Now it’s personal I’m pissed off today. Scammers nabbed a single mother of two little girls, causing her to lose her job and their preschool spots. (I know from experience: those spots are like hard currency!) At least she didn’t lose any money. Read all about Greenblogger’s experience here. (It involves Careerbuilder—something to be aware […]

I was looking for a new background for my computer when I came across Dream Aquarium. The ad claimed it was the most natural and realistic aquarium screen saver ever created. Being a fish enthusiast (read: guy who had a goldfish when he was 7), I was intrigued. I followed the link and instantly became […]

Tell you what, YOU try it and let us know. I’m not gonna be trying that anytime soon. Never heard of colon cleansing? You’re in for a treat. It can make you younger! Give you energy! Improve your health! You see, apparently, your colon becomes coated with gunk that it can’t get rid of through […]

Steve and I are as busy behind the scenes as two windshield wipers at a pigeon convention. We’re busy writing the ebook that will change the world make you rich improve your social life help you supplement your income, so we haven’t had much time for reviews. We’re pretty excited about this, so stay tuned. […]

Michele, an I’ve Tried That reader and watchdog, furnishes today’s warning. I need to tell you about the biggest scam I have ever seen. The site is If you want to see a scam to its fullest, this is it. I paid $57.00 and all I got was some links to other Data Entry […]

Today’s post inspired by this email received earlier today: Congratulations on your anniversary. We are looking forward to your e-book. I would like to contribute to it if you will take sports information about football and gambling tips. Anywhere from placing bets and casinos. Let me know what you think. The following events are a […]

I’ve Tried That is coming up on its sixth anniversary. And who gets the present? You do! Let me explain. Steve and I now regularly get emails and comments that sound something like this: I was just about to sign up for [fill in e-book or program here] when I decided to check it out. […]

Let me confess up front: I did not buy the Ultimate Wealth Package. We like to try stuff out at I’ve Tried That, but when something is a scam on its face, I refuse to contribute money. For this review, I’m relying on the victim experience of Tonus Locus at and analysis by the […]

Google was a little slow picking up the spam this morning and I received this amazing business opportunity: On 10/11/07, mr. steve bolton wrote: Greetings, I am Barr.Steve Bolton.reaching you to handle an investment portfolio.I am reaching you to assist in repatriating the funds and property leftbehind by my late client before it will be […]