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30 Different Jobs Where You Work Alone

Interested in jobs where you work alone?

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Embrace your inner introvert! Our economy has space for all kinds of personalities these days, so you don’t need to sacrifice your energy in socializing to be able to earn an income.

If you came from my post about jobs for introverts, consider this a continuation. Read on to learn more types of solo jobs where you work by yourself.

Real-World Jobs Where You Work Alone

You love dressing up for work, your scenic drive to/from the office, and the ability to run errands on your way home from work, but you don’t like the gossiping or office politics involved in your office-based job.

Fortunately, some professions do let you work alone.

Here are some you can check out:

  • Accountant – With a salary that starts at $50k a year, most of the tasks of accountants are done independently. There really is no need for a team or assistant for regular accounting work, unless you’re employed by a big corporation.
  • Actuary – You can earn at least $115k a year from this high-paying field, but you’ll need several years to master the job.
  • Petsitter/dogwalker – For animal lovers, pet-sitting and dog walking are two jobs where you’re not expected to work with other people. This job pays per dog, per hour, so you can maximize your earning potential by scheduling properly.
  • Housesitter/Housecleaner – This is similar to petsitting and dog-walking, only instead of pets, you take care of other people’s houses.
  • Driver – Whether your experience gets you a job as an Uber driver or a professional truck driver, you can enjoy peace during most hours of your workday.
  • Photographer – The best thing about most photographer jobs is that you can work almost anywhere in the world. Of course, you still have to communicate with teams, especially if you’re doing photoshoots, but you can pick a niche that doesn’t require a team, such as nature photography.
  • Park ranger – Some people find being embraced by the forest quite alarming, but for those who love jobs where you work alone, the park ranger job is perfect. The salary of park rangers can start at $40,000 and go as high as $75,000.
  • Research scientist – This is another high-paying profession (that starts at $110,000) and allows you to work by yourself experimenting and exploring specific studies, recording data, and analyzing findings.
  • Electrician – Depending on the company you work for, electricians are sent to customer houses to fix appliances, or you handle repairs at the company garage.
  • Home stagers – Staging homes may involve a lot of heavy lifting, but planning, designing, and organizing do not really need a team of people.
  • Market researcher – With about $75,000/year salary, market researchers gather and analyze data on consumers and competitors – a job that doesn’t really need teams to be successfully completed.
  • Butcher – Butchers can be a satisfying career for people who want to be alone and just focused on their jobs. This job pays about $30,000 to $50,000 a year.
  • Architect – There will be team and client meetings involved in this job, but the chunk of an architect’s work is completed alone.
  • Economist – Often hired by big companies, economists spend most of their work hours alone, studying the economy and reviewing available data to prepare reports that predict consumer trends.
  • Personal shopper – Yes, you’ll have a client or company to work for, but shopping for the client or account is done mostly by yourself. You’ll need your budgeting skills, creativity, and foresight to do the job, even without a team backing you up.

Home-based Jobs Where You Work Alone

When it comes to home-based jobs, you have the option of becoming employed by a company remotely full-time, wearing the hat of a consultant, or becoming your own boss (and controlling your work hours and everything else involved in running the business).

Check some of the jobs that fall under this category:

  • Translator – We’ve talked about online translation in the past before, so you’d probably have an idea that this gig is perfect for people looking for solo jobs.
  • Music editor – Music editing tools are no longer exclusive to big music production companies. Even freelancers can invest in them for their own computers and perform editing jobs virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Software developer – Many programmers work in teams, but the actual writing of code is divided into phases or specialization. As such, software developers are able to work independently for periods of a project and enjoy working by themselves.
  • Transcriptionist – Paralegals and closed captioners fall under this category. You’ll be doing most of the work with your transcribing skills to fulfill your role.
  • Voice acting – Many people these days begin their voice-acting careers on YouTube and expand to bigger horizons. Like voice actors of big-budget animated films, you don’t really need to work with other people when you’re hired to do voice work.
  • Animator – This is also the case for modern animators. You can collaborate with anyone online these days and the need to go to the office to draw and animate has become less and less of an option for creative professionals.
  • Digital graphics – Instructions for graphic design jobs are often in written form and forwarded to artists for execution. Whether you work freelance or own your graphic design company, you’ll likely be working solo on these projects (except if it’s a big-named account like Nike, Coca-Cola, and so on).
  • Medical coder – Medical terms can be hard for the ordinary man/woman, which is why medical coders are such an in-demand role with an attractive salary (of about $25 to $40 an hour). The job also doesn’t require you to socialize with co-workers or brainstorm with a team.
  • Video editor – Like music editing, video editing is a profession that thrives on working solo. As a video editor, you’ll be able to zoom in on the smallest details when you have zero distractions.
  • Chefs – The income potential of chefs is in the evergreen category, so you can get hired as a personal chef and manage another household’s meal plans, or open up your own food delivery with your specialty.
  • App developer – Many app developers on Android and Apple stores have invented their apps by themselves. If you’re interested in this career path and you’ve got an introverted personality, you’ll be glad to know that this is one of the jobs where you work alone and still have the potential of succeeding on a global scale.
  • Affiliate marketer – This profession is highly in demand and highly paid, which means you can decide to be employed or create an affiliate marketing empire for yourself. The job also doesn’t involve group thinking, since decisions are made only by you (the affiliate marketer).
  • Blogger – Blogging/writing requires a different kind of concentration. Many writers work well alone because the train of thought does not get interrupted by outside forces like people, background noise, and other similar distractions.
  • Therapist – The qualifications to be a therapist isn’t simple (it would require several years of study and practice to be qualified to be one), but once you’ve finished all the requirements and licensure, you can be your own boss and work by yourself most of the day.
  • Travel agent – You can build your own travel agency at home, or work for an agency remotely. It’s totally up to you. Either way, you get to enjoy your space at home and be able to help people plan their trips more effectively.

The Bottom Line

Jobs where you work alone give some people more comfort and flexibility with their schedule.

It’s been proven to increase productivity and improve making independent decisions for other people.

But if you’re like me, who works more effectively alone than surrounded by groups of people, then I hope the list above helped in choosing career paths.

If not, check these posts about all the jobs that pay 15 an hour, making money online fast, passive income ideas, and legit paid online surveys if you’re looking for something else.