I’ve Tried That Investigates: StoresOnline.com

I received a few requests to do a review of a program called StoresOnline. Apparently, it’s a company that sells eCommerce websites and training. They advertise seminars that are taking place all over the world and they invite you to come in, have some lunch, receive a free MP3 player, and listen to their pitch on how they’ll set you up with a profitable website.

They are a very intimidating and pushy bunch and try and convince you that you NEED StoresOnline if you want to have any shot at making money online. After the presentation, you’ll be forced to talk to a closer who will try and scare you to signup on the spot with the company. He or she will promise you that the company will build a couple websites for you and help you maintain them. Total cost? $6,000 plus monthly fees for website maintenance.

Yes, I did just say $6,000.

Is StoresOnline.com a Scam?

Unfortunately, this is one program I won’t be able to try personally. I simply don’t have the time to attend a conference, listen to someone spout nonsense, and decline a pushy sales person. So, I’ll be outsourcing the majority of the review.

Let’s start with their BBB report…

BBB Rating for Storesonline Inc

Based on BBB files, Storesonline Inc has a BBB Rating of F.

Factors that lowered this business’ rating include:

  • 807 complaints filed against business
  • Government action(s) against business
  • Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints

807 whopping complaints. This is the most I’ve ever seen against a single company. Plus the government is taking action against them and they have a history of not responding to customers. At this point, the review should be done, but I have to continue with a few customer horror stories.

MARJOH at scam.com writes…

I am very upset, it’s been a year that I felt for this…I went to the seminar and at that time I believe that it could be a good opportunity for me! but after a year of trying to make my website with no luck, I know that they are such a lie…I paid for the package $6k a year ago, and now they are calling me saying that if I need to get started my own business, they can help me if I invest from 9k to 10k, can you believe that? A year ago I didn’t have the 6k I used my cc to pay it and now with no business, with this economy they are asking me for more!!!!! I just want my 6k back and I don’t know what to do, I already called them and asked that if they don’t give me my money back I will sue them because they promise things that never happen!! and they didn’t care! I am out of 6k and don’t know what to do…Any advice will be appreciate it, thanks.

After taking $6,000, StoresOnline wanted an additional $10,000. Seriously.

goodpasture writes…

Stores Online is definately a scam everybody. I went to their free lunch and it cost me over $4000. My credit card won’t even allow me to back out. And yea they gave me that 3 day crap as well. Stores Online is the biggest wate of money ever. Plus let me mention that it’s not only $4000 for their ‘software” but they have all other additionals that they try to high-pressure you into buying and if you ever want to go live with your $4000 websites you just purchased did I mention there is a $29 PER MONTH PER WEBSITE fee for hosting it and you have to host it on their server or you lose half the stuff that their software does for you of course.

mmtrem writes…

About a month ago I received a postcard in the mail about attending a seminar to make money online from home. StoresOnline was the company holding this seminar that offered a free lunch. So, I held my spot to go and check it out. Most of the stuff they covered I have already known but they were offering another class for an 8 hour session for $99. They said the class was to learn about SEO so I was very interested in going. It was offered for the $99 for two people. So my friend and I went to this all day class. They never taught much of what they said they would but only to talk about how much money other people have made with the services they offered. I did learn a few things that will be of help to me in the future… however, they were selling two different packages, A Silver package for $3,400 and a Platinum package for $6,000 and then $29.95 a month. Whoa! Hold on a second… For real?

And I could go on and on and on. There are thousands of these reports out there. Don’t fall for the hype of the free MP3 player they offer for attending the seminar either. There are more complaints regarding not receiving the MP3 player than there are against the company itself.

Oh, and everyone says the lunch sucks.

So what do I suggest? It should be fairly obvious but stay as far away from StoresOnline as possible.

If you’ve had any experience with the company or even attended a seminar, let me know what you thought in the comments below.