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Is Colon Cleansing a Scam?

Tell you what, YOU try it and let us know. I’m not gonna be trying that anytime soon.

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Never heard of colon cleansing? You’re in for a treat. It can make you younger! Give you energy! Improve your health! You see, apparently, your colon becomes coated with gunk that it can’t get rid of through normal processes. When your insides are covered with this nasty layer, vitamins and nutrients can’t get through, and it throws your whole body out of whack. In fact, you have no chance in hell of being normal if you allow your colon to keep its impacted layer of unpoopable sediment. You’re doing a great disservice to your body and should be ashamed of yourself.

Fortunately, there is a solution, which can be yours for a low, low price from the online affiliate marketer of your choice. The solution is amazingly simple. You take these pills or drink a mixture for a few days to loosen that evil coating. At the end of the treatment, you… expel the rope-like contents of your colon—that coating that was keeing you from a fulfilled life. Your entire colon. You’ll almost literally poop your guts out. There it is in the toilet bowl to amaze and astound your friends.

But that’s only half the story

It’s not enough to take the treatment and fill your toilet bowl with what never should have seen the light of day. You are now obliged to (I’m not making this up) fish it out and take a picture of it! You have now entered the Twilight Zone, where Internet scams meet medical quackery and closet fetishism.

You will not only take a picture of it, but you’ll distribute that picture to the blogs, bulletin boards, and purveyors of MagicColon all over the Net. You’ll have discussions about it, compare it to others’, and will be judged by the quality of your deposit. “It looks short. What is it, one meter?”
“Nice form…you can actually see the polyps and diverticula. It’s a near perfect mold. How was the bouquet?”
“Oh, it smelled like shit!”
“I’ll bet. Good thing you caught it when you did.”
Seriously, folks, it’s unbeLIEVEable. Google “colon cleansing” and see for yourself.

But Joe, heart surgery is gross and that has health benefits!
True, but most people don’t distribute photos of their aortic plaque. Still, might there be some truth to the dirty colon claims? In a word, No. The pills you take and the stuff you drink leaves lots of undigestible fiber in your colon and your body naturally gets rid of it in a few days. It’s not cleansing something unhealthy that was already there.

Here’s some more.

He has created a cleansing product that produces what the product is claimed to cleanse. I’m tempted to call it a brilliant scam, but I’ll leave that decision up to the courts, in case (hopefully) he ever gets sued by those who decide to do so. He’s earned millions by marketing this false idea, and the spreading of false ideas should be punished.

Here’s how this possible scam works:

Sell people a product that creates a condition, then claim that the product is curing the condition, without any proof that the condition was there before taking the product. (Mucus only becomes “plaque” *after* using his product.)

For even more thorough discussion and documentation of the bogus claims, check this out.

On second thought, if you’ve tried it, don’t tell us. We don’t wanna know. And we really don’t want to see the pictures!

15 thoughts on “Is Colon Cleansing a Scam?”

  1. You are all a bunch of anti-conspiracy whack jobs. Have any of you actually read and thoroughly studied traditional medicine and holistic medicine? You know, the type of medicine that has been around for… oh lets say.. the LAST TWO THOUSAND YEARS or longer and have been practiced by millions throughout history! How old are all of you? Maybe twenty, thirty, forty?? Wow, all that knowledge in such a short time! That is exactly the problem in todays world. Everyone gets their information from the mass media on the television and associated press and lo and behold they become products of the establishment and start believing everything they are told without any real search for the truth. Wake up! The huge bio corps and drug cartels do not want to cure anything. Like their motto states, “There’s no profit in cure!” They have had the cures for all cancers since the 60’s but why would they want to share it? They wouldn’t make their hundreds of billions of precious dollars each year would they? Did you know that prescription error causes over a hundred thousand deaths a year? It is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. In an economic based society, everything is based on profit. Do the research and seek the truth. Federal Reserve, International Bankers, Global Pharmaceutical Companies, Energy Companies etc.. etc… They are all connected. They don’t want to help anyone, especially YOU! This is why we as human beings need to do these simple things, such as colon cleansing, so we won’t have to take a pill that makes us feel better and when that pill has a side affect, they give us another pill that makes that feel better and when those two combined have a side affect, they give us another pill to make that feel better and on and on and on and on. Get the picture yet? Do you know that cancer is just a fungus too? Go to and you will see Dr. Simoncini from Italy and his simple cures for cancer. Over 95% success on all patients except those with late stage cancers that the “establishment” supposedly could not cure and sent home to die. But in even those five percent, fifty percent of them were cured completely! Do you know what kills fungus? Baking soda! Yes, that simple (not really, but with diets and such) but almost. Yes just plain ole’ sodium bicarbonate cures cancer. I have personally witnessed five cures myself with this method, three of which were in stage III cancer. These colon cleanses are as vital as the air we breathe. The chemicals and unnatural ingredients in the foods people digest today are slowly and LITERALLY killing them. Did you know that in 2010 there will be an expected 15 million new cancer patients each year?!! That is a FIFTY, yes fifty percent increase from only 5 years ago. You ever think they want a smaller popualtion that is easier controlled by the so called “NEW WORLD ORDER”? Once you turn off the TV, de-program yourself from the constant bombbardment of propoganda, only then can you start to see the world as it really is and start to connect the dots through a diligent search of the truth. I am just one of millions already on this journey. Godspeed everyone!

    • THANK YOU for such a wise and grounded comment. I had been thinking the same thing as I read the so many articles written by ignorant and arrogant individuals who have no concept or even knowledge of other medical models. It is incredible the short-sightedness that the vast majority of the world’s population seem to have, co-opted by a global profit market and its mass media. We are dying like flies and apparently there is “nothing wrong” with our bodies, our food, our air, our water or our system. Leave things as they are so that when we are terminally ill, we can then dish out thousands of dollars to work on conventional treatments that deteriorate the very life systems that exist within us. There are a few of us that think like you all over the world, and soon enough, when the rest of the contemporary medical model and science reaches a dead end in solving all of our human problems, there will be some shifting. Sadly there will still be much loss until this happens. It amazes me how many people are still sleeping.

  2. i ordered Colon Cleanse and have not taken it or even open the bottle because i am so upset with the company for charging my credit card without my permission. After calling the company they informed me you have 20 day trail, i thought it was free just pay s & h for$4.95. I was charged $83.95 on my debit card. The agent said i agreed to the Terms and condition on the website, that is bull i never clicked on anything agreeing and if they are such a reputable company why did they not send a letter with the pills. VERY DECEITFUL don’t you think. Should have known nothing is free!

  3. I’m only cleaning out my colon if I’m planning on some deviant sexual play, another thing Dr. Kellogg would have been horrified about.

  4. Does this really work, I am not sure because I feel like the pills you re taking are make you see stuff like this on ur toilet. What proof do you have the rope looking think is not coming from the pills and fibers you re TAKING?????? ASK YOURSELFFFFFFFF ???????????? IS IT THE PILL OR I REALLY HAVE JUNK IN MY SYSTEM ????????? ASK AGAIN AND AGAIN BEFORE TAKING

  5. Have a colonoscopy.. the prep you get cleans you out.. you shit water in the end.. your GI doc gives you pics of your nice clean colon. These scammy “cleansing products” cause the gunk,, so you can that take photos & show your friends.

    Save your $$.

  6. The so called cleansers create the gunk that comes out. Try asking a gastro surgeon or coroner if they ever see that gunk.
    Save a bunch of money and take a laxative.

  7. I have a question:

    If the Dr N was such a rip-off, why does h e ahve the products made for children as well? I mean should some parent have a child with a problem, and something really bad would happen, wouldn’t it be advertised and the scam over? Or better yet, He has been in business for yrs, wouldn’t someone have discovered this was a scam by now? I’m on the program, and prior to it, I had reflux it was very bad, gas that would peel the paint off my walls, and bloated to the tenth degree,I exercised 3 X a week and I would like to believe I eat healthy, why is this program making me feel better and not worse?

  8. I got the “FREE” bottle for $3.95 of COLONCURE and it’s not free!! The will charge $89.31 to your account every 30 days! Do not get this product!! I had to cancel my card and I am having to dispute charges because of this. WHAT A RIPOFF!!!

  9. I did a juice and fiber cleanse that produced rope shits like the ones pictured on dr Naturas site. If you want amazing results like the ones pictured, all you have to do is take an excess of fiber (psyllium husk powder works the best). I dont know if it is the fiber or some kind of intestine lining that comes out but it was definitely rope like, and didn’t break apart. If you want to try it yourself you will need psyllium husk powder and a gallon or 2 of organic juice. For your breakfast lunch and dinner, mix 2 – 3 heaping spoons of the fiber into a glass of juice and stir until it starts to thicken. Drink it quickly or else it will be the consistency of thick apple sauce. I did this for 2 days and passed some crazy ropes with weird stuff inside. Even though I hadn’t eaten for 2 days I didn’t feel that hungry because of all the fiber. I felt great afterwards and would recommend this to anyone who is considering one of those expensive programs. It is much cheaper and produces the same if not better results.

  10. I have tried a cleansing regimen called Sunrise, but you can no longer get it because the FDA “killed” it in America, but I can tell you I lost weight on it. My stomach shrunk almost overnight after about two weeks, and it did do what it said it would.

  11. One of the purveyors of this stuff requires that you drink apple juice along with the magic herbal powder. My guess is that it’s the pectin in the apple juice that reacts with the powder to form the plug-o’-crap that forms in your colon. That all comes out in a couple days.

    A friend of mine runs a colon hydrotherapy spa. In essence, you stick a hose up your bum and are “gently irrigated” so the toxins and other goodies are flushed out. She swears by it. I have yet to try it and probably never well.

    Also, one of my biology profs was talking about this subject and said in all of her 20+ years of working with cadavers, has never seen a plugged up colon. Everyone had a nice healthy pink inside…unless they were cancerous. There was no plaque build up.


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