Quick Summary of $100 Million Club

Rating: 0.000001 (that's a millionth, right?)

The Good: I made over a million bucks- in just a few minutes- by playing a few Angry Birds games on Facebook while Jonathan droned on about his private jet, sports cars, etc.

The Bad: Stupid statements like, "You'll have so much money, you won't know what to do with it." Also, Jonathan's smug "I'm so rich" attitude is annoying as hell.

The Bottom Line: I'm still not sure how Jonathan Steadman makes his money, but I'll bet it's not happening via the $100 million club app, which supposedly makes you money on auto-pilot. If you're looking to build a real business online, check out our top recommendation.

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$100 Million Club Review

Question: What happens when you cross absolutely lazy with absolutely annoying?

Answer: You get the $100 Million Club app, a binary options auto-trader that some guy named Jonathan Steadman “explains” to you. I say “explains” because you must first endure Jonathan’s schpeel about how he went from living in his “shabby one bedroom apartment with just my cat Georgie for company,” to having luxury houses, traveling on his yacht in the south of France, and deciding which super car to drive to the beach. You know, the usual BS that scammers throw at you to stir up your personal angst.

Amazingly, Jonathan only became a millionaire in February of this year. So, he must work with some amazing realtors if he can purchase and close on several houses in the space of only two months.

Jonathan eventually gets around to talking about a “secret wealth creating app” that enabled him to join an “elite group of millionaires.”

million dollar schmuck

These millionaires, which number only 100 total, all made one million dollars in cash from that secret wealth creating app in just 37 days. So, if you do the math:

100 members x $1 million = $100 Million Club!

Why would a secret club be looking for new recruits? Because 25 of those 100 members must’ve been run over by a bus or something. Apparently, by going to the $100 Million Dollar App sales page and filling it out with just my name and email, I was one of the lucky 25 admitted and able to try out Jonathan’s app- and for free!


Even better, Jonathan was going to reward my “hard work” with a $1,000 credit once I opened my account.


What’s the real deal with $100 Million Club?

If you can manage to listen to Jonathan’s schpeel and enter the site (and that in itself is quite a feat; the sales page is riddled with technical issues), he tells you that his app is an auto trading binary app that gives you the correct trading signal 98.2% of the time. Thus, regardless of whether a stock/commodity/currency is moving up or down, you win your call/put 98.2% of the time, respectively.

But, you can’t make money just by downloading and using the free app. No, you need to also open and fund a binary options trading account. More importantly, you must register with a specific broker that Jonathan himself has reviewed and recommends.

million dollar schmuck3

Jonathan emphasizes several times that you must use one of his recommended brokers. Why this insistence?

Because the $100 Million Club App is really just a gimmick to have you sign up with specific binary options brokers that will then pay Jonathan a generous CPA per customer. Once Jonathan gets his commission, your purpose will be served.

As for the software, it will do nothing but sit on your computer’s hard drive and use up valuable disk space. And that’s if you’re lucky- many of these bogus software programs latch onto the information you provide to the broker, making it very easy for the scammer to later steal your identity, or your credit card or bank information.

Incidentally, when I emailed the $100 Million Club 24/7 Support Team (its link is provided at the bottom of the sales page) about a supposed issue I was having with the software, I heard nothing back from anyone. I didn’t even receive an auto-response. Could this be because I mentioned that I’d already funded my trading account?

The real proof is in the disclaimer

You don’t have to hunt around on other affiliate networks- or even read this review- to realize that $100 Million Club is nothing but a binary options scam. The website itself basically tells you that the “proof” it’s showing, including the customer testimonials and Jonathan’s “live profit account” feed, is all imaginary.

100m club

Here is a screen shot of the disclaimer section of the website:


What this tells me is that Jonathan is under no obligation to feature real binary trades and, if busted, can point to this disclaimer as an “I told you so” kind of insurance. Except that, by that point in time, Jonathan will be long gone and onto his/her next auto trader scam.

Of course, that won’t stop the $100 Million Club sales funnel from being churned by other affiliates. Here’s a screen shot of one wannabe affiliate scammer who is providing her unbiased and glowing “review” of $100 Million Club:

wannabe affiliate scammer

What would inspire such individuals to produce these grainy and amateur YouTube videos? This:

100 million douche bags

The $100 Million Club’s Bottom Line

The $100 Million Club’s auto trader app functions just like all those other scam apps on the market, including Mission Revenge, Auto Cash Secret, Guaranteed Outcome, etc. The plan is simple:

1. Sign up as a brokerage affiliate.

2. Create fake trading software.

3. Create hype (i.e., sales page) around fake trading software.

4. Create generous software CPA so other scammers also create hype (i.e., additional sales pages).

5. Get people to open accounts with affiliate brokerage.

6. Collect brokerage CPA.

7. Disappear and lay low for several weeks.

8. Go back to Step 2.

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