Quick Summary of Atlas Intelligence

Rating: 0.5 This 'A.I. software' has nothing going for it other than fancy vocabulary.

The Good: The Atlas Intelligence platform doesn't use too much hype as it tries to "educate" you about A.I.

The Bad: This platform is just another binary options trading scam that will cost you $350 in the end.

The Bottom Line: Stay away from this "intelligent" scam and seek out solid and dependable business opportunities elsewhere like our #1 recommendation to build an online business for example.

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Atlas Intelligence Review

In the world of binary options scams, there are many methods used by scammers to entice you to part with your money. Some scammers use the “exclusive membership” method. Others try to bait you with their “pay it forward” ruse.

Some scammers try the educational angle, providing classroom-style lessons and even throwing in a few facts and figures. That’s the approach that the Atlas Intelligence scammers take with their latest binary options trading scam- I mean, business opportunity.

Introducing: Atlas Intelligence

Today 23 Everyday People like YOU & Me Claimed Their FREE Atlas Passport & Cashed In $69,007Now It’s Your Turn!

This is the headline that greets you when you first encounter Atlas Intelligence, one of the most recently introduced binary options auto-traders. You also see a supposed streaming webinar that features a “live product demonstration.”

First of all, this “webinar” is neither streaming nor is it live. It’s a recorded video. But I digress.

The video then goes into what the Atlas software consists of. Lots of big words are thrown out, like “artificial intelligence,” “exponential technology,” “context aware learning,” and “cloud data processing.” In essence, Atlas Intelligence is an artificial intelligence software that trades for you using an adaptive algorithm.


The webinar host makes some incredible claims about Atlas, stating that it’s constantly learning and improving on its performance. Indeed, Atlas “improves by the minute.” Also, Atlas is “always 2 steps ahead of the game.”

After that quick overview, you see the usual quips about how easy it is to use Atlas: You only need a computer and Internet connection, “zero skills or experience required,” etc. And best of all, Atlas Intelligence is completely free to download and use.

But act fast…

At the end of the webinar, the announcer encourages you to sign up and get your free Atlas Passport today, because “I guarantee, these will not be available tomorrow.”

I found this to be an odd statement because I encountered this sales video several days in a row during my review of the product. At no point in time was I unable to sign up for my free Atlas passport.

Furthermore, why would software be available for only a limited time? It’s software, not some limited product that has to be produced again and again. Software can be downloaded ad infinitum.

Our ‘satisfied customers’

Once you sign up for the Atlas Passport, you enter a new area that features a glowing customer testimonial by Amy A. atlas testimonial

Interestingly, Amy A. is also Katie Harvey (aka kymmypops), who does testimonial gigs on Fiverr:

katie harvey fiverr

You may also have seen Katie as Cindy of the currently operating Profit with Cindy scam.

This guy, who is now Rick M., also appears with his glowing testimonial of Atlas Intelligence:

atlas testimonial2

If you have not been introduced to Rick before, he is a veteran testimonial provider for various binary options scams, including Armchair Millionaire and The Traders Oracle. On his Fiverr profile page, there is even another example testimonial that he provides for Binary Cheat.

Now, if the testimonials for Atlas are fake, how much do you want to bet that the Atlas software is also fake?

The real intel on Atlas Intelligence

Once you provide some additional contact details via the Atlas Intelligence platform, you are forwarded to your country-specific binary options trading platform. In my case, I was forwarded to the Binary International platform.

At this point, you again see the Atlas Intelligence introductory video, and above that video the statement “Start Atlas right now by making your $250 deposit!”

When you click “Start Atlas,” however, you are prompted to actually deposit $350 in order to activate the auto trading software:

binary international

Incidentally, just before I reached this platform, I had to click on a Login button. After looking up the coding on this button, I discovered the following:

<iframe src=”http://tracking.binarypromos.com/aff_c?offer_id=1570&amp;aff_id=5270&amp;url_id=14858&amp;aff_sub1=1212991790&amp;aff_sub2=halina1975@hotmail.com&amp;aff_sub5=mclapcott” id=”tracking-link-1433510631016″ style=”display:none”></iframe>

Yep, that’s right, folks- affiliate codes. The Atlas Intelligence software might be free to download, but the creators of this software are making money once you enter their recommended binary options brokerage area and fund your trading account with that $350.

Why would there be affiliate codes associated with Atlas Intelligence?

The answer to this question goes right back to Clicksure:

atlas intelligence

My summary of Atlas Intelligence

Whenever a product features fake testimonials, no solid proof of stated performance, as well as affiliate and sub-affiliate links, you are best advised to stay away.

Now, whether or not the AI software Atlas Intelligence actually exists is anyone’s guess. However, until you make that initial $350 deposit, you won’t know for sure. Even if you do make a deposit, there is no guarantee that the software will perform as advertised.

Finally, should you accept the bonus money offer from Binary International (and bonus money is often automatically added to your account, without your approval), you will not be able to withdraw your initial $350 deposit until you’ve made the brokerage’s required number of trades. By that time, you risk losing not only your bonus money, but your initial deposit too.

If you are looking for a real business opportunity that will make you money, it’s just not going to be found with Atlas Intelligence. Unless you’re selling this system as an affiliate, that is.

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