Quick Summary of Wealthy Wheat Trader

Rating: 0.1 Its another tricked-out commodity-based binary options scam.

The Good: Thanks to the swiped intro video, you learn that wheat is a very versatile product.

The Bad: The scammers pepper you will all kinds of sales hooks, such as a low starting deposit, astronomical odds of winning, and lack of any required effort. And all for "free!!"

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Wealthy Wheat Trader Review

There’s a “new” binary options bot in town, and its name is Wealthy Wheat Trader. Oddly enough, this bot reminds me of the “Oiligarch” app and the recently reviewed AppleBot due to its similar focus on a single commodity/stock and its similar sales funnel. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if these three bots are somehow related.

When you open the Wealthy Wheat Trader, or WWT, you are shown a professional-looking and sounding video that touts the endless possibilities of wheat. This is followed up by self-made millionaire William Fleming, who claims that he’s made millions of dollars from this commodity- even though he never even finished high school:


Who is William Fleming?

If you are to believe what is being presented to you during the WWT sales pitch, William is a guy who made tens of millions of dollars trading a single commodity: Wheat. Ironically, William himself has a wheat allergy.

William even shows screen shots of his bank account, which contains over $60 million.

Based on his years of experience with trading just this single commodity, William was able to create a binary options auto-trader that deals exclusively with wheat.

That’s also the spiel you read when you receive one of the WWT emails:

Wheat is the most widely grown commodity in the world and why it made perfectly good sense to multi millionaire William Fleming to develop an app that focus’ primarily on profiting from it!

But who exactly is William Fleming? When I searched online for this guy, the only possibility I found was a financial adviser who lives in Belvedere Tiburon, California. And it appears that this financial adviser is no more:

william fleming

If this is the William Fleming of WWT, he’s broadcasting from beyond the grave.

What is the Wealthy Wheat Trader?

Let’s focus on William Fleming’s auto-trader for a minute. What exactly is this software and how does it function?

To begin with, William states that his app is so good, it has an impressive win rate of 99.93%:

WWT app

“With my app, it’s impossible for you to lose!” William states. Technically, that’s incorrect. But I digress…

The WWT app focuses on wheat and wheat alone because it is a high trading volume product that is used in a number of goods, not just bread. Apparently, wheat is a component of at least 60 products. And because it is also a food, wheat will never undergo low demand and therefore trading.

More trades mean more wins for you.

The WWT auto-trader automatically trades small monetary amounts like $25, producing profits of $20 per each executed call/put. Due to the sheer volume of wheat trading in a single day, William’s account undergoes 199-400+ trades/day, which nets him at least $3,980 even on his worst trading day.

William estimates that the “average” trader (i.e., you) will land between 240-260 trades/day, with each trade averaging $20 in profit.

This auto-trader does not need to be downloaded either, which saves you the worry of also downloading a virus or some sort of malware/spyware program.

All this is nice to know, but there is no real explanation provided as to how or via what mechanism the WWT app operates. I can assume some algorithm is involved, but that’s only my assumption. I could also assume the app is powered by purple unicorns, but again, that’s just my assumption.

Wealthy Wheat Dreaming…

Once you provide your contact details on the first sales page, you are directed to a second sales page, which also features a sales video. Here, William spends a good deal of time painting a rosy picture of your financial future, complete with the requisite sports cars, luxury houses and exotic vacations you’ve come to expect.

wheat dreams

Why is William offering you this incredible future, a future free of financial concerns?

We’re only told that he has made hundreds of millions of dollars by now and is ready to “pay it forward” and help make the general public rich. William wants nothing back in return for his goodwill gesture.

You even get to work with William’s “Master Coach,” who will help you use the software. And again, for free.

However, there is just one small catch: You must sign up and use one of William’s tested and recommended brokerage firms. While you are free to use the WWT app with any broker, you will not be guaranteed those amazing 99.83% win rates if you go with a different broker.

What are the recommended brokers? I got the following when I signed up for my “free” account:


As soon as I opened this account, William was on a (now) third video asking me to make a small deposit. On a hunch, I decided to check the code of the link I’d used to create my account.

<iframe src=”http://tracking.binarypromos.com/aff_c?offer_id=1550&amp;aff_id=4282&amp;url_id=13648&amp;aff_sub1=1141760330&amp;aff_sub2=halina1975@hotmail.com&amp;aff_sub5=hydro123″ id=”tracking-link-1432832683699″ style=”display:none”></iframe>

As I’d suspected, there were affiliate links all over the place, which means that William and/or his cohorts had affiliate commissions coming in via account signups and financings.

There is an affiliate program on the WWT sales page; however, when I perused my favorite scam program affiliate network, Clicksure, I also located the following:

wealthy wheat

Is the WWT bot even real?

There’s no way to prove that the WWT bot exists until you make that “small” deposit that activates the auto-trader. My first suspicion was that the bot did not exist. However, one reviewer on the Warrior Forum had this to say:

warrior review

One testimonial may or may not be enough to prove to you that the WWT bot exists. So, what about the other proof that most people look for- customer testimonials?

WWT provides photos and earnings reports from at least four customers:


I made the usual search on Google images to find stock photos of these satisfied customers and was rewarded with the following on Katherine F.:

women over 50

I also found photos of Robinn D. all over Twitter (as TechyGeek82), except that on those accounts he wasn’t called Robinn D. Judging from his most recent posts, I don’t think this person is involved in any kind of binary options trading.

My summary of WWT

These findings all lead me to conclude that even if the WWT auto-trader does exist, it is not performing as advertised. Frankly, the only real money I see WWT making is off the backs of duped traders who make deposits at the “recommended” brokerage.

This “auto-trader” is clearly not worth your time and money.

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