or approved by any employee or representative of Fox News or any of its affiliates. Fox News does not endorse or approve any of the comments made in this advertorial.
    Home Cash Code is not affiliated with Donald Trump, or any of the Trump companies. Any and all quotations attributed to Mr. Trump in the above advertorial do not represent the opinions of Mr Trump in any way. These products and services not affiliated with Donald Trump or any of the Trump companies. This piece is purely for entertainment purposes only.

  3. Why would anyone trust something supposedly endorsed by Donald Trump? He’s a turd! A celebrity running for president? Come on people this is why our country is not taken seriously. The same boobs falling for this obvious scam are going to be voting for this clown come election time. We’re all screwed!!!

  4. If I was a betting woman I would Say Trump does not have anything to do with this. There are so many scammers out there they will do anything to make a fast buck and they don’t care who they hurt. Sad but very true. I found one that said Google is doing this also. Their really getting the Giants out there.

  5. Only way to make money on the internet thats BIG money would be Illegal ways!! Like on the darknet Markets or something, This get rich in a few weeks scam r BS!! Just a salesmen who eithers knows how to run script and code to make the program give it a good looking UI and then post a 20min great sales vid, then if he gets say 1000 people just in the USA or more who buy it, Think of the income he just made?

    I never trust this stuff.. Like I said I have never seen or known anyone to make a Big weeks pay to invest this much money into, your gonna end up loosing what u MIGHT make.. Ive seen my Father make a few $20 bills and have had them sent to him CASH for doing some kinda survey a few years back but that was only 2 times..


  6. I thought for sure as well it must be something Legit with Trump talking about it and tweeting to the owner Sara or whatever her name is, then i google search about it and Its basically a SCAM! If Trump would back a product like this claiming to help the US ppl and it be a lie, Then this makes me 100% sure this is not a guy i would vote for!! I always thought he would fall off after a while with his crazy ways etc but hes still going strong, Kinda scary if he were to become our next president! I honestly have thought Ol Burnny would be the best from the start!! or maybe Jeb when he was still running. Only thing that worries me about Sanders is his age, Would he even make it through his 1st 4 years?

    But back to this basic scam program, I mean If i could sit at home and make even $600 dollars a week I would be happy with that xtra, but their claiming thousands. SMH

    • OmG, you just don’t get it. Trump isn’t backing the product. Saying he is backing it is part of the scam. LoL, and you’re going to give political advice.

  7. I love how they say it starts on Monday the 10th….hello get your dates correct for one. And sad they are using CNN and Trump to back their home cash code scheme.

  8. Unbelievable! I was inches from signig up,now Im NOT, not after my reserach and reviews, the report advice came from Thrmp I was like: why he wants to suffer finally he has Billions he does not need more, he wants to help us…! and I was so excited, I have tried a systems and have been screwed! The massage he gave us to me that’s like slap on our faces, now I’m started to think, he made that way for us to think he’s trying to help and more support from us, that’s just my opinion, shame on him that’s what his doing…good everybody do Lots research!!!

  9. I just received that same email and read this article. Thank you for pointing this out, although I doubt I would’ve done it anyway. It looked like a scheme. I’m just surprised that it has Donald Trump’s name on it and is from CNN.

  10. I just received an email from, supposedly, CNN about Donald Trump stating the best opportunity is “Home Cash Code”. I Googled “Home Cash Code” and got your review of Easy Cash Code. I’m sure they’re the same, just a slight change in name. Thanks for the info.

    • Must been the same mass email going around every month or so cause I just got one today and its 4/30/2016

  11. I received an e-mail from this stating that if I logged into their site and followed their steps to show me how to post for major companies I would make money at home. The charge was made to my card for $77 and there was no way given for me to log onto their site or any way to contact them. This is a scam.

    • I fell for it. Unable to cancel and get refund of $97.
      Worse, there is an automatic monthly billing to your credit card. All emails are returned as undeliverable. No phone number available.
      SCAM SCAMMERS should be jailed for life.

  12. i never made any deposit into the cash code yet i keep getting these emails stating that i have large amounts of cash to collect andthere is a link that i have to click on to recieve the cheques …. i clicked on these links and then i see the cash code video again…. Any how how can i have all this cash when i havent made a deposit…??? THIS CANT BE REAL…!!!!

  13. This sounds like the exact same thing as CASH CODE … You all talk about ANTONIO, but what I viewed was the EXACT SAME story, by Robert Allen (the doctor). A lot of it didn’t make sense, but it is highly unlikely that a doctor only has $1500 to his name … his last $1500. What I have also found out is that this binary option trading company is in Australia. Glad I didn’t sign up … thanks for having this site!

  14. I don’t know what to do now,I NEVER RECEIVED AND CONFORMATION OR CUSTOMER PHONE NUMBERS.called my CC and they charged and i have No contact information.I called the number i received from the CC company and it’s always busy,,NOT A GOOD START..possible FRAUD AND SCAM,,DAMMMMMM

  15. What a liar this man is! I first became acquainted with this program last year. At first I was impressed by his slick videos. The longer I watched the more suspicious I became of presentation. There are two lies that stand out in the video (I watched pretty much the whole video). Lie #1: Throughout the video he keeps saying he is “giving away,” the program. But when you don’t fall for his scam presentation, there prompt after prompt you have to click through to get out of the video. At the end he says “you don’t expect me to give away my program do you?” NO, but I don’t expect you t lie either. You are the one who kept saying throughout the video you were “giving it” away! Lie #2: Somewhere in his video presentation of the “Easy Cash Code System,” ( a misnomer by the way, there is no such thing as “easy” money on the Internet!) he tells the listener not to bother “Googling” him because he is not on Google. Of course I did “Google” him and found it not to be true. The only thing is it was hard to find a true review of this program because he had infiltrated the Google results with his own phony “reviews,” and worse still the moment you click on a results link the same slick, sickening video immediately starts playing! Unless you want to keep clicking on the pop-up pages; your only recourse is to close down your computer. I have seen some slick Internets artists before (Anthony Morrison comes to mind) who are just liars in disguise, but this guy takes the cakes. There must have been ten pop-up windows to click through. You know the kind that asks you “are you sure you want to exit this page?” The answer is yes. What a scumbag Antonio whats-his-face is!

  16. AS always, I look forward to your e-Mails and the valuable information in them You were checking onthe program “Empowerment Network” . Haave you completed yuor study of this program. If so , what is your opinion? Thanks , Audrey Kroll

    • Think about this.. a very wealthy man is dying in the hospital. He just happens to have three thumb drives with him to give away on his death bed.. and this guy did not even look at them until after the funeral.

      That was enough for me right there.

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