Do Not Buy the Online Cash Success Kit.

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Rating: 0. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Pros: See: rating.

Cons: It’s a negative opt-in scam. You give your credit card information over to pay for “shipping and handling” and you’re roped into hundreds of dollars of charges that you didn’t sign up for. I don’t think any more cons are required.

Our Recommendation: You can learn how to build a business online, for free, without having to give up your credit card information just to sign up. In fact, if you click here and check out our top recommendation, you’ll see exactly that.

Full Review

We have yet another new “Google” scam making the rounds on the Internet today; however, this time the main targets appear to be Facebook users. If you’ve landed on this page through a search engine, you’re probably wondering if this program is legitimate. It isn’t and the “free” trial could cost you hundreds of dollars. If you’re trying to get your money back from these guys, keep reading.

The Online Cash Success Kit Scam

The scam isn’t with the product itself, but rather the various monthly memberships you are immediately signed up for upon joining under a free trial. The fine print on the website claims that if you do not cancel your free trial within 7 days, you will be charged a monthly membership fee for various programs. Despite the 7-day warning, we’ve read numerous reports from victims stating that their trial money was taken, and then the following day around $80 in unauthorized charges was pulled from their bank accounts.

You do not want these people to have access to your personal and banking information.

Actual Customer Testimonials

I paid the $3.00 to find out what the earnings were all about. They use Googgles name as a lure to sucker you in. It has nothing to do with Google. In 1 day my credit card was charged $79.86. I called today, Monday, and the girl said she would cancel my membership. I insisted on receiving a refund, but, that is not their policy. I told her to send me the merchandise then because I wasn’t going to just let them have the money. I was transferred to a supervisor where I made a much bigger stink telling him I would file fraud charges with the bank and anyone else I could. He then told me he would see that I got my refund. We’ll see! Too bad our Gov can’t stop these scam artists.

We signed up for what we thought was a legitimate Google company. We still don’t know for sure who is running this company. The terms and conditions said we wouldn’t be charged for 7 days. This is what printed out after we signed up. We were charged $79.00 in 2 days. The terms said $47.50 on the 15th day after we signed up. Their customer service claimed this wasn’t their terms and conditions. How could they make that claim when the name was exactly the same and printed out on the screens we signed up on? Either someone didn’t proofread their terms or they are cheating the public using Google’s name to do so.

How to Get Your Money Back

Call this number: 1-888-591-2190. You may have a long wait, but it’s one of the few numbers out there that work. You need to make it very clear that you want to cancel every single monthly charge and that you want a refund on the money that they have taken out of your bank account.

I’ve read multiple reports that they have flat out refused to give refunds. If they refuse, demand to speak with a supervisor. Let them know you will be filing a chargeback through your credit card or banking company and you will be reporting everything to the FTC. Usually this is enough to get your money back.

You now need to do three things:

  1. File a fraudulent charge claim with your credit card or bank if they refuse to give you a refund. Explain to them your situation and the refused refund and let them know this company is notorious for taking money. Insist they perform a chargeback. They have the tools and information available to fight for your money.
  2. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. It is their job to monitor and go after these types of scams. Visit:
  3. File a complaint with your state Attorney General. Contact details here:

JustThink Media Contact Information

These guys are operating more scams than we could count. They range from teeth whitening, to Acai Berry, to Google money scams.

Just Think Media
Corporate Head Office
Suite 204, 85 Cranford Way
Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA T8H 0H9
Phone: 780.416.0211
Fax: 780.416.0218
Customer Service
Owner: Jesse Willams

If you’re fighting for a refund, I wish you luck. Be sure to outline any details in the comments below. It would be great to have verified methods of getting your money back from these guys.