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15 Low-Stress Jobs After Retirement to Consider

If you’re looking for low-stress jobs after retirement, congratulations are in order! Cheers to your retirement!

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But if you’re like many people whose body clock has been set to working every day, or your finances won’t let you enjoy your retirement days by the beach, switch to a more no-brainer, fun job that pays the bills but keeps the stress on the down low.

This post gives you all the possibilities of earning money post-retirement.

10 Low-stress, Online Jobs after Retirement

Got a bad back or knees that are keeping you off your feet? Don’t let this get you down!

You can still get busy and earn a legit income, but keep the stress levels down. Yup, even if you’re working from home, this is totally possible. The key is to choose low-stress jobs that fit your skill set.

1. Blogging

  • How much can you earn blogging? If you’re writing for another person, you earn by the word or per project. If you’re writing a blog for yourself, you won’t see a cent for at least a year, but the earning potential is unlimited.
  • PROS: Flexibility to earn part-time or full-time, writing only what you know
  • CONS: Not for everybody

If you love writing about what you like, you can turn blogging into a part-time or full-time job by working for other people.

If you have the time and saved up money, blogging can be a source of passive income.

I recommend starting a blog about your retirement journey.

You can break it down to micro-niche, such as “farming post-retirement” or “retired lawyer learns how to bake,” or something else you’ve always wanted to explore but didn’t have the time.

2. Online Tutor

  • How much can you earn tutoring? Earn $15 to $30 an hour, some higher for specific skills like music.
  • PROS: Control the number of tutees and students you take in, and make as much (or as little) as you want to commit to.
  • CONS: Not everyone has the patience to teach

Check out the companies that hire online tutors, learn how you can be a successful SAT tutor, and get to know about other jobs ideal for retired teachers.

3. Consultant

  • How much can you earn as a consultant? Charge anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on the specialization you offer.
  • PROS: Can be done from anywhere in the world without learning new courses
  • CONS: Wouldn’t give you a “new thing” to do

Like blogging, consulting is such a wide-ranging career. You can share your expertise with clients while communicating via the internet or phone.

Make sure to sell your consulting services based on your former career.

If you’re a retired stock trader, maybe you can be a consultant for trading newbies.

If you’re a retired accountant, maybe you can sell tax-related consulting.

4. Virtual Assistant

  • How much can you earn as a virtual assistant? Earn $12 to $30/hour.
  • PROS: Anyone can be a VA, as long as you have a computer, stable internet, and a quest for learning new things.
  • CONS: Because clients have super-specific requirements, VAs must know a lot of things (or be willing to be trained to use certain tools or perform specific tasks).

With thousands of entrepreneurs bringing their business online, it’s no wonder that the demand for virtual assistants continues to rise.

I wrote an introduction to the world of VAs here if you just learned about this job now.

Or go straight to checking out 30 companies with virtual assistant job openings.

5. Part-time Bookkeeper

  • How much can you earn as a bookkeeper? $18 to $50 per hour.
  • PROS: Ideal for retired accountants, bookkeepers, and other professionals who love bookkeeping
  • CONS: Can be stressful during tax season

If this was your career for the last several years or decade, it’s going to be a no-brainer for you to accept part-time bookkeeping gigs. But where do you find them?

Check out these 20+ companies that are always looking for online bookkeepers, and other work-from-home opportunities for those with accounting experience.

6. Nutritionist or Fitness Trainer

  • How much can you earn as a nutritionist?
  • PROS: Plenty of work opportunities in the fitness world
  • CONS: This is for people who walks the talk when it comes to being physically fit and nutrition-conscious

Get hired by a fitness company in a work-from-home nutritionist role and earn about $21/hour.

If you’re planning to create custom meal plans for direct clients, you can sell these services for around $100/month/client.

Those who love to write with a nutritionist background can also guest-post on fitness sites and earn up to $1,000 an article.

Check out these ways to make money in the fitness industry (included here is a guide on how to become a fitness trainer online).

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7. Remote Call Center Agent

  • How much can you earn as a call center agent? $12 to $20 an hour
  • PROS: Easy to learn industry
  • CONS: Customer-facing, which isn’t for introverts

Online call center jobs are plenty, from the medical field to the telecommunication industry.

Yes, you’ll need excellent communication skills to perform this job, but most tasks are learned on the job.

It’s not for introverts though (This is the one for introverts.)

8. Proofreader

If you’re a passionate reader, good with grammar, and use English as your first language, it’s easy to work as a proofreader.

Tools like Grammarly can even make your job a LOT easier these days.

You’ll be paid as the second set of eyes for authors, bloggers, and other writers.

Where do you start? Try these companies: Scribendi, Cactus,, and Polished Paper.

9. Travel Planner

  • How much can you earn as a travel consultant? Income depends on whether you’ll employ with a company, or work independently with clients.
  • PROS: Receive travel deals, promotions, and other offers on top of a salary
  • CONS: Organizational skills is a must

Do you love making itineraries, researching local attractions, restaurants, and other travel details?

If you get a kick out of organizing, you can earn as either a travel consultant or travel planner from home.

10. Voiceover or Voice Acting

  • How much can you earn by lending your voice? Starting at $20 an hour (can go up to $300/hour depending on the project)
  • PROS: Income potential has no ceiling, you can do this in your own time
  • CONS: Need equipment and quiet studio if you’re working from home

If you have a distinct voice, you can get different opportunities from providing narration to audiobooks, videos and tutorials, to something more lucrative such as animation voice acting.

Check out or Backstage for other possible voice work.

5 Low-stress Jobs after Retirement that Gets You Out of the House

Let’s face it – not everyone enjoys being stuck indoors working online.

If you’re one of these people and have had a routine that gets your butt out of the house for work daily – and you enjoy everything about it – then this list is for you.

You can still enjoy the commute, the after-work stopover at your favorite coffee shop or deli, and get paid for low-stress jobs after retirement.

1. Anything with Pets

  • How much can you earn from pet-sitting or pet-walking? Earn between $10 and $50 an hour (depends on the task and location)
  • PROS: Perfect for pet-lovers, work as much or as little as you want
  • CONS: Need to commit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for some clients

If you wish to go out daily, pet-walking is a gig you’d be glad to have.

Embrace the sunshine, get a little exercise and earn cash while you do so. I’ve written a full-length guide on how to become a pro dog/cat walker.

If you don’t want to go out or have bad knees to run around with pets, you can opt for pet-sitting at the homes of their pawparents.

Learn how to open a pet-sitting business, or try the job first on a part-time basis by signing up to the following apps: Rover, Wag!, PetBacker, Barkly Pets, Swifto, or

2. House-sitting or Babysitting

  • How much can you earn from house-sitting? $10 to $15 an hour
  • PROS: Do this job a few times a week, or daily – the choice is up to you.
  • CONS: Need to travel to the location of your client

Babysitting and housesitting are two similar jobs – you just take care of different things.

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While it can be more challenging and rewarding to care for other people’s babies, babysitting does require more responsibility.

Housesitting is more stress-free.

You don’t even need to lift a finger doing so. In some cases, housesitting may include feeding pets, or taking in deliveries, but nothing you can’t handle. How do you find housesitting gigs? Start with these 12 companies.

3. Barista

  • How much can you earn as a barista? About $15 an hour
  • PROS: Anyone can become a barista
  • CONS: Need training for most drinks

Coffee-lovers who recently retired from a super-stressful job could enjoy the change in scenery with a barista job.

Plus, the smell and chill vibe of cafes isn’t as fast-paced as fast food joints, so seniors can definitely keep up.

To become a barista, check the nearest Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Coffee Beanery, Caribou Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and others in your location.

Most of these companies pay $15 an hour or more.

4. Library Gigs

  • How much can you earn from library jobs? Most jobs in the library earn somewhere between $20 and $30.
  • PROS: Stimulate your brain minus the stress
  • CONS: Some towns only have 1 library and positions may not be available

Ever dreamt of reading unlimited books, but your day job keeps you from doing so?

Retirement is the perfect time to bring your bookworm self to the forefront.

As someone who works in a library, you’ll be able to interact with fellow readers, recommend interesting books, or even discover new ones for you to read.

5. School Bus Driver or Food Delivery Driver

  • How much can you earn as a school bus driver? $15 to $25 an hour
  • PROS: Perfect job for those who want to work alone
  • CONS: You’ll need a valid driver’s license (school bus drivers require a commercial driver’s license)

Both driving jobs don’t require you to drive the whole day, or for days on end.

Instead, you can just commit to the hours you want (especially as a driver for food delivery apps like Door Dash. Here’s how you can become a Door Dash delivery person.

School bus drivers only drive once in the mornings and again in the afternoon for driving them home.

You don’t work long hours like regular drivers and you even have the summer free.

What Other Low-Stress Jobs after Retirement Are You Dreaming to Try?

There are many jobs available for retirees, but not all of them are low in stress. Depending on your skills and preference, you can also get jobs as an:

  • Event planner ($18 to $30 an hour)
  • Park ranger ($9 to $30 an hour)
  • Theme park worker ($13 to $25 an hour)
  • Professional cuddler (Up to $40 an hour)
  • The real estate agent (Unlimited income potential + commissions)
  • Cruise ship worker ($15 to $35 + get to travel, too!)

Maybe you’re not really picky with the type of low-stress jobs after retirement you can get, but require a stable income after retirement.

If so, check out these jobs that pay $20 an hour.