How to Make Money Online Even if You’re “Just a Kid”

Summer’s coming and you want to make extra money- but you don’t want to be mowing Mrs. Meyer’s lawn again. The paper route is also not for you especially since someone ran over your bicycle. And your parents’ allowance just isn’t cutting it, not when you want to by cool stuff like the Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Vita.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do online to earn extra cash. The bad news is that many of these online sites require that you be 18 years of age or older. So, what can you do to make money online if you’re “just a kid”?

Browse the Web, Play Games, Watch Videos

If I told you could get paid to watch videos of cats on YouTube all day, would there even be a moment of hesitation on your part? Well it’s true. Create a free SwagBucks account and you can get paid to do just about anything you already do online. It’s free to join, you get a $5.00 offer just for signing up, and if you use the code IVETRIEDTHAT3 you’ll get a surprise cash bonus on top of the $5.00.

Swagbucks Bonus Code

Submit Content

Do you like to write, take pictures or create videos? If you said yes and are at least 13 years of age, you can get paid for submitting your content to websites like Helium, Triond and Gather. These sites are revenue-sharing sites that pay you based on the popularity (i.e., page views) of your content. Helium pays you through Paypal, Triond pays you through Paypal, check or Western Union, and Gather pays you through points that are redeemable for gift cards or cash through Paypal.

With Helium, you first need to find a channel that matches the topic of your proposed article. Once your article is submitted, other Helium users will rate it based on its quality relative to existing articles in the same channel. If your article lands in one of the top five spots of that particular channel, it will be featured and accumulate page views. Triond allows you to submit content in your choice of category and pays you 50% of your page view-generated revenue. The site also offers an online forum where you can make friends with fellow writers.

Gather is a content sharing site to which you can submit articles, photos or videos. You also earn by commenting on content submitted by other members. To purchase gift cards or obtain cash from your activities, Gather does require the involvement (i.e., consent) of your parent or guardian.

If you are 14 years of age or older, you can write for Xomba, another revenue sharing site that pays you through Google AdSense. Squidoo requires that its contributors be at least 18 years of age but will accept you if your parent or guardian acts as a proxy for you. This means that your parent or guardian needs to write a note to Squidoo authorizing your account.


If you already have a large online following and would rather keep all of your online earnings, creating and posting content to your own blog is a great way to make money online. Most online bloggers use Google AdSense as a way to generate online income.

You can create your own blog from scratch using a free program like WordPress and then pay a small fee for your own unique website address and hosting from a site like HostGator. Alternately, there are blog creation sites like Blogger, MyBlogSite and My Yahoo! Blog that allow you to post (and monetize) your content for free. The only catch with the above-mentioned free sites is that your blog’s web address will include a reference to that free site (e.g.,

Fill Out Surveys

Is there a computer game that you recently played and can review? Do you like to shop at a particular store? Is there one brand name that you prefer over another? If so, then you can get paid for taking online surveys. If you are at least 13 years age, you can complete surveys posted by the following companies:

American Consumer Opinion
Cash Crate (with parent/guardian permission)
NPD Online Research
Palm Research
Squishy Cash

Most of these companies pay via Paypal, but some do send checks by mail. Other companies allow you to “cash out” by trading in your money or points for gift cards.

Create Your Own Job

What if you have a talent for singing, can create an animated cartoon, or are good at programming? Fiverr allows you to post odd jobs that you will do for just $5. Keep in mind that Fiverr pays you only $4 out of the $5 that you earn through the site- but hey, it’s still $4 that you didn’t have before. Fiverr payments are made via Paypal.

Sell Stuff

Ebay is by far the #1 site to sell stuff online, from your old textbooks to that itchy sweater your Aunt Sally gave you for your birthday. Ebay’s policy regarding underage members is pretty clear:

“You must be at least 18 years old to be an eBay member. A person under 18 can use an adult’s account with the permission of the account holder. However, the account holder is responsible for everything done with that account.”

So, if you can prove that you are trustworthy to your folks, you should be able to sell (or buy) on Ebay.

The problem with Google AdSense and Paypal

Many other sites are open to minors beyond those listed above. However, the major problem with many of these sites is that, even if they do permit underage user sign-ups, their payment structures are largely geared towards Google AdSense and/or Paypal account holders. In case you didn’t know, both AdSense and Paypal require their users to be 18 years of age or older.

There is a way around this age requirement, however, and again, it goes back to your parents or guardians. An adult Google AdSense account holder can allow a minor to use his or her AdSense code. Likewise, a parent or guardian can set up a student Paypal account for a minor, allowing that minor to collect money online through any site that pays via Paypal. So, now’s the time to show your folks how responsible and trustworthy you can be.

How are you making money online? Share a tip below!

Weekly Scam Roundup – 4/26/2012

Here are the latest submissions for my weekly scam roundup. If you have received any similar emails, PLEASE post them in the comments below. By posting the emails, you will directly be helping other people by exposing scam artists!

If you’re researching a “job offer” and it is listed on this page, it is 100% absolutely guaranteed to be a scam. Stop talking with your “employer” AT ONCE. You are at risk of losing thousands of dollars and your identity. You could even end up with a criminal record if the authorities get involved. Do NOT do work for them and click on the links below to find out what to do next.

Scam Email #1

Cnooc Oil Base Group Limited
Address: No.25, Chaoyangmenbei Dajie,
Dongcheng District, Beijing, China 100010
Direct Telephone: +12064959910

Good Day,
Your response are well received,find below a brief introduction about this company.

The company (CNOOC) was established in 1982. We specialize in
Oil exploitation, technical service, chemicals, fertilizer production, refining, natural gas, power generation,
financial services, logistic services and new energies development with our age old tradition of Gmek system.

Since its establishment, CNOOC oil company has been excellent in nation building and impeccable in meeting
with today’s standard. We will be glad in employing your services to work as an Agent(s) on our behalf for
goods and raw materials we supplied to our customers in the United States of America/Canada ,Australia,Uk,
Dubai and you receive first hand payment from our customers in the region on our behalf in which you receive
a 10% (Ten Percent) payment in every transaction done on our behalf. Most payment (dealings) ranges from
$20,000.00 to 100,000.00 US Dollars.

lastly you are to provide us with the following particulars in other to commence with
work immediately:

#your name:
#Full address:
#Zip code:
#Cell phone number:
#Valid identification(Attached or number)

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Henry Morgan

Scam Email #2

Hello There.
I was checking on craigslist and i came accross your post. I’m Robert Lawrence and My wife’s name is Emily Lawrence. We are relocating to your neighbourhood from England. I recently got a contract with a company on a private research job with minimum of two years contract and possibility of extending the contract. However, I need someone who will help me to take care of the house by doing some house work while am off to work. Someone that will also help in running some errands and babysitting.

I will be offering you $500 weekly payment, i will be needing your services for 6 hours at any suitable time of yours, Tuesday and Saturday. If you believe you are fit for this position in as much you will prove yourself to be a reliable, responsible and good person, I have a financier that is based in the States and he will be handling the payment and some other expenses. I will instruct him to pay for the first two weeks before my arrival so as to secure your service.

My financier will be making out a check to you before our arrival, you will be receiving an overpayment bank check which you will deduct your pay for the first two weeks and you will be using the remaining to buy foodstuffs, art galley, home appliance and other things needed in the house. You will be getting this foodstuff on the day of our arrival which will be the 30th of This month. Actually our flights from England will arrive at nights so you will be getting the foodstuff in the morning and making all other preparations.

I just bought the house and as soon as all the paper work is finalize and i will instruct my estate agent to mail the keys of the house to you so that you can do all other necessary preparations before we arrive, I will also email you the shopping list after you received and cashed the check okay..

You have to get all this shopping before our arrival so that we wont have to start running around when we arrive, So my financier would be needing the following Information to make out the check.

Full Name:
Full address with zipcode & Apt Number:
Phone number:
Acceptance of offer:

All I need from you is total honesty and sincerity. I know you will be committed to the work, You will also have a nice period of time working with my wife. I will be waiting to hear from you.

Robert Lawrence

Scam Email #3

Subject: United Nations Internship
From: “United Nations Intern Services”

The United Nations provides opportunities for students enrolled in a
graduate programme to undertake an internship at its Headquarters in New
York, Geneva, Vienna, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Bangkok,
Beirut,Santiago,Arusha and The Hague.

Eligible candidates interested in doing an internship at the United
Nations Headquarters in New York or any of the mentioned countries can

The objective of the Internship Programme is threefold:

To provide a framework by which graduate and under graduate students from
diverse academic backgrounds may be assigned to United Nations Offices
where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work

To expose them to the work of the United Nations.

To provide UN offices with the assistance of highly qualified students
specialized in various professional fields.

The United Nations Headquarters Internship Programme is offered on a
two-month basis three times a year:
• Mid January to mid March (Spring Session): The vacancy announcement is
posted mid May, the deadline for applications is end of September.
• Early June to early August (Summer Session): The vacancy announcement is
posted mid September, the deadline for applications is end of April.
• Mid September to mid November (Fall Session): The vacancy announcement
is posted end of January, the deadline for applications is mid May.

To qualify for the United Nations Headquarters Internship Programme, the
following conditions must be met:

1. Applicants must be enrolled in a degree programme in a graduate school
(second university degree or higher) at the time of application and during
the internship; or

2. Applicants pursuing their studies in countries where higher education
is not divided into undergraduate and graduate stages must have completed
at least four years of full-time studies at a university or equivalent
institution towards the completion of a degree.

3. Development-related fields such as economics, international relations,
anthropology, sociology, public or business administration, or
environmental studies. Other fields of study may be considered depending
on the type of assignment;

Any work produced by interns during their internship within the framework
of the duties assigned to them should be used for academic purposes
exclusively. All economic and moral rights (copyright) pertaining to such
work will remain the exclusive property of the United Nations.

Interested undergraduate or graduate students should write via EMAIL ONLY
to the :

Ad Hoc Internship Coordinator,
Human Resources Operations Section,
Human Resources Management Service,
United Nations Office


Applications (in English) should include the following:

a) A covering letter stating the grounds for their application;
b) Recent curriculum vitae (CV);
c) Copies of their university degrees or a list of courses attended or
d) Abstracts of academic papers they have written if any.

All applicants must be currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate
programs. No phone calls, please.

After careful consideration of all documents submitted, only successful
candidates will be notified of their selection.

Kindly send the requested applications documents to the following email

Scam Email #4

I am Paula Humphreys. I am employed as a HR Manager.

Company we work for is quite recognized in IT Outsourcing market
which is situated in the United States. Main aim is to achieve
simpler communications between US outsourcing IT services with
international market in this area.

We are in need of part-time independent contractors countrywide.

These are some of the job requirements in brief:
-Availability, both online and on the phone, for 2-3 hours a day Mon-Fri.
-Confident and competent PC use
-24/7 Internet and e-mail access

Our firm’s initial incentives are:
– Payroll with a monthly gross of $2,300 – $4,500, including both base salary and commission
– Training and support
– Standard benefits for salaried-exempt employees, including
health, dental, life insurance and disability insurance

If you would like to learn more, please provide us your contact
information at

Best regards,
HR Recruiter
Paula Humphreys


Here is more information about the job position with LAMAR LLC.

Our company creates a positive outlook and prosperity of businesses and individuals across the world. Managing Information Technology Outsourcing lands a great possibility for growth and development.

The position being offered is for Financial Forwarding Coordinator.

Job requirements:
– Minimum 18 y.o.;
– constant internet access;
– home or mobile phone number;
– regular bank account (checking/savings) or a Verified Premier or Business PayPal account.

Employment benefits (upon completion of 30 days trial period):
– Paid holidays;
– Dental and Health;
– Professional development programs

Refer to the links below for additional information:

Frequently Asked Question:

Key points:
– No investment of funds on your part;
– Not a sales position, base pay along with commission is guaranteed;

For further information and inquiries you may contact us at

Limited Time Offer with a Sign On Bonus! Please follow the link:

Thank you for your time and interest with our company.

Best Regards,

Paula Humphreys
Phone: 1-585-286-3374
Fax: 1-585-410-6049

How to Successfully Market Your Ebook Online

Have you decided to offer your freshly written book as an ebook? Then you’ve made a wise choice. The Pew Research Center reports that at least one in five Americans has read an ebook in the past year. OverDrive, a distributor of ebooks and audiobooks to libraries, reports that ebook checkouts from libraries increased 200% in 2010.

Ebook sales are estimated to be $3.2 billion this year and to reach $9.7 billion by 2016, according to a market report published by Juniper Research. The main impetus for this growth is increased sales of ereaders and tablets like the iPad, NOOK and Kindle. With such devices becoming cheaper each and every year, more people than ever before are building digital libraries.

Even those folks who have yet to purchase an ereader or tablet will read ebooks on their computers or mobile phones. Indeed, ebook sales have become so successful that hardbook fiction sales have dropped over 10% according to Nielsen BookScan.

So, if you have an upcoming ebook to sell, you’re in good company. However, even with the favorable ebook market, you still need to invest in some marketing. Many authors subscribe to the “if you build it, they will come” mentality when it comes to ebook advertising; however, there is no guarantee that consumers will select your ebook from the many other (and even free) ebooks available. So, how can you make your own ebook stand out?

The single and most effective action you can take before releasing your ebook is to create your own fan club. Consumers who know about your ebook and who are looking forward to turning its digital pages are also more likely to purchase it than an unprepared audience. Such a fan club will also be of benefit to you should you have some hesitations about which chapters to include in or exclude from your ebook, whether additional points or explanations are needed, or even if your writing style is understandable for a given audience. Finally, if you decide to offer back-end products like videos, workbooks, classes or a second ebook, having a ready audience will increase the sales of these products.

How do you create your own fan club? Here are four different ways to do it online:

Create an ebook blog

You can start a blog for your ebook even while you’re in the process of writing it. This helps introduce you to your potential readers and lets them know you as a person. If you wish, you can create a forum for visitors to comment on your content, ask questions and offer suggestions. A blog also helps you rank well for your ebook title and subject matter in the search engine results pages, or SERPs.

Sample chapters can be listed in your blog, providing readers with an idea about your ebook’s theme and pace. These sample chapters can also be linked to a sales landing page. Finally, a blog is a useful tool for gathering subscriber emails, which can later be used as part of your email marketing campaign to gain buyers.

Start affliate marketing

You can offer your ebook through affiliate networks like Clickbank and Chitika so that affiliates list it on their websites and/or blogs in exchange for a pre-agreed commission. Doing this leverages your ebook marketing, effectively putting a team of salespeople at your disposal. Likewise, Google AdSense and Facebook Ads offer you the opportunity to advertise your ebook to a broad audience of potential customers, charging you only when someone clicks on your ad.

If you’d rather take a more personal approach with your ebook marketing, you could negotiate with individual website owners and bloggers whose sites you admire and would like to be featured on. This personal approach is time-consuming but advantageous in that you know who is marketing your ebook and what approach he/she is taking. Such a tactic also helps prevent your ebook from becoming associated with an unintentional or undesired branding (e.g., your ebook denouncing MSG is listed on the The Glutamate Association’s website).

Take advantage of social media

Marketing via social media is a great way to gain traffic, collect user feedback and create product awareness. Through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, a message posted on your profile can go viral and reach a large audience quickly. This helps establish your name and brand in the minds of individuals. Furthermore, these individuals can interact with you by posting comments or questions, helping to turn your marketing monologue into a dialogue.

Direct marketing of your ebook via LinkedIn or Facebook is a faux-pas; however, if you offer incentives to your audience, as well as useful advice and content, your sales page will eventually become inundated with visitors. Furthermore, viewers who like your content will help publicize it, increasing your fan club.

Write guest posts

Guest posting is an ideal method for tapping into another blogger’s audience and making it your own. When contacting another website or blog, pitch at least two to three article ideas as well as the key points that you wish to make in each of these articles. You needn’t talk about your ebook exclusively; however, it is imperative that your ebook be mentioned and linked somewhere in the blog post.

Once you have successfully guest posted on smaller and lesser known blogs, start targeting higher Page rank sites, mentioning your past posts as a kind of blogging resume. This will expand your audience dramatically and increase visits to your own ebook blog.

Is Mystery Shopping Really Worth the Effort?

For those of you who may not have heard of mystery shopping, it is an information gathering and quality assurance tool used by market research companies on behalf of their commercial clients. Mystery shopping may also be used by watchdog organizations or even companies themselves to measure certain parameters such as customer service, product selection, agent fairness, etc. The mystery shoppers who are contraced by the market research company or other establishment do not (usually) disclose their identity to the surveyed shop but act as typical customers.

They are also sent to the surveyed shop with a specific set of instructions; for example, a mystery shopper surveying a restaurant may be asked to observe whether the hot items on the restaurant’s buffet table are actually hot. When the mystery shopper has finished surveying the assigned shop, he or she fills out a detailed questionnaire at home and submits receipts. Once that paperwork has been successfully filed, the mystery shopper is reimbursed.

There are many market research companies that offer mystery shopping to everyday folks like you and me as a way of making extra money. There is no special training required to become a mystery shopper; in most cases, you simply submit your personal and contact information to the company and then check for shops that fit your profile. However, some mystery shopping companies do ask that potential shoppers go through their certification program before those shoppers can receive assignments. This certification ensures that the shoppers know and understand the company’s guidelines before engaging in mystery shopping. In such cases, the certification program is specific to the hiring company and is free.

For mystery shoppers who would like to get immediate preference on assignments from mystery shopping companies, the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, or MSPA, provides two levels of certification, termed Silver and Gold. These certifications are not free. Keep in mind that no mystery shopping company should require you to have MSPA Silver or Gold certification before you can start accepting shop assignments; however, having one or both of these certificates helps you get more and better assignments.

Focus on Cash Back Instead

We’re big believers here at optimizing your earnings while you spend time online. We highly recommend clicking here to create a free account at SwagBucks. You can get a percentage back on everything you spend online. It’s free to join and they’ve paid out over $115 million so far. Plus, you get a $5.00 bonus offer just for creating an account.

Mystery Shopping Scams

As with almost any work-at-home opportunity, there are mystery shopping scams out there too. “Middleman” sites that appear to be legitimate mystery shopping companies on the outside will ask you to pay an up-front or monthly membership fee before you receive mystery shopping assignments from them. Once you pay that fee, you receive the shopping assignments; however, these assignments would’ve been available for free had you gone to the mystery shopping companies directly instead of through the middleman site.

One of the best ways to ensure that you aren’t getting scammed is to check if the mystery shopping company is a member of the MSPA. Not every legitimate company belongs to the MSPA, but if it does, you can be assured that it is legitimate.

Is there money in mystery shopping?

So, how much money can you make through mystery shopping? Here is an example shop assignment that I completed not long ago:

We are currently looking for shoppers for great Italian restaurant shops in Madison WI.

Reimbursement amount is up to $70.

Shop must be performed with at least 2 adult diners.

We have lunch and dinner shops available in April and May. Shopper and guest must order two different entrees, a side dish and appetizer or dessert plus beverages. Children are welcome.

As you can see, this assignment did not make me money per se but I did get two free meals out of the deal. The shop report that had to be filled out within 24 hours of completing this assignment was rather lengthy and involved. Still- two free meals!

Here is another shop assignment that I applied for a few months ago (but was not assigned):

This batch of shops can be performed by a female or male shopper shopping alone or by a couple pretending to be getting married.

The main person doing this shop must be over 18.

Whether shopping alone or as a couple you need play the role as someone who is part of a committed couple looking for bridal sets. You can also perform the shop as though you are part of an established couple looking for “the set we couldn’t afford the first time.”

I need detail oriented shoppers between who are reliable and can write well.

These shops normally take between 15 and 20 minutes.

You are not required to make a purchase.

For this shop, you will be scheduled to go to a specific jewelry store. In order to complete this shop correctly, you will:

–Call ahead to the location ahead of time and ask their operating hours and confirm the address.
–You will visit the designated jewelry store, as a couple who is looking for engagement rings and wedding sets.
–Obtain a business card from the location.
–Submit your well written shop online within 24 hours.

Each shop pays $20 via Paypal.

As you can see, this assignment involves a call and visit to a jewelry store followed by a written evaluation of the shop. The compensation is only $20. Depending on where you live and how long it takes for you to visit and evaluate the shop, you could easily spend two hours on this assignment.

The Bottom Line With Mystery Shopping

To begin with, mystery shopping is not a scam but neither is it a full-time or even steady job. If you sign up with several mystery shopping companies, you will probably be doing 1-2 assignments per day at the rough equivalent of $10/hour. In some cases, your compensation will not be monetary and may include free meals, clothing, oil changes, product discounts, etc.

Personally, I’ve been able to do mystery shopping only because I’m now a full-time freelance writer and can therefore set my own work hours. Back when I was employed with an outside company, there was no way I could mystery shop around my work schedule. In many cases, the assigned shops had a completion hour assigned to them and that time typically occurred during business hours.

I’m not the biggest fan of mystery shopping but I’ve seen some of my friends “work it” and make several hundred bucks every month. As for me, I spend way too much effort on the assignments to really make them worth my time (which could be spent writing). Also, with gas prices rising ever higher, it’s hard to justify driving all over town for an extra $20.

Mystery Shopping Companies That I Have Worked With:

Here is a list of some legitimate mystery shopping companies that I have been associated with and some company reviews:

Confero Inc.

KSS International: This company offers shop assignments that pay anywhere from $5-$20 as well as high paying assignments like $40 oil changes. Payout is really slow though; my last assignment took almost two months to pay out by Paypal. I don’t do new shops with KSS until I’m paid, so I’ve done only three shops with them thus far.

NSite Inc.
SurfMerchants LLC
Summit Scheduling

TrendSource: This site passes out a lot of easy-to-do mystery shops that pay $8-$20/each. However, I did have trouble with a Papa John’s assignment that was rejected on the basis of my photos- and similar complaints against PJ’s have been heard from other mystery shoppers. Payout is twice a month by direct deposit or check. Canada/UK payout is by Paypal only.

If you’d like to find mystery shopping companies in your geographic area, you can do an online search using keywords like “mystery shopping” and input your town or region. Alternately, you can peruse the mystery shopping member list published by MSPA and find out if any of the listed companies operate in your area.

How to Participate in Paid Clinical Trials in 2024

Joining paid clinical trials is one of the easiest side hustles for anyone who wants to make quick cash, but doesn’t want the hassle of a minimum-wage job.

Today, you’ll learn what clinical trials are, and why they may be a good source of side cash.

I’ll even share my experiences with clinical trials, and how much I’ve been paid.

I’ll also discuss some things you should know before signing up for your first clinical trial and the top 3 reputable sources you should consider (plus additional ones) when looking for clinical trials near you.

Things To Know About Clinical Trials

  • Inpatient vs. outpatient trials

Inpatient clinical trials require that the subject (meaning you) stay at the facility for the length of the study, sometimes even overnight.

Outpatient clinical trials require that the subject appear for the initial screening and trial start and then complete several follow-up visits.

  • Control vs. test group

Study participants are categorized into control and test groups.

The control group is typically not administered the intervention and usually receives the placebo.

Participants may also be recruited for the direct purpose of being part of the control group.

For example, a study may need participants who do not have diabetes so that their responses can be compared to those participants who do have diabetes.

  • Phase I, II, or III 

If the clinical trial involves the development of a new drug or medical procedure, that intervention must pass through a series of tests, or phases, before being approved by the FDA.

Phase I trials assess the safety of the intervention relative to placebo.

Phase II trials assess intervention efficacy (i.e., does it work).

Phase III trials fine-tune intervention dosing and confirm efficacy in a larger number of people.

Other Ways to Make a Little Extra Money from Home

If you’re looking for some easier, less intense ways to make money from home, I have the following recommendations:

How Much Can You Earn when You Join Paid Clinical Trials?

The amount a clinical study pays its participants vary depending on multiple factors, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Medical condition studied
  • Length of the study
  • Phase of the study
  • Number of in-person visits required
  • Duration of visits
  • Inpatient or outpatient studies
  • Distance and frequency of travel required
  • Number of phone calls or virtual check-ins required
  • Effort needed to track daily symptoms and insights in a patient diary
  • Number and complexity of examinations required

The range of payment can be between $50 to $500 per day/visit.

To give you a better idea, interview-only studies pay lower. This is because you’re only required to answer questions and not undergo any medical examinations.

You can then expect in-person studies and studies requiring medical tests to pay higher.

Generally, Phase I trials pay more than Phase II to IV trials, as Phase I studies demand more time and effort from patients, in terms of longer durations of visits, more detailed symptom tracking, and more sample collections and tests than the latter phases of the study.

Benefits of Paid Clinical Trials

Aside from the money, however, there are some major benefits to participating in clinical trials.

  • Free Check-ups: For starters, clinical trials require that the subject undergo a physical examination, often for free.

If it’s been a while since your last physical check-up, this is a good way to find out about your health.

Drug trials often require more extensive examinations; you might be required to undergo an EEG, EKG, MRI, or complete blood analysis.

The findings from such normally expensive tests can be invaluable for your personal health.

  • Life-saving Meds or Procedures: Assuming you have a condition that is being studied in a clinical trial, that trial can even end up saving your life.

For instance, thousands of cancer patients sign up annually for clinical trials in the hopes that such trials will cure or at least delay their cancer.

However, even if all you have is a simple allergy, it is an annoyance at best and life-threatening at worst.

Participating in a clinical trial that attempts to treat your condition can go a long way towards ridding you of this disease.

  • Help Other People who are sick: Finally, there is the humanitarian aspect of participating in clinical trials.

Without human test subjects, many currently successful treatments for HIV and AIDS would not exist.

Likewise, many vaccines on the market today owe their realization to volunteers who willingly underwent testing.

Medicine does not advance without the altruism of human test subjects.

My Personal History With Paid Clinical Trials

Back when I was a struggling graduate student at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), I sought out and participated in a number of clinical trials.

The resource I used to find out about clinical trials was the website

It’s worth mentioning that NIH clinical trials are offered all over the United States and worldwide, not just at its main campus in Bethesda, Maryland.

My Paid Clinical Trial Experience at National Institute for Mental Health

One of the major clinical trials that I participated in was at the National Institute for Mental Health.

There, I underwent a series of fMRI scans as the control (or so they told me) in a gambling study.

This trial was actually quite fun because I got to gamble while lying inside of the scanner.

If I placed my bets just right, I actually won money in addition to the pay I was making from the study. I made roughly $100 for every hour I spent inside of the fMRI.

By the time my gambling study was done, I’d accumulated roughly $1550, with $50 of that money coming from my winnings from gambling.

After this study closed, I was asked if I wanted to undergo a PET scan for a Parkinson’s disease drug study.

The only hitch here was that the medication was radioactive. I made sure to ask every question I could think of before agreeing to participate in this study.

When I was done, I had $500 in my pocket.

My Paid Clinical Trial Experience with University of Wisconsin

Once I graduated and moved to Madison, I looked up clinical trials at the University of Wisconsin.

I located a Phase III allergy study and qualified for it once a skin prick test confirmed that I had a ragweed allergy.

For the next six months, I took a daily sublingual dose of ragweed extract in order to desensitize my body to ragweed. I also recorded any allergy symptoms that I experienced.

For this study, I was required to show up at the lab once a month and give an update of my condition (which included an annoying pregnancy test every single time).

At each of these follow-up visits, I was paid $75. By the time the study was complete, I was $675 richer and hopefully allergy-free.

A year later, the UW allergy study coordinator informed me that I had previously been assigned to the placebo group.

This meant that I had not been taking the study medication at all. Although this sounded disappointing, it also qualified me to do the allergy study again.

I agreed to a repeat study and by the end of another 6 months had amassed another $675 (and was truly allergy-free. Maybe).

My Paid Clinical Trial Experience with Pharmaceutical Companies

I also signed up for two clinical trials conducted by Covance (now Labcorp), a company that performs thousands of drug trials for pharmaceutical companies and other labs.

  • I signed up for a $4,200 HIV drug trial with Covance and spent nearly a day there getting qualified.

In the end, the techs didn’t like the results of my EKG very much and disqualified me.

I still made $100 for my time, though.

  • The second time I showed up at Covance, it was for a $1,700 fat absorption drug study.

This time, I probably would’ve physically qualified.

However, due to the large turnout of volunteers, a lottery had to be conducted.

Needless to say, I didn’t win—though I did make $50 for my time.

Covance pays extremely well for participation in clinical trials. However, the physical criteria for its studies can be difficult to achieve.

Also, because the studies pay so well, there is an overabundance of volunteers.

Some people actually earn a good living (up to $60,000/year) by participating in Covance trials.

Things to Consider

In the United States, the FDA regulates paid clinical trials through what’s known as its principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) that focus on human subject protection (HSP).

However, some clinical trials still manage to slip under the FDA radar and violate basic GCP principles. Protect yourself from undue harm by doing the following:

  • Always read the research protocol and ask questions.

If there is something in the protocol that you don’t understand, don’t be shy about requesting more information.

The study coordinator should know the answers to your questions. If not, he should know who to ask for clarification.

  • You have the right to end your participation in the study at any time.

If you become uncomfortable continuing with the study, then you have the right to quit it without losing the compensation you have received thus far.

Furthermore, a good study coordinator should ask you at every follow-up visit if you wish to continue the study.

  • Remember that not all clinical trials are safe.

Clinical trials test drugs and therapies whose side effects are still unknown.

Some test medications are dissolved in compounds to which you could have an allergy or other reaction.

If your gut tells you that a particular study isn’t safe, don’t do it!

There are plenty of other paid clinical trials through which you can participate and make money.

Where to Find Paid Clinical Trials: 13 Places that Welcome Volunteers for Clinical Trials

Trials can impact your life severely, so make sure you stick with the most reputable sources.


If you can’t find a clinical trial here, you’re unlikely to find one anywhere. houses the largest database of approved trials around the world, both privately and publicly funded.

There are over 350,000 available studies within the database at any given time.

As such, take advantage of their search form to find a study that best suits you. You can search by symptom, medication, body part, location, pharmaceutical company, agency, disease, and so on.

2. National Cancer Institute

NCI publishes its list of cancer-related approved trials directly on their website.

Those at risk, currently treating cancer, or those in remission are the targets for these trials.

Search by location to get the best list nearest you.


This one requires a little more work. publishes its full list of approved pharmaceutical companies.

You can click through each member on that list to find available trials.

The list does include location, which is great if you land clinical trials that last two or more months.

Your odds of finding an approved clinical trial increase by picking locations nearest you.

4. Fortrea (Formerly Labcorp)

As I mentioned above, Fortrea, formerly Labcorp, executes clinical research studies on behalf of the world’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations.

They conduct over 100 drug trials every year and have been involved in the development of the top 50 drugs currently on the market.

You can search for ongoing and upcoming clinical trials in the US and in the UK.

5. by IQVIA

IQVIA is another clinical research company that performs paid clinical trials for various pharmaceutical and biochemistry organizations.

Their clinical trials are mostly in the US, though, so if you live outside of the US you might want to look elsewhere.

6. Syneos Health

Syneos Health is a company based in Quebec that hosts clinical trials mostly in Montreal and Quebec.

They mostly look for healthy, non-smoking volunteers, except for their Human Abuse Potential studies that require recreational drug users to participate.

A few of their studies pay up to $5,000.

What’s more, if you enroll in their database and complete a study, you’ll be eligible for their referral program, which pays $100 for each new participant and $250 for new participants who meet specific enrollment criteria.

7. Antidote has a proprietary Smart Match search engine that makes the process of finding paid clinical trials easier for potential participants.

It involves answering a series of questions, including the medical condition you have, age, gender, and how far you’re willing to travel, and it will show you registered clinical trials and what phases they’re in.

8. Velocity (formerly Meridian)

Velocity Clinical Research connects participants to clinical trials to companies and clinical research organizations (CROs).

To find ongoing clinical trials near you, complete the form on their site with your information, and an enrollment specialist with Velocity will contact you so you can review studies that are the right fit for you.

If you yourself aren’t eligible to participate, you can still earn up to $25 for referring someone who is.

9. Clinical Hero

Clinical Hero works with various companies and clinics to recruit patients and volunteers for their clinical research studies.

On their search page, you can easily search for clinical studies by location. You can easily see if they need healthy volunteers or those with existing medical conditions, plus if the researcher chooses to display it, you can see how much they pay.

You can also subscribe to their mailing list to get information about paid clinical trials that you might be eligible for.

10. ICON Studies

ICON is looking for medical research heroes to participate in clinical studies.

Each ICON clinical study has requirements for participants based on specific factors such as age, medical history and current health.

The eligibility criteria in each study protocol are used to identify the volunteers best qualified to participate.

While participation in a clinical study at ICON is voluntary, you may be reimbursed for your time and travel.

Compensation is based on the length of the study, the number of overnight stays, the number of out-patient visits you attend, and also based on risk.

You may also be compensated for specific procedures depending upon the study.

11. Cen Exel Research

Volunteering for paid clinical trials at CenExel is straightforward.

On the first page of CenExel, you’ll get to see a list of studies, eligibility (age, gender), amount of compensation, location of CenExel center the study will be held, and if the trial is open for enrolment, ongoing or upcoming.

12. CenterWatch

CenterWatch, a WCG Company, has been providing clinical trials information since 1994.

Today, CenterWatch delivers critical industry insights to 150,000 life science executives every week through its newsletters, conferences, webinars, books, in-depth market surveys, industry profiles and clinical databases.

Volunteers can join by illness/diseases, but if you can’t find a suitable study for you, simply sign up as a volunteer and you’ll be notified as soon as their database finds you a match.

13. Worldwide Clinical Trials

When you participate in a clinical trial, you help move medicine forward and improve the lives of others.

Volunteers first need to get screened before joinign a study, followed by a health assessment.

You can immediately start a trial, as long as you’re eligible for an existing clinical research study.

Not all trials are paid. In some cases, you may be compensated for your time and travel expenses related to study participation.

Are these Paid Clinical Trials Available in 2024?

There are plenty of paid clinical trials are out there if you know where to look.

The paid clinical trials listed above are legit and available in 2024, if you fit the specific requirements.

Remember though that these trials have a starting and ending date, which means they won’t be available forever.

Also, stick with reputable sites as this is your health and well-being on the line.

I recommend checking out our guide on how to get paid to sleep or how to get paid to cuddle. There are some interesting clinical trials described there, including NASA’s famous paid sleep study.

If you’re interested in continuous learning, you can also check out my guide on how to get paid to go to school.