Quick Summary of Auto Wealth Bot

Rating: 0.2 It's a binary options trading scam.

The Good: The videos can be viewed on YouTube, enabling you to zip through them quickly.

The Bad: The beta testers are fake, the security seals are fake, and you stand to lose $800 by signing up for an account.

The Bottom Line: As Kevin says in his sales video, "Sit back, feel comfortable, [and] leave your wallet, credit card, paypal, etc." Sage advice there, Kevin. Stick with one of our recommended ways to build an income online instead.

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Auto Wealth Bot Review

“177 people in 9 different nations. Complete strangers, yet they had one thing in common. They made more than $1 million each in less than 6 months.”

So begins the spiel for Auto Wealth Bot, as described by a man named Kevin Jones.

What is Auto Wealth Bot?

Once you get past all the screen shots of million dollar bank accounts and promises of how you’ll soon be “swimming in money,” you learn from Kevin that he has a software program that will make you a millionaire in six months’ time.

KevinĀ supports his promise by explaining that, in the last six months, he asked 182 people who lived in different areas of the world to test his software. Aside from five individuals, who only registered but did not use the software, all remaining 177 individuals made $1 million in six months (or fewer).


Who is Kevin Jones?

Kevin starts off by saying that you’ve probably never heard of him because he likes to keep a low profile. However, Kevin is, by his own admission, “one of the top taxpayers in the U.S.” His software, which he developed, has made him millions of dollars online. Furthermore, his software accomplishes this feat on autopilot.

This software isn’t some rinky-dink toy found at the bottom of a cereal box either. Nope- “It’s an intelligent piece of kit that’s been built after 7 long years of research and endless tweaks to make it flawless.”

“My software is a piece of super technology using the most advanced algorithms that’s designed to work for you and make you LOTS OF MONEY, completely on autopilot.”

However, lest you become too curious, “I’m not going into technicalities about the software because I’ve covered every technical detail in the next video that I’ve specially created for those who are seriously interested in making their first million within the next six months.”

When you enter your email and go to the second sales video, Kevin explains his software in this way:


“In short AutoWealthBot will only pick the opportunities where you will make money.”

“AutoWealthBot is tailored to pick extremely profitable opportunities one after another.”

So there you have it- a detailed explanation of how Auto Wealth Bot works. I hope you were taking notes.

In a nutshell, what Kevin is offering you is the chance to use his binary options trading software. This software is automated, meaning that once you turn it on, you can walk away from it and have it trade for you automatically. The software will also somehow pick winning calls/puts for you, thus making money for you without requiring your input or actions.

Why is Auto Wealth Bot free?

Kevin explains that the reason he’s not charging for Auto Wealth Bot at the moment is because he’s waiting for his beta testers to finish using the software. Once all the bugs are worked out, Kevin will price the software at $5,000/month.

Kevin states without a doubt that the software is free, and will continue to be free for beta testers, for the rest of its useful life. And even better, if you sign up today, you can be one of those lucky beta testers.

Who are the current beta testers? Kevin shows us the following pictures:


Based on just this information alone, I can confidently state that Auto Wealth Bot is a scam. Why?

1. Fake beta testers.

Kevin displays his beta testers below his sales videos; he also has testers provide video testimonials. However, every one of these “testers” is fake and was actually purchased through Fiverr.

Just take a look at the following Fiverr entrepreneurs:

fiverr 1
fiverr 2

2. Fake user accounts.

As for these software users, I have also seen them on Fiverr, and have even reported on them in prior posts. For example, here’s the post that revealsĀ Bill Benson’s and Daniel Rogers’ secret identities.


3. AutoWealthBot is on Clicksure.

Clicksure is an affiliate network filled with shady products that have a high refund rate. As suspected, Auto Wealth Bot is listed on Clicksure and offers a whopping $250 commission.


4. Your broker is GlenRidge Capital.

Once you get to the broker page, you learn that your recommended broker is Glen Ridge Capital. I’ve discussed this broker before in other posts. My biggest hesitation with Glen Ridge is that this brokerage is not regulated. Thus, if you run into any trading issues, you’ll have little legal recourse to getting your money back.

Also, unlike what Kevin claims in his sales videos, you’ll need to make an initial deposit of $800 and not $250.

5. Fake security seals.

Many binary options trading scams feature fake security and privacy seals like the ones shown below. These seals are fake because you can’t click on them to read about the security details. As expected, Auto Wealth Bot has the following seals, which might as well be imaginary.


Auto Wealth Bot is just another binary options trading scam that aims to have you part with your money. In exchange, the affiliate who delivered you to the broker makes a hefty commission. Don’t fall victim to this scam.

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