A Pox on both your servers! Yesterday I wrote about work-at-home web sites to avoid because they explicitly tell you they’ve weeded out all the scams to bring you legitimate jobs and “work from home businesses.” They then try to sell you an ebook or paid memberships to things like data entry scams we’ve been […]

I’ve written before about how you can recognize hook ads on Craigslist and other job directories. A hook ad is one that pretends to be offering a job, but is actually selling you something like a paid membership or an ebook. Once you have the basics down, you can recognize these ads in a matter […]

It’s true. I am one among millions who save 5% with every gas purchase, regardless of where I pump my gas. Discover Card’s cashback bonus program is now offering 5% back up to $400 on every gas purchase you make from July 1st until September 30th. If you have a Discover Card already, log in […]

Hi, my name is Joe and I’m a slacker. I promised regular updates to my review of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU), in which I am enrolled, but have failed to deliver. I am ashamed. To make it up to you, I’m offering a bonus: until the end of July, all new RSS subscriptions […]

If Steve and I had our way, everyone on the internets would come to I’ve Tried That before signing up for stuff. They could look for reviews of the program or offer they’re considering, and if Steve or I haven’t covered it, they could learn from the other scam-savvy readers here. Unfortunately, not everyone comes […]

In my first post reviewing Free Money Formula, I looked at the site itself and the information it presents, concluding that there’s plenty of good stuff there to learn for free. In this post, I’m paying more attention to the money-making system promoted by the site. My conclusion? I doubt they’re trying to rip you […]

I received information about this survey company through an email request. Immediately, I was skeptical due to the typical survey landing page and the claims to make $100 per survey, but I decided to take a look inside. A Looooong List of “Surveys” After submitting all of my information, I was greeted with a long […]

Want to get regular scambusting updates? Sign up for e-mail or RSS updates. I had the unpleasant experience of coming across Dont-Get-Scammed-Again.com. Immediately, I was greeted by Mark Hodges’ loud obnoxious voice claiming to be the only person on the entire internet that offers free online product reviews. He apparently hasn’t heard of I’ve Tried […]

I’ve Tried That reader Sabrina, whose blog, Sabrina’s Money Matters, is a great site for everything related to personal finance, suggested we take a look at Free Money Formula. I’m thinking, “You want me to opine about money? I’m the guy who went to purchase 4 brand new snow tires without idea one in my […]