Quick Summary of Protected Profits with Justin Stine

Rating: 0.5 Yet another binary options trading scam

The Good: You aren't subjected to the usual Fiverr actors posting fake reviews.

The Bad: You hear Justin go on and on about his life story, including a math award, employment with Goldman Sachs, then some sort of neurological breakdown that resulted in him developing Protected Profits.

The Bottom Line: Steer clear of this neurological breakdown resulting in a scam mess. Click here to learn how to build a real business instead.

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Protected Profits with Justin Stine Review

The Protected Profits sales video starts out with some rather bold claims. For example, you are led to believe that you’ll soon be earning $2,000 each and every day due to a “secret hedge fund trick.” You’re also told that you’ll never lose a trade again. Protected Profits even makes it seem that you’ll be earning at least $20K/month:

Protected Profits

What is Protected Profits?

“You’re about to be exposed to an underground trick used only by elite traders on Wall Street,” says Justin Stine, the supposed math genius and originator of Protected Profits.

Supposedly, this trick that Justin discovered will “force profits of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars per day into your account.”

How will this occur? I’m glad you asked.

Protected Profits is actually a binary options trading app.

The Protected Profits app spots two trade setups per minute, which is 120 trade setups per hour. “With the markets being open 24 hours, 5 days a week, that’s almost 15,000 trade setups per week,” says Justin.

According to him, big hedge funds can spot a losing trade a mile away, so they place an opposite trade to offset it. This creates a neutral trade that neither wins nor loses money.

“This is exactly what we’ve been working on over the last couple of years,” he says. It’s also the reason hedge funds are making billions of dollars…They use advanced algorithms to protect themselves against losses, creating so-called “Protected Trades.”

So, there you have the reasoning and motivation for Protected Profits.

Where is the proof?

“What if I told you we did something no one ever dared to do before…we opened up the very core of our trading machine.” You hear how you won’t be seeing just a bunch of fake trade statements, but rather, a live demonstration of how the Protected Profits app works. So, without further ado…

Protected Profits 4

This is the Protected Profits app in action, checking the markets for profitable trades. Justin then locks in several profitable trades and executes them, showing us how he just netted several hundred dollars.

Justin also tells you that he’s invited his early access members to post screen shots of their trading accounts as further proof that this app works. You see those screen shots if you scroll down the sales page.

Who is Justin Stine?

You should trust Justin Stine because, apparently, he is a boy genius who, at age 19, won the William Lowell Putnam award…

Interestingly, I located Justin here:

Protected Profits 9

I also found Justin Stine on LinkedIn. According to his LinkedIn profile, Justin Stine is a 2014 graduate from St. Mary’s in math and physics and is pursuing a graduate degree in electrical engineering.

This doesn’t sound like the 30-something Justin Stine who has already had a career at Goldman Sachs and won the WLP math award at age 19 (or about 2005).

Other troubling signs…

1. The fake counter

When I entered my name and email into the form on the first sales page, I was directed to this screen. Justin told me that only several spots remained and I had to act fast to secure my place.

Protected Profits 10

However, as soon as I refreshed this page, guess what happened?

Protected Profits 11

2. The Clicksure ad

Clicksure is an affiliate network well-known for stocking scammy and shady products that have a typical 50% refund rate. If Protected Profits is so good, why is it being advertised here- and especially when Justin states that “only 20 licenses are available”?

Protected Profits 12

Notice also that Protected Profits comes to you courtesy of the same folks behind Verified TraderFisher Method, and Verified Profits. These other binary options trading apps were previously reviewed on I’ve Tried That and found to be scams.

3. Fake Facebook reviews

Protected Profits tries to show you how its “members” are doing by posting their Facebook testimonials on its sales pages:

Protected Profits FB

However, there is no way you can click on these members and actually contact them. Also, when you look at the coding behind that Facebook area, it’s simply an image, not a feed.

4. Binary Book is your broker.

Justin says that you’ll need to open a new brokerage account and deposit $250 with one of his “select group of brokers.” In my case, my “selected” broker was Binary Book.

While I do prefer BinaryBook to other brokerages because it’s based in the U.K. and is actually regulated by the CySEC, this brokerage is still located overseas and is not exactly within immediate reach should anything go awry. Also, the brokerage requires a $500 minimum deposit to get started, not $250.

5. The usual suspects are posting positive reviews.

I’ve noted before that you can tell a scam by its association with other scams. In the case of Protected Profits, the usual lineup of shady review sites are already singing its praises. Some of those sites include Binary-app-810. org, which posts the same exact word-for-word review for each binary options trading app as it’s released on Clicksure. Another such review site is Theforexprofit. com.


As seen with other binary options scams, Protected Profits contains the typical fake testimonials, claims and counters. Likewise, the “limited” product is available all over the Internet and even advertised on Clicksure. Don’t waste your time and money on this scam.

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