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Account Doubling App: It’s Double the Scam

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Quick Summary of Account Doubling App

Rating: 0.1 out of 5. Yet another binary options scam.

The Good: The videos are all on YouTube, allowing you to view them quickly.

The Bad: Fake reviewers, testimonials, and even a fake James Alexander confirm that this app is just one big scam.

The Bottom Line: Don't bother trying to double your account with this obvious scam. Stick with one of our recommended ways to build an income online instead.

Account Doubling App Review

“Are you interested in getting paid $10,000 cash just for watching this video- like, starting right after this very short video clip?”

“And pocketing the money within 7 days?”

“I’m going to personally pay you $10,000 cash if you fail to double your bankroll in 7 days using my doubler app.”

This is the introduction you hear to Account Doubling App, as relayed by James Alexander. Here’s a screen shot showing you this system.

Apparently, James has an app that will work in your online binary options trading account to double your initial investment.If this app doesn’t double your investment, James will personally pay you $10K for your trouble.

Exactly how that payment will occur isn’t discussed.

How does Account Doubling App work?

The doubling power of this app is based on some kind of loophole, which the brokers are currently unaware of- but won’t be for long.

“The bad news: I don’t know how long it’s going to last before the greedy brokers shut us down,” says James.

Doubler Challenge

Why would brokers be looking to shut down this system?

Apparently, because it has to do with “the delay of quotes from market to brokers,” according to James. “Broker interfaces lag behind the actual data, and we found a way to get an earlier read of the market data than their interfaces.”

“That’s why it’s of extreme importance that you let the system choose the broker for you,” explains James.

James then shows you his own account and how the Doubling App is making him money on auto-pilot. In fact, the system is so good that, on occasion, James has to add a non-winning trade just so he doesn’t arouse the suspicion of the brokers.

Community members send James questions about the app, including questions about how much time it takes to use the app, whether it can be used on a Mac, etc. Naturally, all these questions are answered with ease by James.

When you enter your email and click on the “Start the Doubler Challenge” button, you go to the members area. Here, James shows several positive video testimonials  from the following users:

DoubleBot Members 01
DoubleBot Members
DoubleBot Members1

DoubleBot Members3
DoubleBot Members4

James also tells you that you should sign up for an account via one of his recommended brokers. This is because James has personally screened several brokers and knows which ones will allow you to withdraw your funds without any trouble.

When you input your name, email and phone number, you are directed to the recommended broker, which in this case is Glenridge Capital.

Based on just these facts alone, I can state that this get-rich-quick system is a total scam and is designed to rip you off. Here are the reasons why:

1. The video testimonials are fake.

The happy app users featured in the above screen shots are mostly Fiverr actors who sell video testimonials for $5/each.

Here are some examples of these satisfied “customers:”


2. James Alexander is a stock image.

Who is the man behind the Account Doubling App? Apparently, he is nothing more than a Shutterstock image.

3. Glenridge Capital is your recommended broker.

I’ve discussed the Glenridge Capital brokerage in past binary options reviews. Suffice it to say, this brokerage is very high risk because it is not regulated by a CySEC or SEC. As a result, you’ll have a hard time getting any kind of legal backing should you run into issues with your deposit or withdrawal of monies. Also, the brokerage requires a $500 initial deposit, not the $250 that James provides as an example.

4. The positive reviews are posted by affiliates.

There are many positive online reviews of the Account Doubling App, at first glance anyway. Taking a closer look at these reviews, however, you notice one common denominator: they all contain affiliate links to the app. The links appear in this format:




How objective can such reviews be when they all stand to profit from readers who then sign up to the system?

5. Fake Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Account Doubling App features these rosters of Facebook and Twitter users, making it appear that the app has amassed a significant number of fans on social media.


However, you can’t link back to these “followers” even though it appears that the comments were posted just minutes ago. In short, the fans are nothing but a screen shot of Facebook and Twitter feeds- complete with yet more stock images such as this one:


6. The site’s terms and conditions speak for themselves.

The Account Doubling App Terms and Conditions area has some rather interesting disclaimers. Here are just some of the issues that the site is not responsible for:

When a business states that it does not warrant that the function or content of its product is error-free, or even that defects will be corrected, how much can you really trust the product? Also, when a business openly states that its content isn’t necessarily accurate or reliable, do you really want to invest your money with it?


Account Doubling App does not appear to be a reliable method for doubling your money, and it more than likely will result in you losing your invested money.

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  1. This is a SCAM!!!! Used the app on Auto Mode. 38 trades placed – 18 winners, 20 losers. Lost $200 in THREE Days!!

    Tried contacting support to ask for the $10 000 they promised to refund. Email does not exist!!

  2. Thanks for that information. I already had the very strong feeling that it’s a scam, but here is the confirmation.

  3. What i found on this website is that POTENTIAL PROFIT number always change. You may think the data coming from the server, right? Wrong… Numbers are updating randomly and here is one of the functions that dose it. The function called “update()”. What id dose, it’s create every second a new random number and put’s it in “POTENTIAL PROFIT” label. So there is no “live” backoffice or data on the website, nothing is coming from the server, it’s just random numbers generated by your browser.

    function update(){
    multiplier += -0.0025 + Math.random() * 0.01;
    var val = Math.floor(doubleval * multiplier);


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