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Rating: 0.2 Another lame binary options scam.

The Good: The cheesy videos are a big tip-off that this 'system' is a scam.

The Bad: You have to listen to "Nigel" drone on and on about how you're going to get rich almost instantly.

The Bottom Line: Stay away from this obvious scam. Check out our #1 recommendation instead.

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Elite Gold Profits System Review

Question: What happens when you combine keywords like “elite,” “gold” and “profits” in order to grab people’s attention and hopefully their hard-earned cash?

Answer: You get the binary options scam called Elite Gold Profits System.

What is the Elite Gold Profits System?

This sham starts off with the following email from “Human Resources”:

Re: Your recent job application

We are glad to tell you that you have been selected
to be taken to the next stage of the employment process.

Follow the link below to learn what happens next.

==>> Click Here

Kind Regards

Human Resources Team

When you click on the enclosed link, you hear someone named Nigel Pearson describe how he has been making money for multi millionaires and even billionaires for the last few years and is now ready to make you lots of money too.

For whatever reason, a rotating set of photos of stars like George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce is shown in the upper left hand area of the screen. Are these the multi millionaires and elite members that Nigel has been helping? We never find out- but it is strongly hinted that the “elite” that Nigel deals with on a daily basis are those people you’d “see on TV, in the movies or on the front pages of the Financial Times.”


Nigel goes on to state that the opportunity he is about to present you with is highly limited and time sensitive. “In the next 3 minutes and 27 seconds I’m going to give you the chance to join me and allow me to make money for you. And after that you’ll have approximately 2 minutes and 23 seconds to decide if you want to join me or continue losing.”

What’s this incredible opportunity?

As we learn from the many lined up customer testimonial videos, this opportunity has to do with binary options trading systems. The Elite Gold Profits System is a binary options trading system that actually works- as opposed to all the other scammy or useless trading systems out there. It’s such a good trading system, in fact, that it has a success rate of 98.7% on trades.

How is the Elite Gold Profits System unique? One of the giveaways here is the word “gold.” Apparently, the auto-trader focuses on quick price fluctuations in gold. While a human trader would be unable to catch these price fluctuations in time to take advantage of them, the auto-trader detects and capitalizes on those price dips or peaks. At least, that’s the story we’re told.

Here is just one very satisfied customer who has used the Elite Gold Profits System:


Once you enter your email, you enter a second sales page that contains the following customer photos and testimonials:

However, despite all this proof and the excessive number of provided testimonials, I am just a bit hesitant to recommend this get-rich-quick system.

Why am I skeptical about the Elite Gold Profits System?

If you look at all the “proof” that Elite Gold Profits System offers, the majority of it can be traced back to fake videos and scraped photos. For example, here is the guy who provided the above video testimonial about making $22,000 in profit- apparently, he also sells video testimonials on Fiverr.


This guy has also appeared in other binary options scams, like this one.

What about those photo-linked customer testimonials?

By doing a very basic reverse image search, I found every one of these customer photos to have been scraped from websites ranging from Wikipedia to LinkedIn to a university staff page. “Timothy C. Smart” is actually Dr. Howard Grey (located on LinkedIn). “Sally Larkin” is the Australian actress Julia Harari. “John K. Schroeder” is João Carlos Nara Júnior (also located on LinkedIn). “Gerald Jame” is actually João Rufino (located at Carnegie Mellon).

The Elite Gold Profits System is also highly recommended by various bloggers and Reddit posters. However, when you click on the provided links that lead you to the auto-trader sales page, you inevitably notice affiliate codes such as these:

http://elitegoldprofits.com/-SPLT/ vip-free.php?clickID=1754954810&aff=link7252&c=US&tid=1022fb3c7c4a2f50008539d18b5246&aff_id=4344

Why are there affiliate codes posted throughout these objective reviews?

The answer lies, once again, in Clicksure:


When the creators of the Elite Gold Profits System offer a hefty $250 commission, it’s no wonder that affiliates line up to recommend this product.

One additional reason to be leery of this auto-trader is the recommended brokerage involved. When I finally got through all the sales pages associated with Elite Gold Profits, I was taken to Ivory Option. This overseas brokerage, as noted in a previous post, is not regulated.

Ivory Option requires that you deposit a minimum of $500 into your trading account. While the creators of Elite Gold Profits assure you that this is your money and can be withdrawn at any time, they also state that your deposit will be matched with “free” money once you set up your trading account. However, here is Ivory Option’s policy regarding such bonus money:

In order to withdraw funds from an account that has been credited with a trading bonus, the trader will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of (bonus amount + Deposit) x25.

Due to this policy, if you receive any bonus money, you’ll be locked out of withdrawing your funds until you’ve made many trades. By then, you’ll likely have lost your initial investment.

Don’t get scammed

Elite Gold Profits is yet another in a long line of binary options trading scams. Don’t lose your money to it!

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Last Updated: July 29, 2015

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  • Susan L. Atkins
    Susan L. Atkins

    I think I was scammed. They took out of my bank account £250. Instead of £161.00. But I won around about £47.75 paid out to account. Started to withdraw my money. Said two days pending. Will I ever get any of it back?
    Susan Atkins

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