Day Job Killer Review — Forget the hype. Don’t expect to become the next Internet millionaire.

Warning: If you think that reading this ebook, or any ebook for that matter, will make you rich, then you are sadly mistaken. Realistically, will anyone be earning a million dollars per year after twelve months of reading the Day Job Killer and applying it’s techniques? No. It just doesn’t make any sense. If you stop to think about it for a minute, why would anyone pass up the chance to be a millionaire in only a year? Simply put, they wouldn’t.

If you have no experience in affiliate marketing, nor are you interested, I suggest that you stop reading now. The paragraph above is more than enough information to take away from this ebook review.

The Day Job Killer claims to take any affiliate marketer, arm them with a few tricks, and turn them into money making machines. The book itself is split up into three main sections: the basics, the secret, and advanced techniques.

Part 1: The Google Cash Method (The Basics)

The Google Cash method emerged a few years ago and taught readers how to advertise affiliate programs through Adwords in hopes of returning a profit on conversions. Basically, the users of this system would purchase ad space, and market an affiliate product. When a viewer clicked on the purchased ad, the marketer would hope the viewer would complete an action, such as sign up for a program or purchase something, and the marketer would walk away with some sort of affiliate income. This method is rather risky and if done incorrectly could cost the user of the system a lot of money.

This section is a look into the essentials of the Google Cash method and offers plenty of tips on getting started with that system, but as far as I can tell, it offers nothing new to the system. There were a few personal tips on how to maximize potential earnings and conversions, but other than that, this section is nothing more than hype on possible ways you could make money.

Part 2: The Leveller (The Secret)

Now, if you plan on purchasing this book, this section is what you are essentially spending your $97 on. In the Day Job Killer preview, we find the author makes a number of references to a secret that will turn you into a millionaire. This section is really the “secret” that is referenced throughout the presell page.

Here you will learn how you might be able to stop readers from visiting affiliate sites directly, but instead divert them to a page of your own where you can cash in on the affiliate sale yourself. I have to admit that it’s a pretty interesting and innovative concept, but in the end it’s the same information that can be found widely available for FREE on the web. If you were to spend an hour or two doing research, you will be able to find much easier and effective ways of earning money online. I’ll even give you a head start by pointing you to and the Digital Point forums. Both of these sites are excellent resources and you will find helpful and knowledgeable communities who aren’t just trying to make a quick sale.

Part 3: Advanced Techniques (Advanced Techniques)

I’m not actually going to use this space to discuss the actual book. Instead, I wish to point out that the biggest gripe I have with the Day Job Killer is that the presell page is one hundred times too long. The presell page is almost as long, if not longer, than the actual book itself. As Joe likes to say, “the longer a sales pitch, the more decorated it is, the weaker the product.” Truer words, never spoken.

$1,000,000 a year in 12 months? Hardly.

To the average internet user looking to make money online, avoid this book. You may feel the urge to want to purchase it after seeing the pictures of earnings over $2,500 in one day, but take it from me, better information is out there and it won’t cost you a dime. The only thing you have to gain from purchasing this ebook is a 97-dollar receipt.

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