Last week when I announced that our next review would be, alert reader Bob said:

It basically lists parties that allegedly pay per unit or pay per piece/batch for craftwork. Trouble is, for most of these companies/parties, only the address/PO box is listed. No contact numbers, no emails. You have to snail mail to them to ask for details. Other things include being a freelance agent doing the administrative work for people claiming their ‘unclaimed assets’. A similat ebook can be downloaded free off the Internet.

Bob is exactly right. For our $8, we got a Word-document-PDF’d to look like an “ebook” 13 pages long (including front and back covers, intro page and table of contents). It includes the following lists:

  • Bead jobs
  • Sewing jobs
  • Assembly jobs
  • Business Opportunities, which includes “Sell Electronic Alarm Warning System Decals, Wood Toy Starter Kits, Start Your Own Clothing Business, Start your Own Plastercraft Manufacturing Business, and other similar “opportunities.” I wonder why they didn’t include starting your own hotel chain? That’s an opportunity, isn’t it? My personal favorite is “Independent Pantyhose Profiteer.” There’s something vaguely pirate-ish and forbidden about it, like I’m not sure if I would do this work in Adult Fetish stores or department stores.

Like Bob said, all of the job opportunities include only snail mail information and an occasional phone number. The first phone number I tried was disconnected. I got a recording on the second, but it was for the business it was supposed to be for. Lots of the jobs tell you to send a self-addressed stamped envelope and some money for a sample. Again, a personal favorite:

For a free starter kit, which contains all supplies and instructions along with a finished assembled sample Angel Pin, send $6.

Oh, and the Bonuses! sent three bonus ebooks with my order (in .exe files!?). They were:

  • eBay Secrets 2002
  • Book 2: Repairing Your Credit Score 2002
  • Book 3: Wholesale in 2002

2000.jpgThanks,! Do you also have some used toilet paper available at a discount? How about “Hot Stocks for 1998?” That would be just about as useful.

Are You Crafty?
These kids of jobs are not for me. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the right person with the right skills and tools (a hot glue gun?) might be able to find legitimate work. Is that person you? If so, let me know. Maybe I can toss you a name or two.

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  • bob

    I told them (39companies) that their ‘product’ or listing can be found freely in an almost unchanged style on the Internet. And that I already have it. It was imposssible to tell if you already have it unless you buy it and I asked for a refund. As expected, they refused to do so. Citing their ‘refund’ policy, ‘if you don’t find at least 5 WAH jobs, then contact us for a refund’. In no way did it say ‘if you don’t find at least 5 WAH jobs, then contact us and we WILL give you a refund’, right? hahaha. Its the usual cover-your-bu** phrasing 101. :-)

  • Paul Grapperhaus
    Paul Grapperhaus


    I have that Ebook from 39 companies. Which companies are you working for. What are they paying you and how is it going in general.


  • Carol

    Hey I’ve tried 39 companies and it worked for me. =) I got contacted by two companies right away and I just started working for them this week. Plus they sent me this form to work as an operator from my home. I guess it doesn’t work for everybody. =(

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