Quick Summary of 60 Second Millionaire

Rating: 1 It only has a 1 because our system doesn't allow anything lower.

The Good: None. This program has zero redeeming qualities.

The Bad: The point of this program, and every other binary option “secret robot”, is to get your hopes up so you deposit money into a brokerage account and the scammer behind the program can cash in a nice affiliate commission. The problem is, you’re essentially betting on a coin flip. There’s no magical formula that can guarantee heads or tails. Go play blackjack at the local casino for a more worthwhile investment.

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60 Second Millionaire Review

How does $35,000 every day, for only 60 seconds’ work sound? I hope it sounds good, because by the time you’re done watching the sales video for this program, it’s all you’ll be able to remember.

As I started doing my research for this 60 second millionaire review, I conducted the now standard “Is this a scam?” test.

I listened to the first 30 seconds of the video, then I walked away for a few minutes and left it running. I made a nice cup of tea, and came back to my chair.

When you’ve got yourself a scam, the video will be still repeating the same thing it was banging on about when you left. In this case, I returned to my chair to hear the same sentences;

“Undeniable proof”, “$35,000” “60 seconds work” “Validated accounts” “Real proof”.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got ourselves one of those repetitive sales videos often associated with, you guessed it, scams.

Of course, just the fact that they repeat themselves over and over again isn’t necessarily proof that it’s a scam. They could just be fans of the high-pressure sales tactic. Or they could just be rally bad at writing scripts.

Or..it could be legit?


What Is The 60 Second Millionaire?

It’s time to dive a bit deeper into the review and find out as much as we can about this program. After all, if it really IS legitimate, I’ll be able to quit my job.

60 second millionaire is supposedly a piece of software that helps us make a fortune with Binary Options trading. I’m rolling my eyes at this point, because I really have seen it all before.

This is the umpteenth program of its kind that I’ve reviewed, and some of them are even from the same creators.

Here’s how the logic usually goes:

The software accurately predicts whether a trade will go up or down, and will tell you. You place the trade, or let the software do it for you, then you laugh all the way to the bank.

It sounds like an amazing thing. Just 60 seconds worth of work using the software, and thousands of dollars in profit, without doing any work!


Does It Work?

The first thing that programs like these tend to do to help us figure out if they are legitimate or not, is to show us some proof.

In the case of the 60 second millionaire, we’ve got these nice profiles of people using the program:


I’ll get to the “verified trades” thing later. First off, are these people real?


If you right-click on any of the images, click “copy url” and then head over to tineye.com to do an image search, you’ll see something like this:


Not only does “Stephen” appear in 3 different places over the web, but the original image file is actually over at http://randomuser.me. A site that lets people create (you guessed it..) random users.

Perfect for fake testimonials.

What about the verified trades website?

I’ve seen this site or similar ones before. It’s not hard to set up a fake verification website in order to boost sales. If you’re going to be creating 3 or 4 of these product launches per year, it’s well worth it.

To be honest, when you think about it objectively, the idea of a “verified trades” website is kinda dumb. Who needs to verify their personal finance accounts? And how does some website verify it?

By the way, verifiedtrades.com was only created on March 22nd 2015. Sound legit to you?

Also, the fact they need to show that social media accounts are “verified by 3rd party” is just ludicrous.


I guess they went a bit overboard with the faking.

What Gives?

I expect you’re now wondering, if all of this is fake, why bother?

I’m glad you asked! It means I didn’t write this review for nothing.

Let me introduce you to the world of Binary Options Scams.

Here’s how it works:

1. Scammer creates fake binary options program like the one we’re reviewing here today.

2. He tells you how rich you’ll be and how easy it is.

3. He tells you it’s FREE to use.

4. He sometimes makes up some BS story about how he discovered it, how he’s just like us, and maybe even why he’s giving it away.

5. He woos us with fake testimonials.

6. We fall into the trap, and/or think “well it’s worth checking out at least!”.

7. We do as he says, and download the software for free.

8. We then, as he says, deposit some funds ($250 big ones) into a broker account to get started.

9. The software does nothing.

10. We try to get our funds back, but find out we can’t make a withdrawal.

Meanwhile, the scammer has been paid a huge commission from the broker for referring you to him, the broker has made money from your deposit, and the scammers affiliates have made big commissions too!

Bonus step, come back next week for a new product that looks different, but is basically the same.

This is it folks, the whole reason why they go to all this trouble…

Mega commissions:


Is It Worth Trying Out?

No way. If I’ve not done a good enough job of convincing you that this is a scam, then you really need to re-read it.

There is nothing new, unique, or special about this program. It’s all been done before, and it’s all for the purpose of making money OFF you, not for you.

Stay away.

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