I’m back this week with another secret for you guys. While the information in this post should be used by everyone, I wrote this post with the $1 Wealthy Affiliate trial members in mind.

My secret this week…

Give It Time

I’m going to lead off with an analogy.

Let’s say you wanted to lose some weight (This is hypothetical! Pitchforks away!) Bathing suit season is just around the corner and you decide you want to drop 50 pounds. How would you do this? Well, you’d probably join a gym, start eating healthy, and make some lifestyle adjustments.

So you have a goal in mind and you set out to achieve it.

Day one. You work your butt off at the gym, eat a salad, and walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes instead of watching reruns of Seinfeld. The next day rolls around and you’re pretty sore, but you look pretty much the same as you did the day before, despite all your efforts.

Do you quit because you didn’t lose 50 pounds immediately? No! Of course not. It would be ridiculous to expect to see that kind of success in such a short amount of time.

You can’t treat an online business any different. People send me emails all the time saying “I’m going to try this for a month, but if I can’t make back what I put in within 30 days, I quit” and it’s incredibly sad to see. Thirty days is just not enough time to get things going for you. Building an online business is a great undertaking, but all too often, people give up and quit because they didn’t see success immediately.

Odds are, you’re a total beginner looking to learn how to make money online. You need to learn everything from scratch. It should not be a surprise that this takes time. Personally, I’ve been making money online for almost three years now. Financially, I’m making more money now than I ever would have if I had taken an entry level job out of college. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I gave up because making money online involved a bit of a work and a bit of time.

The hardest steps are the first, but you’re already well on your way to building a successful online business. Don’t give up!

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  • Cathryn

    Steve – thanks for the encouragement. There have been days when I truly wanted to throw in the towel, but I just keep asking for patience and remind myself how much I have already learned in just nine short days. It is a learning adventure and I plan on continuing to take advantage of the many tools and expert advice offered at WA. In time I know that I will be celebrating the arrival of my first check. It will happen! Thanks again for steering me towards this fantastic opportunity.

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