Quick Summary of 18 Minutes

Rating: 1 Another BS Binary Options scam!

The Good: None. Really, absolutely nothing about this system could be considered a pro.

The Bad: It promotes a high risk trading method. It provides zero evidence that the system (whatever that is!) behind 18 Minutes actually works. It pushes a lavish lifestyle and pulls on heartstrings in its attempt to convince you to hand over your money.

The Bottom Line: This "system" is built on the premise that you are greedy and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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18 Minutes Review

Binary Options is a strange trading method. It is incredibly simple to do, and realistically requires no experience or knowledge, yet those 2 factors are the trading methods biggest problem.

You see, because of its simplicity online marketers jumped on Binary Options and are in the process of destroying any credibility that the trading method may have had.

The marketers hype up the ease of use but fail to even mention the other fatal flaw that Binary Options has: it’s high risk nature.

Binary Options works on a coin flip, an no matter what the marketers spew out about how their system is fool proof, predicting which way a trade will go is virtually impossible due to the short time scales and volatility of the market.

Which is why when you see systems like 18 Minutes, you should worry.

What is 18 Minutes?

18 Minutes is the latest in a long line of Binary Options systems that wants to make you believe that it has the power to harness Binary Options and to predict the outcomes, thus making you rich.

Sadly, like every other Binary Option system out there, it’s all hype and BS, designed by an unethical marketer to make you hand over some cash so that they can walk away with a fat commission check.

The 18 Minutes Sales Pitch

The focus of the sales pitch revolves around a video and the concept of making fast cash. We all want fast cash, whether to help pay bills or get you out of a bind, or simply to buy something nice for yourself or your family.

And this is the hook 18 minutes is using to reel you in.

The video dives straight into convincing you by offering up a video testimonial of a lady who has apparently used the system effectively. While I cannot prove this testimonial is fake, you can see clearly that she is just reading a script of the screen of her computer. This doesn’t instill much faith, as most Binary Options scams, use fake testimonials purchased from a site like Fiverr.com and this one looks no different.

The dubious video testimonials continue with a couple more guys each suggesting they won thousands of dollars from the system. No actual proof is provided though, just the word of a stranger who most likely was paid for his time on the camera.

18 minutes life style

Anyone can use stock photos and stock video to make it seem they have made millions. It doesn’t mean its real!

After these comes the typical lifestyle section of the video. This is where the marketer pushes a dream lifestyle, full of flash cars, exotic locations and mansions. This is typically aimed at making you greedy and jealous. Often enough it works for them too. People in greed mode tend to be blind to obvious flaws in things, and that’s what they are hoping: blind you with the idea of wealth while sucking your wallet dry.

On the back of this the narrator then starts laying into employment, seriously bashing the J.O.B. This tends to work quite well for the marketer, because let’s face it; most of us hate our jobs. Most of us would love to lounge around doing nothing all day or work on something that may not pay the bills but would fulfil something within the soul.

Sadly, real life does get in the way, and the marketer behind 18 Minutes is counting on the fact that you are among the ones that truly hate their job.

18 minutes job

Up next is the way that the system was designed. This is interesting as most Binary Options scams either gloss over this or provide an inane and ridiculous story like being visited by aliens. 18 Minutes basically glosses over the way the system was designed and works, saying not much more than the person behind it started trading and magically had skills.

This is the sort of thing that should be ringing alarm bells inside your head.

From there you get to experience a solid 5 minutes of pure mind bending hype. It pushes the everyday issues like struggling to put food on the table and paying bills. It’s really just setting you up in a mood of despair and depression in order to sink the hook deeper into you.

It goes on to promote the idea that while there are other scams out there, 18 minutes isn’t one of them. I dispute this.

Purely based on the evidence of the video so far, it has done nothing to provide real, tangible evidence that the system works. Instead it’s provided marketing BS, hype and potentially fake testimonials.

Finally it goes back to pushing how you too can have the lifestyle of your dreams.

Signing up to 18 Minutes

If you do hand over your email address, you will be sent to another page to sign up again (this time to the Binary Options broker). This page for me confirmed that this is a dodgy system. The page offers supposed live trades, yet not only does every trade on the same day have the exact same timestamp, there is no way to prove whose trade data this is, whether it is as a result of the system or even whether it is real data or not.

This supposed proof really sums up 18 Minutes for me: it offers up nothing substantial to back up its claims.

18 minutes live trades

This is not evidence, it’s just meaningless numbers without proper proof.

The actual member’s area is typical of every other Binary Options scam out there. You are taken to a website that allows for the depositing of money into the broker, and supposedly provides the system that will make you rich.

All I saw was a poorly implemented, insecure website that will not see my money ever!

Add to the mix that the broker is based somewhere in Europe (maybe, it’s not clear, they could be based out of Mars for all their website says), and this means that you will be using a broker not regulated by any US law. Sound risky? It is.

The Bottom Line

Nothing about 18 Minutes makes it look viable. In fact while I cannot prove it definitively there are enough indicators to allow me to comfortably say that 18 Minutes is a Binary Options scam.

A lack of viable evidence, alongside some tricky marketing and most likely faked testimonials, mean that my advice to you is simple and clear: Avoid 18 Minutes!

In fact avoid anything to do with Binary Options unless you have more money than sense (even then I would still suggest to avoid Binary Options!).


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