This week is all about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m giving you guys a behind-the-scenes tour of the program and showing any earnings I’ve made along the way. Make sure you are all caught up before reading this post. Click here to view part one. Click here to view part two. Click here to view part three.

Week 4 with Wealthy Affiliate

I admit that my time spent working could have been better managed. I spent the better half of this week reading the forums, getting involved, and learning from new resources more-so than writing articles and working on building my earnings.

In addition to the article marketing training offered by Wealthy Affiliate, the members of the program have contributed 19 eBooks, 52 Tutorials, and 5 Training Videos on how to succeed in article marketing. That’s right, the members of the program have taken the time to write up and record what has successfully worked for them in the past in order to share their secrets with other members. Needless to say, I spent most of this week reading user-content and deciding on what would be the best way to continue and expand my article marketing career.

I ended my month long review with 9 affiliate sales and $135.78 in commissions. My review has been a moderate success since I was able to make back the cost to join the program and then top it off with additional income. Is $135.78 life changing? Of course not, but there are two key points here I want you to take away from this review.

  1. An extra $100-$200 a month is a big help.
  2. My previous articles will continue to earn for me.

If I decided not to write another article ever again, the articles I wrote in the past will still be active and working for me. Traffic will continue to visit these articles and I’d still make commissions.

This brings us to the ultimate question…

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining?

Absolutely, yes.

It is among the few programs out there that I can honestly say is perfect for beginner’s looking to learn how to make money online from home. The training and support is top-notch, but none of that compares to the community behind Wealthy Affiliate. It’s members make the monthly membership worthwhile. The forums include some of the most helpful people I’ve come across online. Everyone is interested in helping others succeed. It’s unreal.

Aside from the forums, members can contribute lessons and training programs directly to Wealthy Affiliate. When I say the members of Wealthy Affiliate are interested in helping other members becoem successful, I truly do mean it.

To help new members out, I’ve compiled a few links for Wealthy Affiliate members that have helped me out over the past month.

These links will only work if you’re logged into the program.

The New 8-Week Action Plan
Article Marketing Training
How to Make a Squidoo Lens
How to Get Your Squidoo Lens Indexed
How to Write 90 Fresh, Unique Articles in 3 Days To A Single, Targeted Niche
10 Questions with PotPieGirl

Wealthy Affiliate is ending the $1 trial on Sept. 29th.

For now, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for only $1 for 7 days. You will have full access to the program and However, on September 29th, they will be stopping the $1 trial promotion and you will have to pay your first month in full in order to gain access to the program.

If you were on the fence about joining Wealthy Affiliate, now is the time to become a member. Spend the $1 and take a look around Wealthy Affiliate. If you like the program, great, become a monthly member. If not, you can cancel your account and you’ll only be out $1 instead of the $39 monthly price.

WA Trial

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