Quick Summary of $1k Daily Profits

Rating: 1 Binary Options Scam

The Good: There's no benefits to using $1k Daily Profits over your own knowledge and skills.

The Bad: It promotes Binary Options: a high risk investment strategy. It lies and omits crucial information. It really can't help you win 99.8% of the time, that's just BS.

The Bottom Line: Binary Options betting is basically betting on a coin flip. Would you trust someone who told you they could guarantee if a coin would land on heads or tails? Not in a million years. Avoid binary option trading scams and stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

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$1k Daily Profits Review

There are many websites on the internet that offer to make you money online. Most of them are complete garbage or even scams.

That’s why I’m always worried when I see websites offering to make you a bucket load of money per day. Most of the time the hype that surrounds these systems blinds people to seeing what they truly are: scams!

When I came across a site recently that is suggesting it can make you $1,000 per day I had to take a closer look.

$1k Daily Profit

With a name like $1k Daily Profit, this system makes it clear from the outset what it’s offering you. This sum alone is enough to make most people blindly sign up, but combined with another element it really does catch the eye: it’s free!

Unfortunately, it’s actually not free which I’ll get into momentarily.

First though, I want to break down the sales page for you as there are a number of red flags showing.


There are several parts of the site that suggests signing up to $1k Daily Profit is dependent on their being places available.

This is utter BS as first off the site has been around for a while now and it’s still accessible and secondly, if you refresh the page the number of free spots keeps changing both up and down suggesting it is a randomised figure.

These sort fo tactics are designed to rush you into making a decision so that you don’t think about or look too closely at the system.

John Becker

Who is John Becker? I have no idea but the photo of him is a stock image. Any legitimate business with a person fronting it should show a real picture, not a stock photo.

Using stock imagery suggests they have something to hide!

1K Daily Profit john becker

We have seen the people behind these types of products choose extremely generic names, or take a famous person’s name to use as their own. They do this to make it almost impossible to perform background research on the promoter.

Social Media Testimonials

What about all those Facebook and Twitter comments? Fake, all of them. Not only are they not embedded they are not from real profiles.

As well as that there is no Facebook or Twitter account for $1k Daily Profit!

These are yet more lies used to trick you into thinking there is social proof that the system works when in reality there is none.

1K Daily Profit facebook

No Terms or Disclaimer

The links at the bottom simply link back to the main page. I’d say this was an error if one of them did that, but all of them? No, they are just not providing you with the basic legal content you need to see.

What is $1k Daily Profit?

This system is meant to be a piece of software that enables you to trade in Binary Options with an extremely high rate of success.

If you don’t know what Binary Options are then let me give you a quick overview.

Binary Options are a type of trading system that works in a yes or no situation. The idea is that you pick a stock and a timeframe and decide whether by the end of that time frame the stock has gone up in price or down in price. If you guess correctly you “win” your investment back and an extra bit of money. IF you “lose” then you generally lose all the money you invested.

If this sounds like gambling, then that’s because it really is more like gambling than actual trading.

The time frames used are literally minutes, some as low as 60 seconds, which means that there is no experience, no knowledge that can help guide you like what you can use in regular trading.

If you were to look at a stock price over a short period of time the stock price jumps all over the place so you literally have to guess, as there is no long term trend to use due to the short time period.

This makes Binary Options a very risky venture even by other trading standards, so much so that the FTC has information and warnings in place about them.

Binary Options is effectively a coin toss, a gamble and it is not a good way to make money online.

As the FTC states “In other words, in the example above, an investor could expect, on average, to lose money.”

What About the Software?

Surely then if Binary Options are so risky, $1k Daily Profit is worthwhile as not only is it free but it has super amazing ninja guru coded software that provides a 99.8% win rate!

Well, I’m sorry to break this to you but if there was software with a 99.8% win rate you would never see it. The creator would be about as rich as Bill Gates and the Binary Options market would have collapsed.

1K Daily Profit 99 percent

The software is also not accessible until you sign up to the brokers and pay your initial fee.

The reason for this is that the software in most likelihood is actually just the software that the brokers have created for their customers to use.

That means that the software does not work for you. It works for the broker. Even if the broker is 100% on the level, it still means you’re not getting the 99.8% win rate as that would put the broker out of business!

Wait, What? I Have to Pay Money?!

Yes. The scam here is not to make you pay for the special “software”, it’s to get you on to the brokers site and signed up. When you sign up you have to deposit a sum of money, usually $250 but it can be higher.

When you do that, the person behind $1k Daily Profit makes a commission. It’s something called CPA or cost per action and it accounts for people saying virtually anything to get you to sign up as they make a lot of money in commissions.

As such, this “free” system is not really free as you still need to make a deposit on the brokers website.

Who is Optionstars?

Optionstars is the broker that all your trades will be sent through. They are incorporated in that well known tax haven of Samoa.

This means that if you have a problem or an issue, or even a complaint, good luck getting that resolved as US law does not apply.

The Bottom Line

Binary Options is a high risk venture however you look at it, with the possibility that most people who play the game will lose money.

It’s certainly not a sustainable business model, as it is more akin to gambling than business.

As well as that $1k Daily Profit has no magic software that will make you $1000 a day, or really any money. All it is a scam to get you to sign up so that they make the money in commissions from the broker. Avoid.

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