Side Cash Review: It’s a really small crate!

I’ve Tried That reader Alfa, who recently profiled our site on her blog, Flood of Dollars, suggested that we take a look at Cash Crate, another site claiming to pay you for trying companies’ products and services. I signed up. Here’s what I found out.

Join These for Some Quick Wins
  1. Inbox Dollars - Get paid to check your email. $5 bonus just for signing up!
  2. Survey Junkie - The #1 survey site that doesn't suck. Short surveys, high payouts, simply the best.
  3. Nielsen - Download their app and get paid $50! functions on the same premise as Inbox Dollars and Fusion Cash: sign up for promotional memberships and offers and get paid a small fee per sign-up. It also has a referral program so that you can get paid for the offers and memberships of people who sign up “under” you.

Cash Crate shotI like cashcrate better than Fusion Cash just because it is less obnoxious in its promotional graphics and text and because the site is faster loading. You go to the members area and can choose from offers using simple text, not full-on logos like Fusion Cash uses. The screen shot shows only the first nine of many, many offers. The site also warns you which offers require a credit card to sign up for, a nice feature.

I spent an hour taking surveys and signing up for offers at Cash Crate and have earned about $3.50. At that rate, it would take me a lifetime to earn a crate full of cash unless it’s the size of a Tic-Tac box. Cash Crate pays out at $10, so I’m sure someone with more time and patience for advertising than I have could make some pizza money. Good for students, maybe? It could definitely supplement the Taco Bell fund. If you spent enough time with it, you could probably learn to work its system faster than I did and therefore make more than $3.50/hour. If you’re looking to make more than just pocket change, though, I suggest spending your time elsewhere.

How Does Cash Crate Compare?

I did a review of a program called SwagBucks a few months back and just wanted to give you guys a little update on my progress, show you how much I’ve actually made with the program, and give some tips on how to quickly start making some money with them.

A quick overview: the concept behind SwagBucks is that they’d pay you for using their search page to browse the web. They make money through Google’s sponsored results and then pass some of their earnings on to you in the form of SwagBucks. You can also make money by filling out surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and many many more ways.

All you have to do is use their search page and every so often, you’ll be awarded SwagBucks which you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

The best part is the SwagBucks search bar uses Google, so you’ll get the same results you’re used to, but now you have a chance to make some extra money. It takes no extra effort on your part either. It’s a fun way to make some extra money each month.

And you can join today and see for yourself why I rate this program so highly, absolutely for free. Plus, you get a free $5 bonus just for signing up.

There are a lot more ways to earn, but searching is by far the easiest and the quickest. You’ll see the other ways in just a minute, but first…

Proof SwagBucks Actually Pays

Here’s an inside look at most of the orders that I’ve placed with SwagBucks since I’ve joined. This is a look inside my own personal account. I’ve cashed out and received $890.00 worth of gift cards so far.

Now, there are thousands of items you can spend your SwagBucks on or you can even redeem them for cash. I chose the giftcards because they’re a little bit cheaper than the cash redemption so you get more value for your SwagBuck, so to speak. Plus, I shop at Amazon often and this really helped cut down on costs.

Here’s a look at my total earnings so far: SB earnings

1 SwagBuck roughly equals 1 penny. So I’ve made approximately $928.78 since joining!

And here’s a look at just some of my rewards so far!

SB Cashed Out

Oh, and did I mention this was all free?

The Bottom Line

SwagBucks is a scam free way to make extra money online. It’s an excellent alternative to Cash Crate and you’ll make money much faster. I’ve been a member for about six months now and I’ve been paid over $890. It’s completely free to join and will help you bring in some extra cash by doing things you already do online. What more could you want from a program?!

SwagBucks is awesome and I highly recommend you click here an create an account right now. You get a $5 bonus offer just for signing up.

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  1. i just joined cash crate,because a blog said it was a legit site and had a pic of her check. i take a ton of surveys and then it says i do not meet the requirements to take a survey… but i just answered 10000 questions and then all of a sudden i am sent to another survey site but i never “qualify”. So my question is, is this a normal thing? i read all of the reviews, and there are so many people saying they recieve checks, and then a lot says its a scam.

    • Hi, its totally normal to be thrown off surveys for not qualifying…unfortunately it’s just one of the very irritating aspects of doing surveys. The most money you make on cashcrate is via cash offers, (which you need to be careful about – such as cancelling free trails and so on) and also via their referral program, as if your friends and family sign up, you also get a percentage of their earnings. It is a legit site, it’s just not easy to make much money! Hope that helps, Nat

  2. Cashcrate is legitimate, but it certainly isn’t perfect. Most people get so little for their time, lots of people fail to make a spare email for the tremendous amount of spam, and I’ve been stiffed several times. I wouldn’t bother if I were you, but Cashcrate is reputable.

  3. Just. Awful. I’m familiar with the phrase, “you have to spend money to make money,” but as I understand it, after you pay, you are supposed to receive return payment. THIS HAS NOT YET OCCURRED and I have been a cashcrate member for two months. Two-thirds of the offers I completed were never credited. Not worth the time, money, spam, and telemarketers.

  4. @KH There is no risk for signing up however they are a huge waste of time and you make nothing but pocket change. If you want serious money your best bet would be to get another part time job on the side somwhere. However, with that said, I have no time for this as I am in college and much too busy with school.

    So cashcrate works from when I tried them but it has now been 3 weeks I have been doing their offers and such and my account only has $12 despite all my hours and hard work! You need $20 to get a check. So this is a waste because in order for me to save enough money to get that decent used car I have always wanted I would need to be on here for hours and hours for months!

    So yes give them a try however I say they are a huge waste of time. (Not a scam site just a waste of time site).

    If I had the time I would get a second job but thats life for ya. Good luck

  5. hello yesterday only i have joined cashcrate and suddenly all the offers disappered. will i get the offers or is it will disappered forever or iwill i get it after sometime .pleasr tell me i m worried no offers

  6. I’ve received a check from Cashcrate last month. I was a skeptic, so I didn’t put much effort in. Just wanted to reach payout, basically. I earned about $27. So I wouldn’t say it’s a scam. Rather, I’ve learned many tips and tricks for the site to get my offers to clear about 75% of the time. I don’t have any referrals yet, though. I’ve had a small success and I’m more than willing to keep going again, especially while looking for work. Hopefully I’ll earn more to help support myself, well with this and other sites as well. I’m rather sickly, so working a regular job can be tough. But I can certainly find the strength to do some clicking here and there. I’ve basically found out how to play the system, and more than willing to help those that want to listen (and especially for those that visit my site and/or become my referral, also found on the blog on my site ( Sorry for any rambling that may have occurred in this post

  7. Is Cashcrate just another scam or is it legit? I used cashcrate for nearly 2 months, and unfortunately it turns out it is a scam. They give you the run around when it comes to getting your check, and there support doesn’t respond. They used to pay there users, but don’t any more.

  8. at first i thought it was a big waste of time, but if you got minutes to kill, it wouldn’t hurt. everyday i would delete cookies, create a new email, and do two-three offers. doing this for 8 days, i made $9. and suddenly my account was terminated. that was really annoying. some offers wouldn’t accept my real name ‘ai’ stating that it’s ‘invalid’ so i entered a random american name instead. i think that’s the reason for the termination. anyway…

    for those who do decide to use cashcrate, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL! please read the fine print before completing any offers. some offers have a hidden fee of $14.95 charged to your phone.

    If you spent enough time with it, you could probably learn to work its system faster.
    very true! at first i spent most of my time checking the fine print and ‘term and policy’ (control F “$”). eventually you learn which offers have no hidden fees and which are the quickest to complete.

  9. Waste of time and you have to give out personal information so you get sales phone calls day and night and junk mail to your house. They have all these “offers” that are suppose to be free but the fine print says you’ll be charged $9.95 and they list those in the in free offers. Everytime someone gets ripped off they say the person didn’t do them right. It’s a scam to everyone except cashcrate I think the advertisers don’t know they tell people to make email addresses just to do offers and auto-fillers, they are scammers.

  10. This webiste is very reputable, and a lot of kids in my dorm use it for extra spending money throughout the year. I signed up using the link and it got me and my friends a $1 bonus and let us take 2 research surveys per day (they actually pay you) totaling an extra $1.60 a day. This site is definately worth the 20 min I use to make around 75- 95 bucks a month. The referal program is also good as well, as it gives 20-30% of what your referal makes as well

  11. Every time I get a hit to my blog from this page, I come back to visit to see what additional comments has been added since my last comment. I earned over $80 on Cashcrate for the month of February and am awaiting for my check which should be coming in really soon. I will post an update on my blog when I receive my check.

    If Cashcrate is not really worth your time, there is this other program that is similar to Cashcrate on my blog that you may prefer. Some people get tired of having to wait for a month to get a check. On this site on my blog, you get paid instantly to your paypal account with a min. payout of $1. I have been paid over 10 times from this site within the last 1.5 months. Might be worth a shot to check it out. I would love to see a review for the site I am talking about here on this blog.

  12. ive just started using cashcrate and its pretty easy to use. All you do is get to the second or third page of the offers, and then exit. It may only be like $0.25 but ive only spent a bit of time in one day on it, and ive already got nearly 10 dollars. It would be realy great if somebody would join from my refferal for anyone that might do taht, thanx

  13. CashCrate does indeed work! But you must understand first and foremost that it is NOT a replacement for regular employment! Rather, CashCrate if used right, can make some nice extra monthly gasoline cash or even your Car Insurance monthly with a couple Active Referrals whom you need to teach. Regarding referrals, you only earn money when your downline earns money so its a win win there and would be rather foolish NOT to teach them!

    If you sign up under my link, I will make a point of helping you earn $20 and potentially more, in one month using CashCrate. It’s all in the technique used, and that $20 I mention has nothing to do with referrals at all. Heck it’s really pretty simple, I made the $20 payout in 7 days and I only performed the offers during TV Ads!

    Sure you won’t get rich, but why not make some extra cash instead of being bored during TV Ads? If you are going to be sitting there waiting through the ads anyways; instead of watching TV Commercials, you might as well capitalize on it!

    Add to that what if you do refer say 3 people, teach them my system yourself and start your own downline. Then each of them do likewise and so on. A Downline like this can be built starting with just friends and relatives who will usually sign up after you show them checks. Once you get going, it can grow really fast and everyone is normally quite happy even if only $20 is reached each month (although it will be more once your downline grows more).

    OK check out my Blog and see my Earnings Reports yourself… proof is in the pudding!

  14. I have earned money on Cashcrate without having the help of referrals and received a check in the mail by my own efforts. Some people who don’t know how to use Cashcrate properly will most likely give up because they aren’t earning much and ultimately label the program a scam. I have posted a picture of me holding my January 2009 check on my blog to show that Cashcrate is not a scam. Hmmm, I wonder if someone would call their real life job a scam if they get fired or quit because they aren’t doing what they are supposed to do in order to get paid. You get out the program what you put into it.

    Pretty neat that this post is pretty active still with comments!

  15. Most of the people on here give good reviews on cashcrate. Do you know why that is? Probably because it is a scheme to get people to join. I’ve noticed that once one person says something negative about cashcrate, all of these other people says they are lying or are an idiot. (For example, Helen up there) No. She is probably not an idiot, she is just not a robot.

  16. I hate CashCrate… They don’t pay on completed offers, and when you ask them why all they say is that it is the responsibility of the offer holder to pay them and if that doesn’t happen oh well, you don’t get paid either. They have no concern for the members and I would never recomend them. i reprted them to the Better Business Bureau and not suprisingly I was not the first person to do so. THEY ARE A SCAM!!

  17. I’ve used cashcrate. Compared to all the other paid survey sites it is good. You have to be patient. And as for cashcrate scamming you and offers pending and what not it is not actually the site cashcrate scamming you and not paying you the money that you deserve for taking the surveys that are in pending offers. Companies have cashcrate post their surveys and once a survey is completed that company is notified and then that company is suppost to give cashcrate the money you’ve earned and then cashcrate pays you. But sometimes companies decide to be shadey and not pay cashcrate so the offer just stays in pending cause cashcrate never recieved your compensation. But anyways cashcrate is ligit and you will get paid if you have the patience and time. I’ve even gotten a check for 20$ once. It took me like 2 months to get to that point though. If you sort the surveys by rating the ones that are shown first are higher rated and you will be more likely to get paid for taking that survey. All in all I give this site props. It’s the first paid survey site I’ve tried where I actually got paid.

  18. Hey it is a great site. I have been using it for 5 months. My checks are between 20 and 60 dollars. Been trying to build my referals. Signe under me. My referal # is 1128441


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