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50K A Week: A Polished Turd

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Quick Summary of 50K a Week

Rating: 1 It looks professional, but it's just a scam!

The Good: You can possibly make money with Binary Options - though its a volatile, high risk method!

The Bad: There's zero evidence of the earnings claims and plenty of red flags showing up on the sales page.

The Bottom Line: Binary Options betting is basically betting on a coin flip. Would you trust someone who told you they could guarantee if a coin would land on heads or tails? Not in a million years. Avoid binary option trading scams and stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

50K a Week Review

How much do you earn in a year? Anywhere near $50,000? After all, the median wages in the US in 2016 were $55,775, but let’s face it; most people don’t earn that much, especially after taxes!

What would it be like to earn $50k in less than a year, say 6 months, or even a month? What about earning that amount in a single week?

Does that sound too good to be true? It does doesn’t it, which is why I want to talk to you about 50K a Week, a new Binary Options systems that suggest that you can earn that amount of money in seven days.

50K a Week by Josh Harris

50K A Week 50k

The sales pitch for this system is very slick, very polished.

The short video manages to pack in an amazing amount of hype and, if I’m honest, a healthy dose of BS.

According to the narrator the person behind 50K a Week, Josh Harris, makes exactly that much. He even breaks it down for you and says he earns $500 in 5 minutes.

The sales pitch follows a very typical format that I attribute to 99% of scams and dodgy systems out there.

First off it tries to wow you with exaggerrated claims of earnings, in this case the aforementioned $50k.

There’s no real evidence shown that this money is being made, even the one screenshot posted was of a few thousand and it could easily have been doctored.

After the hype comes the sob story. This is designed to make the narrator feel like he has been in a position similar perhaps to yours.

Alledgely Josh came from a normal family that some could consider poor: they lived hand to mouth, surviving on credit and second jobs.

When he went to university he almost bankrupted his parents because of it.

And then comes the rags to riches part. According to Josh he managed to land a job at a start-up, GeniusTech, that was creating an algorithm for trading. The start-up collapsed and he and few buddies finished the code off over 3 years.

It’s this supposed genius algorithm that is meant to make Josh $50k a year.

50K A Week GeniusTech

The Amazing Software

This software is meant to use artificial brainpower (whatever that is!) to provide signals for binary trading that are 99.9996% accurate.

With this in mind he will be selling the software for $6,999 after the trial he is inviting you to be part of.

This makes no sense!

50K A Week 99 percent

If this software really makes people $50,000 in one week, why would you sell it for a measley $6,999?

Surely the value is much higher. And on that note why would you offer up the trial to random people on the internet that may or may not find your site? Surely there are easier ways to find willing participants.

Of course, the software trial is also only limited to 60 people, though I highly doubt that is true. This sort of statement is merely a trick to make you think the software will no longer be available soon. It will be the people behind this scam will only pull it down when it stops making them money

Fake Testimonials

One thing that made me laugh was on the second page. After handing over your email address there a section titled “Join our family of millionaires”.

It made me laugh because I have seen these actors time and time again on a variety of different scam sites. The reason for this is that you can hire them for a few bucks from Fiverr.com.

50K A Week testimonials

Binary Options

The idea behind 50k a Week is to trade Binary Options. This, if you are not aware, is a method of trading stocks online.

There is a key difference between what most people think of as stock trading and Binary Options.

With normal stocks you buy a stock and hope that its value goes up over time and the time frame is normally given in years.

On average you would need to own a stock for about 10 years to see a 7% return (obviously this is a generalized figure).

With Binary Options, you don’t actually purchase stocks, you merely “bet” on them. In this instance you pick a stock and decide whether the stock price will go up or down after a time frame. If you’re right you make money, if you’re wrong you lose.

The kicker is that the time from is measured in minutes. Stocks over this sort of short period are highly volatile and general trends cannot be used because of this volatility.

This means that software like 50K a Week is basically useless; it would be just as effectively to flip a coin!

50K a Week Wants Your Money

Josh states that 50K a Week is free, and that is the truth; it does not cost any money to use the system.

However, the reality is that they simply want you to believe in the system long enough to deposit money at the brokers as brokers offer very lucrative sign up bonuses – you on average are worth $250 to the people behind systems like this.

As well as that, they now have your email and maybe even your phone number and have proven that you’re a “buyer” and are willing to spend, so you’ll no doubt be receiving sales emails and calls that may end up with you spending money on other things.

The Bottom Line

50K a Week is a blatant Binary Options scam, designed simply to get you to sign up with the brokers to make the people behind th website a commission.

There is no magic software; there is no $50,000 a week.

It is possible to make money with Binary Options but it’s such a high risk venture that it’s also very likely you’ll lose all your money too. Remember, it’s basically just a coin flip.

I strongly recommend that you avoid 50k a Week and look to find a more legitimate and sustainable way of making money online!

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