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  • Randy

    Hey Steve,

    You didn’t mention in your article about other home based business opportunities in the travel industry such as “Hotels Etc” and “Cruises Inc.” These two businesses are both under $500 to join and you get support & training from these companies. I would be very interested on your thoughts of these companies and maybe you will even consider writing an article on one or both of these companies.

  • Jason Tremere
    Jason Tremere

    Perfect timing for this post! I just got back from my 6th cruise on my 5th cruise line and figured there MUST be something useful with all the information I am gathering from the experiences. I would like to start blogging, write books and create travel videos. However, the individual companies do not make it obvious to partner with them (or offer ultra low commissions). Attempting to strike up a partnership deal with a local travel agency.

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