This week is all about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m giving you guys a behind-the-scenes tour of the program and showing any earnings I’ve made along the way. Make sure you are all caught up before reading this post. Click here to view part one. Click here to view part two.

Weeks 2/3 and My First Sale!

Wow, Weeks 2 and 3 have been a lot more interesting. I’ve repeatedly found myself excited to do work during this week. I’ve learned the ins-and-outs of popular article marketing techniques, including keyword research, how to discover niche markets, and how to find a proper audience.

I spent last week learning and understanding how to do niche research. Basically, you learn how and where to find ideas that will ultimately make you money. I landed on a topic I know quite a bit about, computer products, and decided I’d write a few articles and see how they would perform for me.

While I chose the niche of computer products, you can find your very own niche that best suits your interests. There are literally no limitations here. Wealthy Affiliate will help you find your niche, then will teach you how you can profit from it.

I spent the next couple of days following the Wealthy Affiliate guide. I was taught how to conduct article marketing. Mind you, I had no experience in article marketing prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate, but within a few hours I learned how to properly write an article, how to include affiliate links in my article, how to drive traffic to my article, and how to make money off of my hard work.

My first sale!

It didn’t take long to see some results either! I had submitted my first handful of articles to various article directories and began to see a little bit of traffic. Not that much was happening, but finally I saw this fantastic email:

First Wealthy Affiliate Sale!

I quickly logged into my affiliate account to check my stats and was greeted with this magnificent image:

First WA Sale!

It’s been only a few days, but I’ve already made back half of the membership fee to join Wealthy Affiliate! This alone has answered two of my biggest questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate? 100% Absolutely yes. In just a few days time, I’ve gone from knowing nothing about article marketing and have managed to make my first ever commission through it for $19.22!
  2. How long will it take to break even? I paid $40 to join Wealthy Affiliate, and I haven’t had to put out any extra money. I’ve already made back half of my investment and I expect it won’t be long until I break even. In fact, it won’t be long until I’m actually making money.

Closing Out Weeks 2/3

Like I said before, these past two weeks have been a lot more interesting. In addition to the email above, I managed to close out this week with:

3 Sales!

And my affiliate account is currently sitting at:

Wealthy Affiliate Week 2

I made $75.26 within a few days of working with Wealthy Affiliate. And it was all thanks to the article marketing method they teach. I wasn’t even home at the time the sales were made. In fact, I didn’t do anything other than write a few 600-word articles and I’m already making money.

Let me recap these last two weeks exactly for you:

  • Week 2 taught me the ins-and-outs of article marketing.
  • Week 3 proved that it is really possible to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.
  • I found a niche, wrote a few articles, and submitted them to various article directories around the web.
  • I might have spent 8-10 hours learning and writing.
  • I now have $75.26 in commissions sitting in one of my affiliate accounts!
  • The articles I wrote in the past will continue to work 24/7/365 for me.

Stay tuned for Week 4 and the Review Week conclusion.

Interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate? You can do so by clicking here. Memberships cost $39/month and is it well worth every single penny. When you join, be sure to look me up. My username is IveTriedThat.

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  • Steve


    Funny you should ask that as just last night I asked Cheryl (the commenter above you and previous guest poster) to take a look into the One Week Marketing Plan.

    PotPieGirl is very popular around Wealthy Affiliate and just yesterday she announced that she broke $100,000 in profits from her efforts with Wealthy Affiliate and the One Week Plan.

    We are planning on doing a full review of her program though. But without having seen the program it would be hard to offer a recommendation on one or the other.

  • Kathy

    I am seriously considering signing up for Wealthy Affliate to learn the ins and outs of article marketing, I was wondering if you had any information on the One Week Marketing Action Plan with PotPieGirl” recommends becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate and also purchasing her one week marketing action plan.
    To put things to gether quickly.
    I would like to purchase both programs but am watching the $ I spend online, what would you recommend? One over the other, or both?

  • Steve


    Article marketing is one small aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, I can quit the program now and continue to write and submit articles but I wouldn’t learn anything else. Wealthy Affiliate has hundreds of articles/eBooks/training videos on how to conduct affiliate marketing and better your online career.

    Members can also contribute their own training materials and the forum is filled with quality information. The reason to remain a member is for the constantly updated and new content.

    Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t take a cut of any of my sales. All sales occur through external affiliate programs. In this case, Clickbank.

  • Cheryl

    This actually sounds a lot like Angela Booth’s program “Sell What You Write Online NOW!” She charges $47 per month for that program.

    So how many articles did you write exactly? And they were about 600 words each? Why would you keep paying $39 a month for the program if you’re already making money on what you wrote. Wouldn’t you just cancel the program at that point?

    Does the program take a cut of your sales?

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